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In recent years, with the rapid development of China's socialist economy, coupled with the role in promoting the tourism industry, the pace of development of China's hotel industry is also growing fast. At the same time, competition in the hotel industry is also getting worse, this competition is not only reflected in the hotel's tourist market competition, but also reflected in the hotel industry personnel, especially marketing talent competition, China's hotel industry has flow of talent to become one of the industries most frequently, human resource management problems have seriously affected the development of the hotel industry's deep-seated, good hotel marketing talent human resource management has become a hotel development on the road solved a problem. In this paper, the development status of China's hotel industry, manpower, combined with the hotel industry in marketing, human resource management personnel problems, make the hotel explore the practicality of Human Resource Management Strategy.近年来,随着我国社会主义经济的快速发展,再加上旅游业的推动作用,我国酒店行业的发展速度也越来越快。与此同时,酒店业内的竞争也有愈演愈烈之势,这种激烈的竞争不仅仅体现在酒店客源市场的竞争,同时也体现在酒店业内的人才,特别是营销人才的竞争,我国的酒店行业已经成为人才流动最为频繁的行业之一,人力资源管理方面存在的问题已经严重影响到了酒店行业的深层次发展,做好酒店的营销人才人力资源管理已经成为酒店发展道路上的亟待解决的一个问题。本文从我国酒店行业的发展现状人手,结合酒店行业在营销人才人力资源管理方面存在的问题,探讨做好酒店人力资源管理的实用性对策。

A hotel marketing personnel the importance of human resource management一、酒店营销人才人力资源管理的重要性

We all know that, whether it is in an industry which, in the 21st century competition is the talent competition, just a good grasp of the development of human factors before today, in the 21st century, the fierce market competition foothold. Hotel industry is no exception. Hotel how to do better marketing to attract and retain sales personnel, the development of marketing talent, how to create a suitable hotel for survival and development of human resources, marketing, personnel management atmosphere, has become a hotel development on the road to face a problem directly , good work in this area, but also to protect the healthy development of a hotel key.我们都知道,不管是在哪一个行业,21世纪的竞争就是人才的竞争,只有好好地把握住人才这一发展因素,才能在21世纪今天激烈的市场竞争中站稳脚跟。酒店行业也不例外。酒店如何做到更好地吸引营销人才、留住营销人才、发展营销人才,如何营造一个适合酒店生存和发展的营销人才人力资源管理氛围,已经成为酒店在发展道路上要直接面对的一个问题,做好这一方面的工作,也是保障酒店健康发展的一个关键。Only good hotel marketing talent human resource management in order to fierce market competition in the brutal hotel company to help attract the best marketing talent, but also to retain the real need for corporate marketing talent, but also allows them to be more marketing professionals good development space, the hotel offers a sustainable healthy development of human resources to better guarantee. Only hotel managers really do pay attention marketing talent human resource management, marketing, human resource management professionals can really play its important role, but also to safeguard the healthy and stable development of the hotel.Second, hotel marketing professionals in human resources management problems remuneration mechanism to be optimizedAs our country has been in a hotel marketing professionals – kind of mobility state, so the hotel managers often have consciously or unconsciously neglect remuneration mechanism. In the recruitment of marketing professionals, it is often only thought is to meet short-term needs of the hotel, but the hotel does not take into account the long-term development needs, so marketing professionals for new recruits often remuneration is not fixed, random relatively large, so makes marketing personnel did some time in the hotel as remuneration issues and choose to quit, so it forms a loop born evil l, marketing talent mobility will increase. So how to improve good remuneration mechanism, a hotel marketing talent to retain the key.(Two) the lack of corporate marketing professionals in job trainingWe know that, whether it is the hotel industry or other service industries, the diploma requirement for marketing professionals generally do not like other management positions or technical positions so high, marketing professionals, entry barriers are relatively low, so the hotel's marketing recruiting talent in the overall quality also relatively not high. But now the hotel industry, but also tend to ignore the right hotel marketing professionals the-job training, rarely give these marketing personnel to provide opportunities for retraining and upgrading of space. And staff training and enterprise development are often a key to development of its own staff, staff training is often directly determine a company's corporate culture and developing traditional. It can be predicted that if a hotel is not very high cultural level marketing talent, the hotel had not received systematic training, then he hotel culture for the hotel as well as some other developments relating to the substance of the hotel are unlikely to understand, then the final marketing efforts, it can bring also left a negative impact. (Three) Hotels of the marketing personnel performance appraisal mechanism is not perfect, unscientificAt present, China's hotel performance appraisal of employees will often flow in a form of performance appraisal mechanisms are often not effectively play on the hotel staff incentives. The performance appraisal for the development of an enterprise, it is also often plays a vital role, a perfect sound performance appraisal mechanisms are often able to inspire staff enthusiasm, but also better able to help companies retain talent. So for the hotel industry, the importance of performance appraisal should also be taken seriously. And on this particular hotel marketing talent, more should have a special performance appraisal methods to adapt to this demand for talent, not just only use one kind of unified approach to performance appraisal of the entire hotel staff assessment. Hotel management operator only to realize that, marketing personnel to help hotels improve themselves and achieve their personal goals, enhance the hotel and emotional communication between marketing professionals, so to love winning, can fundamentally do the real attraction marketing personnel, retain marketing personnel, the development of marketing talent.Third, how to do a good job marketing personnel of the hotel's human resources management strategies(A) improve the remuneration mechanism, the employee's career planning into the mechanismsHotels in the recruitment of marketing professionals, when it should be on the marketing talent from the hotel's long-term needs, develop a reasonable recruitment programs. And beginning in the recruitment, remuneration will be perfect inform candidates know it, and will be a future candidate into recruitment career planning, and to let the recruiter one can understand him in this direction and future development unit development prospects. And candidates can more clearly aware of their condition is not really meet the needs of hotel marketing type of work, so that the two sides can not only save time, but also better able to improve efficiency.(Two) emphasis on the hotel marketing staff in-service trainingHotel on the marketing staff on career planning for marketing professionals should be added in the post training content, but also should depart from the hotel's own characteristics, combined with their own development needs for targeted marketing staff in-service training. Like on the economy is a star hotel or a marketing staff training certainly is not the same. Only hoteliers really need from the actual development of the hotel and the hotel's own marketing staff actual demand for hotel marketing staff to develop a set of rational, scientific-the-job training programs in order to truly promote the common development of the hotel and staff.(Three) perfect for hotel sales staff performance appraisal systemThrough the marketing staff performance appraisal, marketing personnel for the hotel to provide some development and advancement opportunities to help hotel marketers to achieve self-demand is also one of the hotel's marketing staff career planning, is also very important. Hoteliers only the importance of performance appraisal system improvement, change the hotel marketers such an unreasonable and unscientific performance appraisal system in order to truly fundamentally inspired enthusiasm hotel marketing staff, marketing staff to meet the psychological sense of accomplishment, but also to fundamentally retain good hotel marketing talent.


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