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英国essay的写作格式范文ContentsA Contents table helps set the context for the reader and allows them to easily locate key sections for reading or re-reading. Use the heading ‘Contents’ rather than ‘Table of Contents’ as this is the modern and more commonly accepted publishing convention.Ensure that each heading number, heading and page number are included and professionally laid out. The easiest and most professional way to achieve this is to use the Word feature that automatically creates a Contents table for you. See your MySCU Blackboard learning site for a YouTube tutorial.

Executive SummaryRemember that an Executive Summary of a report is just that, a summary. It contains a statement of report purpose and an overview of the actual and specific findings.Generally, it should be no longer than one page and counts towards the word limit of your report. The Executive Summary can only be written after you have completed your report. Write in past tense (e.g. The purpose of this report was to …). If an Executive Summary is well written the reader should be able to understand the main points, findings, and conclusions of the actual report without having to read the full report.1.0 Introduction (250 words approximately)Introduction to the report, indicate what you will be talking about and in what order.2.0 Overview of [Insert Organisation Name Here] and Internship Placement (650 words approximately)2.1 Organisational Background (add sub-headings as appropriate)Include name of organisation and dates of placement Present a brief overview of your organisation including its vision, core business and major target markets (use your own words – do not cut and paste from the Internet or company documents and ensure you accurately acknowledge all sources of information through correct referencing technique).Describe the organisational structure and its impact on productivity. What changes (if any) would you recommend?Use the content of Chapter 11 (Robbins et al. 2010) of your textbook, online Study Guide and related Reflective Journal entries to inform your description.How would you characterise your company’s organisational culture and what impact does this have on staff morale and job satisfaction? Use Chapter 11(Robbins et al. 20010) of your textbook and related Reflective Journal entries to inform your discussion.2.2 Roles and Responsibilities During Internship Placement Brief outline of what you did during your placement. (A position descriptionmay be attached as an appendix.)3.0 Management Skills and Qualities Required in [Insert Industry Sector Name Here] Industry (500 words approximately)Based on your placement experience and observations, what management skills and qualities do you believe are important for success in a career in theprofessional field associated with your placement? (Explain why you believe these skills/qualities are important and you MUST link this discussion to relevanttheory.)4.0 Personal Impact and Reflection (at least 1500 words)In this section, you are required to provide insights into your professional growth as a result of your placement experiences and course. Considering yourexperiences and expectations from your placement, critically self-reflect on how this course and placement have impacted on your learning and future careeraspirations. Incorporate relevant sections of your Reflective Journal and use the following as a guide to structure your reflections:4.1 The Role of Values, Beliefs and AssumptionsTo what extent and how or why did you change or reassess your values, beliefs and assumptions during the course of your Internship?4.2 Examining Political, Cultural and Social RealitiesTo what extent did issues of power and politics; cultural realities; and social realities impact on your placement experiences and learning? Link yourdiscussions to relevant theory.4.3 My Most Valuable LessonsWhat were your most valuable learning experiences in the domains of Knowledge; Self; and World? How has your learning impacted on your futurecareer goals and plans?4.4 Recommendations for Course and Internship Program What recommendations can you make for the course and/or Internship5.0 Conclusion (100 words approximately)Conclude and summarise the report.


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