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2022代写作业美国美国教学类essayessay论文指导服务:服装行业的教学理论分析Costume design to explore practi

By August 20, 2022essay代写

2022代写作业美国美国教学类essayessay论文指导服务:服装行业的教学理论分析Costume design to explore practi

2022代写作业美国美国教学类essayessay论文指导服务:服装行业的教学理论分析Costume design to explore practi

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Practical teaching is a continuation of theoretical teaching , supplement, expand and deepen . Clothing industry practice teaching should closely follow the development of technology and high-tech industry talent demand dynamic , innovation -depth study of abandoning the old practice of teaching methods , build a new practice teaching system , the establishment of design theory and practical operation of combining teaching , training compliance needs of the community with practical ability of composite applications talents.实践教学是理论教学的延长下去、补给、拓展和深入。裙子实践教学应当紧急跟踪行业技术的高新进展和行业人材需要的动态变动,弃旧创新深化研讨实践教学的办法,构建新式实践课程教学整体体系,树立预设理论与实践操作相接合的教学标准样式,培育合乎社会形态需求的具备实践有经验的复合型应佣人才。

Apparel structure and process is a very strong practical courses . It is the two-dimensional three-dimensional modeling design artwork steering the process of clothing , costume design effect is to implement the final specific technologies. Its scope of work includes the design requirements of clothing , structural mapping content , crop production model , operating model , the development of cutting, sewing , ironing craft quality standards , operating instructions , process, and selecting equipment and production technicians made ​​consistent with the design the requirements of finished garments .裙子结构与工艺是一门实践性十分强的课程。它是将二维的造型预设稿转向三维立体裙子的工艺过程,是落到实处裙子预设效果的最后具体技术。其办公范围涵盖依据裙子预设要求、结构制图内部实质意义、制造裁剪样板、操作样板、制定裁剪、缝纫、熨烫工艺的品质标准、操作解释明白、工艺流程,以及挑选机械设施和出产技术担任职务的人制成合乎预设要求的裙子成品。

First, build a new model of practice teaching一、构建新型的实践教学模式

Original costume design practice teaching settings are in accordance with the traditional teaching program to teach students first learn style design , structural design, re-learning production process. Between teaching independent existence , prone to the phenomenon of touch , to enable students to learn the knowledge can not be continuous , let alone combined with the actual design, production and marketing business model for teaching . Practice Teaching methods generally start with teacher demonstration , then students in accordance with the established practice of the teacher guide book for practice , teachers components process the main emphasis garment production methods , leading students in the learning process when the component operation just imitate teacher's methods of operation , resulting in a teaching always " chalk and talk " and require students to rote process steps and processes. Teaching students lack resilience of a single cause , when students encounter new styles practical changes can not start , the problem can not be solved in time. Therefore, for practical courses students often feel Suoranfawei , no enthusiasm. " Teach him to fish than to teach him to fish ," to address the problem , we practice teaching model a new design , the original teacher demonstration operation , physical paradigm comments, multimedia presentations and other teaching model based on an increase of simulated teaching , project teaching , case teaching , skills packaged teaching mode . Through a variety of teaching modes to mobilize the enthusiasm of the students hands-on learning , the passive learning to active learning . The " Skills packaged teaching mode " First, a clear training objectives of the premise, according to the school level students , which clearly want students to become practical talents , and then focus on training objectives to consider curriculum , textbook selection and processing , distribution class , teaching methods used , teacher expertise play and other issues, co-ordination arrangements , labeled as a " teaching package" to implement and inspection. Practice has proved that the skills packaged teaching mode allows students to better grasp the basic knowledge, skills and practical application integration, improve the efficiency of teaching students to adapt to the needs of society to achieve the purpose . For example, "wear special design " course , we will style design , structural drawings, fabrication and apparel brand planning labeled a " teaching package ." That is designed to wear special theme of this teaching by the number of teachers have completed longitudinal link , first by teaching costume design teacher to lead students to complete style design, responsible for the structural design of the teacher asked the students to complete construction drawings, and then by the process design teachers guide students according to the design requirements of the design concept eventually transformed into finished garments , and finally by the marketing teacher to teach students how to promote their own products. Number of teachers together to complete a series of courses teaching, so that teachers can get cross complementarity between the knowledge structure , simulated corporate design , production , operation mode , teaching close to the production, close to the market , the students also felt the dominant position of learning , enhanced interest in learning . Meanwhile, to effectively improve the students to analyze, design , practical ability . In recent years, we continue to improve through practice teaching modalities and procedures , effectively improve the teaching effect costume design practice , and achieved certain results.

Second, to explore new ways and means of teaching practice

Practical teaching methods combined with the production practice , focusing on the cultivation of students' ability to both theory and practice , knowledge and ability considerably . According to personnel training needs, and constantly promote the teaching content updates and changes in teaching methods , and constantly explore industry needs to adapt to garment production and the corresponding teaching methods , teaching practice in the clothing , the clothing should pay full attention to modern technology and advanced equipment . For example , the original male suit Shang sleeves cumbersome process methods and steps have already been eliminated by modern garment enterprises , replaced with new machinery , shrink sleeve from the mountains to the sleeve seam bodice connection with just one step. Therefore, we are soberly aware that, in addition to the modern enterprise new knowledge, new technology , new skills into the classroom , but also in close contact with enterprises , enterprises will be invited to the classroom senior technical staff , meet the clothing technology to explore the characteristics of the new practice teaching teaching methods. The only way to grasp the technical apparel practice teaching and practical features , using a variety of teaching methods and means to truly improve students' technical skills.

1 gradient pedagogy. Gradient pedagogy is in accordance with the laws of awareness of the problem of teaching . Garment production base in the study , we take Deep , from easy to difficult , progressive teaching methods. Professor and lead the students to create a simple style training in mastering the basic skills on the basis of learning to make some of the process is more complex shapes .

2 Fun pedagogy. First practice teaching to stimulate students' curiosity, Einstein said : "Interest is the best teacher ." From a psychological point of view, interest is an individual psychological characteristics , it is in a certain emotional experience under the influence of explore some kind of a positive thing or engage in certain activities conscious trend is to promote people to seek knowledge and engage in work as a driving force . For example , learning " Clothing Technology Foundation" , the past is often the mere teaching students to practice a variety of stitches and the production of spare parts , the students feel boring , no interest in learning . For these situations , we consciously allow students to be completed according to the teaching content, design their own clothing accessories and finished products. This effectively mobilize the students interest in learning, improve student motivation , while active in the classroom atmosphere , eventually teaching task well done .

3 -level pedagogy. Our students come from all over the country , there is a big difference between students . Teaching teachers must take full account of this feature , targeted for different types of students to be guided , so that different levels of students can get the maximum degree of development . For practical teaching , the extent of the abilities of students is a multi -level , some students ability stronger , some weaker and some ability . Therefore, teachers should try to avoid the " one size fits all , a pot , a bowl filled ," the situation , should fully reflect the individualized teaching , the subject involved , hierarchical optimization, classification, and the overall advancement of the teaching principles and methods of teaching so that students can each do their best, have received .

4 inspired pedagogy. Inspired teaching practice teaching applications , mainly reflected in every operation steps on the questions of this step in the operation and on the relationship between the steps that will guide thinking model into practice teaching . Classroom teachers and students to produce a good interaction, encourage students to use active , lively mind acquire specialized knowledge , skills and techniques. Through the process of teacher-student interaction , teachers can clearly understand the students to acquire knowledge of the situation , with a targeted manner to impart new skills and knowledge .

5 Try pedagogy. Initiative to teach students to learn , as far as possible in training students to discover their own inherent laws and clothing contact . Specific measures are " speaking after the first practice , the first post-teaching ." Outset require students to try to practice , the students pushed to the status of active learning , emphasizing the role of learning among students . After trying to practice to guide students to discuss , and then be operated by teachers demonstrate and explain , to ensure that students get the complete steps and skills , cultivate the abilities of students , so that the leading role of teachers and students in the main role of organic combination .

6 Project pedagogy. And businesses work together to develop and accomplish specific practical projects . Third grade last semester we set up eight weeks of practice teaching, teachers and business professionals in the joint leadership, students can independently selected item or group against its own subjects requirements, according to fashion trends , combined with the audience 's needs, the system for apparel product development and research . In practice period the student, and then practice specific problems encountered by teachers and business professionals to guide inspiration to solve problems , through training greatly improves students' practical ability .

Third, the expansion of practice to improve spatial ability

Practice teaching is to train high-quality professional clothing , apply the basic methods of technical personnel . Professionalism and work ethic are not born , Aristotle famously said , " To master the art of Excellence , repeated training is the only way to make it a habit ." How to build a good practice teaching platform , the expansion of practice is to cultivate students' ability capacity an important means to improve the overall quality of students is the key .

1 Practical Ability pattern. In order to improve students' employability and competitiveness , college to professional teachers as the main body to create a clothing studio , the studio through the market operation mechanism to undertake the project , and related units extensive contact and close cooperation , on the basis of mutual benefit and win-win constantly establish a stable school-enterprise cooperation, students through participation in specific projects undertaken by the studio , learn how to conduct information gathering, program design, project implementation and final evaluation , understand and grasp every aspect of the basic requirements. Where students not only learn the theoretical knowledge and operational skills , and more importantly, through teamwork cultivate their professional capabilities, which is not only intellectual capacity or professional competence , but covers how to solve problems, to accept ability to learn new knowledge and collaborate with people and conducting projects. Such training methods while also broadening the channels of diverse talent cultivation , but also for the expansion of practice teaching has opened up new space.

2Professional Practice . Clothing expertise , competence and professionalism need more practice teaching gradually exercise and training , the ability to obtain in practice tend to be more vivid , more profound . To highlight the practical ability , we will arrange professional internship programs for production line , with a number of garment enterprises to establish a training base relationship , its purpose is to provide students with an actual job with future closer platform. Students can choose according to their own expertise costume design , exhibition design, fashion buyers, model design, formulation process , like clothing production and other jobs for professional practice , truly extend the theoretical knowledge in practical work , so that learning while practicing , in close contact with the actual help students to shorten the gap between theory and practice . Also allows students to acquire some technical shortcuts , tricks , making them detours. Some students through professional internships outstanding achievements , has been praised internship internship positions that eventually become their employment positions. For a long time some of the clothing business with us , they are both our professional practice base , but also our employment base, professional practice has become a true sense of communication channels for students with jobs , so that our graduates employment rate among the best in college .

3 independent practice . Students practice in recent years to expand the scope of practice of capacity expansion and encourage students to engage in independent practice project , the school in the economy to give strong support and is organized according to the project instructors help students to practice . Students practice their own enthusiasm , some of them with their own choices and to undertake professional and interesting projects related to practice . For example, several students set up a working group for costume design and production to try and get the market to test the final outcome , through the whole process of fashion design practice for clothing trends so that they get a good workout sensitivity , structural design of clothing and fabric characteristics have a more profound understanding. In the course of students' independent practice if they can not solve the problem, you can turn to teachers, teacher depending on the circumstances put forward some constructive suggestions to make the project finalized. Through the process of self- practice , we found that it's another advantage that students can take advantage of after-school time for self-study, practice in the free state of things they are interested , greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of students and expertise pursuit. Because some students in independent practice has accumulated a wealth of experience, so after graduation chose to start their own clothing studio . Visible, encourage independent practice , is for students to build a broader platform for learning and employment platform .

IV Conclusion

Social development situation and the training objectives , requirements costume design professional must not only strengthen practice teaching , but also to strengthen the practice of teaching and research , a clear objective for deepening practical teaching practice teaching reform, improve the quality of teaching has an important practical significance . Therefore , inheritance practical knowledge , enhance practical reason , optimize practical strategies to generate practical wisdom would constitute clothing as target practice teaching system is an important topic .


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