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2022代写会被发现吗英国项目管理毕业essay论文开题报告范文:咨询项目研究建议Consultancy project Research Propos

By August 18, 2022essay代写

2022代写会被发现吗英国项目管理毕业essay论文开题报告范文:咨询项目研究建议Consultancy project Research Propos

2022代写会被发现吗英国项目管理毕业essay论文开题报告范文:咨询项目研究建议Consultancy project Research Propos

To gain back the company profit and marketing share from the competitors.为了获得从竞争对手公司的利润和市场占有率。


The HAPPY Dry Cleaning & Landry Company is a small laundry shop which provides a top quality of dry cleaning and laundry service for the residential household to commercial industries.幸福干洗兰德里公司是一个小洗衣店,它提供了一个高品质的家庭住宅商业工业干洗和洗衣服务。

The HAPPY Landry Company which locate near between the MTR station and public estates. The shop owner found the company profit and market share had been drop to half in a short period of time since another laundry shop called ‘’Lucky laundry ‘’ open since two month before.幸福的兰德里公司之间的地铁站和公共屋村附近找到。店主发现,该公司的利润和市场份额已经下降到一半在很短的一段时间,英国Research Proposal因为另一个洗衣店称为“幸运洗衣''开放以来两月前。The consulting team has been invite to work with the employee of the HAPPY laundry to found out the method to increase the market share and profit.咨询小组已邀请工作与员工的幸福洗衣发现的方法来增加市场份额和利润。

Overall aim总体目标

The main aim of the consulting project is to give a business advice to HAPPY laundry in order to expand the market share in the target customer segment in which to increase the profile.咨询项目的主要目的是为了扩大市场份额的目标客户群,在其中增加的配置,给快乐的洗衣业务咨询。


The consulting project aim to:

1.Identify the main customer need该咨询项目的目标是:s for the laundry service.2.Identify high growth customer segment that matched with company goal.3.Conduct a situation analysis which covering external environment forces, internal non-marketing resources, target customer group, target group strategies , key measures of marketing performance, and SWOT(strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats).4.Identify the major competitors of the company and find out the differences between Happy Laundry Company and major competitors.5.Evaluate what those competitors offer and identify how HAPPY laundry might develop a competitive edge.1。确定洗衣服务主要客户的需求。2。确定高增长的客户群,与公司的目标相匹配。3。进行形势分析,包括外部环境的力量,内部的非市场资源,目标客户群的目标组策略,营销业绩的关键措施,SWOT(优势,劣势,机会,威胁)。4。确定该公司的主要竞争对手,并找出快乐的洗衣公司与主要竞争对手之间的差异。5。评估,那些竞争对手提供识别多么幸福的洗衣可能发展的竞争优势。6.To find out the marketing program this fit to the HAPPY laundry.a)Segmenting markets.b)Targeting markets.c)Positioning to markets.d)Forecasting demand.e)Designing and integrating the marketing size: product, price, distribution and promotion.6。要找出适合快乐洗衣的营销方案。一)细分市场。二)目标市场。三)市场定位。D)预测需求。E)的设计和整合营销:产品,价格,分销和推广。7.Use the result of the marketing analysis to provide recommendation to HAPPY laundry to gain the market share and profit.8.Summarize the data from the research proposal and provide an analysis to the shop owner.7。营销分析的结果提供建议HAPPY洗衣赢得市场份额和利润。8。从研究建议汇总数据,并提供分析,店老板。

Expected Outcomes预期成果

As a result of this consulting exercise .Happy laundry will be able to:咨询行使其结果是,这将能够快乐洗衣:

1.Find out the position of the company in the similar industry market.2.Identify the high growth of customer segment; according the research result to find out the customers needs.3.Develop an understanding of the market sectors that are most attractive for business development.

According the consulting research result:-1.To found out the competitive price which can attractive more customer from the target segment.2.To found out the different between the competitor and Happy Laundry. For example company location, resources allocation and customer satisfaction level.3.To define the product range and service offering to increase competitiveness.4.To found out the ways which increase the customer satisfactions in order to increase the profit and market share.5.To provide a business advice such as promotion method, distribution channel in order to increase the market share.6.To found out the effective training program to the employee in order to enrich their job knowledge in this industry and increase the customer satisfaction to gain the market share.

7.To recommend the company to give more motivation to employee in order to support the overall organization strategic plan as well as to enhance the employee’s morale and productivity to gain more profit.8.To provide a method to the company in order to reduce the operation cost9.To conduct an on-going evaluation methodology for the effectiveness of the recommended programs.

Key personnel

There will be three consultants involved in this project .Mr. A will lead the project and ensure the work is completed to your satisfaction. He has 10 year’s experience in this field and worked on similar projects for Hang Lung-Hakuyosha Drycleaning Ltd. He will be assisted by Mr. B, an experienced consultant in the area of marketing within the communication industries. He will be responsible for the majority of the outlined work, and the main contact person daily.Finally, Miss C worked in Research Company for over 5 years, and she is responsible to consolidate the research data to Mr. B for marketing analysis

Our approach

Our approach will emphasize the importance of marketing research that affect the company profit and market shares in the same industry.

Firstly our consultant will visit HAPPY laundry; we will arrange the interviews with shop owners and employee in order to found out the company mission and goal. For example 1) what customer it serves 2) How need it satisfies

Then we will arrange telephone questionnaires to the existing customer. According the data from the marketing research:

1.To identify and adequately describe markets and markets segments.2.To found out the target customer via customer segmentation and market segmentation.#p#分页标题#e#3.To determine the marketing mix elements : place , product , promotion and distribution channel4.To gauge competition how it may affects a firm’s strategy.5.To determine customer expectation and how well they are being satisfied.

Secondly, we will conducting a situation analysis which covering the external environment forces , internal non marketing resources, target customer group , target group strategies, key measures of marketing performance and SWOT (Strengths, weaknesses , opportunities , threats).

Thirdly, use the pricing strategy to found out the competitive prices that fulfill customer expectation. , then according the SWOT analysis and found out the effectively promotion method is fit with company size and promotion budget.

Lastly, determine a performance review to the company in order to observe there are any changes such as customer base, profit, marketing share gain after the research in order to fine turn the marketing strategy in the future.

Time planKey events in the project will be as follows:November 2010:Initial meeting with client to discuss requirements.December 2010:Initial proposal presented to client and reviewed.Final proposal based on review: agreement to go ahead.January 2011:Progression of project. Further meetings with client about three expected over period.February 2011:Secondary research.March 2011:Primary research with the employee.May 2011:Preparation of final report.June 2011:Final presentation of findings.


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