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论文题目:请老师推荐论文语种:英文您的研究方向:法律(国际商务法)是否有数据处理要求:否您的国家:澳大利亚您的学校背景:悉尼大学 — 澳大利亚名校,世界排名前30 要求字数:3500字最多,超过会减分,但也不能少于3200字论文用途:硕士课程论文 Master Assignment是否需要盲审(博士或硕士生有这个需要):补充要求和说明:论文务必达到70分以上,因为期末考试很难,希望论文分高一些。可以计算额外报酬。70分评分标准? Contains no significant errors and covers main issues fairly well.? Attempts a critical approach to the issues.? Demonstrates independent research appropriate to addressing the main issues.? Only minor errors if any.? Has a clear structure and reasonably clear expression.论文属于:国际商务法 (International Business Law)

论文题目3选1 (请老师推荐)

Question One Discuss the scope and extent of the exemptions from performance provided by Article 79 of the Vienna Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods and the relationship of this provision to the doctrines of frustration and force majeure in common and civil law. What additional contractual provisions would you recommend to a client should be included in a contract subject to the Vienna Convention to deal with this issue? You should refer to international and Australian cases in your answer.

Question Two Discuss the major changes to the existing Australian regime relating to carriage of goods by sea which will be made by the Rotterdam Rules, should they come into force. Do you consider that Australia should ratify the Rotterdam Rules?

Question Three Fraud in international financing and trade transactions is a major problem for banks and for traders. The balance struck under the UCP 600 and domestic law is to combine a duty of strict liability imposed on the banks, which arguably encourages them to refuse payment under valid documents, with a limited ability for banks to refuse payment on the basis of fraud, unconscionable conduct or on any other basis. Do you consider that this balance provides fair and adequate protections to the banks and the other parties engaged in international trade? What, if any, changes would you recommend?

论文要求 (这科的老师很严格,请一定遵守要求,谢谢了)

Length: 3,500 words; including everything in the text (including footnotes and headings), but excluding the table of contents and bibliography. (论文一定要有footnotes 和 bibliography)

1 Must show significant independent research

2 Must show ability to choose sound sources#p#分页标题#e#

2.1 Primary sources, such as legislation, treaties and international agreements

2.2 Secondary sources:- treatises by learned authors in the field;- legal (and non-legal) articles published in scholarly journals;- newspaper and other articles published on the internet and elsewhere

Appropriate sourcesInappropriate sources

1 Legislation (must be current)2 Treaties (check whether they are in force and how many States have ratified, in the case of multilateral agreements)3 Books by respected authors in the field4 Journal articles from well-known legal or other scholarly journals5 Articles from reliable internet sources6 Statistics and factual information fromgovernment websites or drawn from university or other studies1 Wikipedia2 Web-based articles with no footnotes orreferences (unless from a reputable newspaper or journal)3 Web-based material drawn from websites run by interest groups or nterested parties (unless an appropriate disclaimer is made)4 Interviews unless no other source is available or the interviewer is well-known and well-respected and he/she is used as a source of opinion

3. What should it Demonstrate?3.1 Understanding of the issues raised by the question3.2 Good grasp of the area of law covered by the essay3.3Careful analysis of the legal and other issues raised by the question based on sources3.4 Good organisation of materials and arguments3.5 Attribution of ideas of sources and understanding of the weight which should be given to the sources used

4. Main Purpose of the Essay: 4.1 TO ANSWER THE QUESTION WHICH IS ASKED4.2 WITHIN THE WORD LIMIT4.3 IN CLEAR, LITERATE ENGLISH4.4 This is a legal research essay and must show an understanding of the pplicable laws and regulatory regime – not an economic discussion paper

5. No Plagiarism (否则会让挂科)

To Avoiding Plagiarism:


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