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2022代写毕业论文Britain’s taboo and the customs

By August 19, 2022essay代写

2022代写毕业论文Britain’s taboo and the customs

2022代写毕业论文Britain's taboo and the customs

Britain's taboo and the customs:Three taboosCan't jump the queue britons are lining up the habit. You can see them a get a land line up on a bus, train, or buy a newspaper. Jump the queue is a screening nasty behavior.Can't ask a lady's age British very don't like to talk about man's salary and women age, and even his home furniture value how many money, also be shouldn't have asked. If you ask a lady's age, also is very not appropriate, because she thought it was her own secret, and everyone wants to eternal youth, no than middle-aged women said with a "you look so young" better compliment. There is no doubt that every woman's hair, makeup and clothes are in order to make it look more beautiful, more young, but if she's dressed up to let a person feel too sedulous, then others will take criticism of tone said she "appear tacky".Can't cut price in British shopping, the most taboo is cut price. The British don't like to bargaining, think this is very lose face things. If you buy, is a great work of art or a large quantity of goods, you also need to be careful with the seller to agree on a full price. British people seldom bargaining, if they think the price of a commodity right to buy, not right away.Washroom and to "no. 100"The bathroom the meaning of the word for hand washing or wash a face of place, but the actual meaning is the toilet, the British the not say straight out "to go to the toilet," and to someone else, so it is in when, are not directly mention "toilet" 2 words. If you would like to go to the toilet, may say "to man's room", or "to the woman's room", also can say "please forgive a few minutes" or "I want to wash their hands" and so on. The children want when it later said, "I want to go to that place". In between friends and family internal, "no. 100" is the most commonly used claim.The party how to don't impoliteBritish big dance in the evening at around 10 general began. Party can be in private homes or to a hotel. Master invited guests should send invitation in advance, and pay attention to invited guest roughly equal to the number of men and women; As before, can make the men more than women. According to habit, master please people to the party, and, sometimes, a dinner; There is time please dance and do not set dinner; And some is please to the party guests a few people eat dinner, after dinner dance; Others can only to the party and can not eat. So, being invited one must see the words on the invitation, lest make, master the embarrassment. The dancing party, master have food taken late at night, also may only for some tea, coffee and sandwiches, etc. To the party the guests clothing to tidy, dancing male guest to take turns to please the female guests, including a must and the hostess to dance. Man and man, woman and woman is to be laughed at dance. Face a great festival festival, if a person also received two invitation CARDS, then can attend a party, early withdrawal again after another ball out, because by habit to the party with people as you go to, is not being impolite.Lady first and a gentlemanIn Britain, the respect women is to reflect the gentleman poise is an important aspect. Lady first is a well-known standards of behaviour.In general, the British people are always on the status of women is preferred. Such as men and women together into the room, the man will open the door for ladies. Into the room or into the restaurant is mostly women in the front, and unless man must in ahead of the lady to choose table, drive the door or do other service. To walk in the street, or was crossing the street, man to go by car to the ladies to one side of the direction. If a man and two women walk together, he shall go in of the two. If the host or hostess or both sit with a car to meet our guests to dinner, what should the guests crowded in the front of the car seat, let the back seat is vacant, because the driver is the host or hostess. At the party, the guest host brought into a sitting room, if the guest is a woman, her into the living room, hall of a majority of the men do stand up as a mark of respect. If the hostess's daughter in, she took the guest to daughter introduction. Usually the man introduced to a woman, unless he much older or high position. The general practice is young introduced to an older person. No matter into the sitting room is man or woman, the lady sitting in the living room and not for the ceremony. The party started, the men started for ladies chair, help lady table.Some British people sigh with regret, in to treat a lady of courtesy, now has not antidote to the past. It is said that is because women in the election, employment, wage and accept higher education have equal rights with men, and they will no longer need to ever take care of that. Look, the lady manners are out of man think lady need protection.Guest and table mannersIf you are invited to visiting relatives, will take an examination of tiger such several conditions. For example, when the host's family? If not talk about serious things, just a social gathering, early to be rude. The hostess is to prepare, she hasn't completely prepared you arrived, will make her feel very embarrassed. Late to 10 minutes best. Half an hour late to appear too late, need to apologize to his master. When to leave? It's no regulation, but his owner sit too late is very impolite. If just invite you to dinner and chat, so you'd better in 10 to 11 points to leave after a meal or between 1 hour farewell. If you are invited to stay for a few days or weekend, before leaving should be bought flowers sent to the hostess, it made her very happy. In addition, left the next day to send an acknowledgement vast master, and enclose a small gift like a box of chocolates or some flowers, etc.British food is simple, but eat custom complex. The most is sit straight, learn other people's things, have a meal of the time no cheerfully asked others and and others keep talking. Each person cannot use spoon in the soup basin or coffee cup or other dishes. Spoon should be put in soup basin, plate, the spoon to on the saucer. When you drink soup had better not make a sound, and with one side of the spoon away from you to the cutter, cannot use spoon head, more can't carry soup basin of the pelvic floor all drink soup with light. No matter what things to eat, don't make any noise as far as possible, otherwise, it will be considered don't know the rule. Every meal on a main course only commonly and salad, a sweetmeat on finally. If the guest is not full, can make to the hostess her delicious and then points chicken, steak or other dishes, the hostess will add one gets to him, but more from no longer. In front of the others can't day burping. In the coffee to the cup to drink, coffee MOE on pallets. Can't smoke in the table. Have a meal, the guest will napkin on the table, and stood up. The men to help ladies taken up a chair. If the host should leave a guest and then eat a meal, according to the original crease napkin folded. After dinner, guests to sit for an hour or two, and then to say goodbye to master.The British are conscientiously observe public order. When need to wait queue up. In the ATM machine, people will consciously and are using the machine to maintain a reasonable distance. In a crowded place, people used to try to keep distance, to avoid a collision.In the escalator consciously will stand on the right, so that the people eager to pass through from the left.

The British polite, at the request of the saying, "please", accepted a help or service said "thank you", no matter how insignificant.

Visit friends to advance notice each other before, uninvited guests will make people hate. Avoid after at 10 p.m. to call someone's home.

Try to avoid smoke indoors. If you really want to smoke, should ask permission the permission of the others.

To the UK in their home, should be punctual for appointments, and should be ready to a few small gifts to master, early to be considered impolite. After eating should stay for social conversation, if a finish eat to leave is very impolite.

Quiet to eat and eat their dinner plate of food in all is polite behavior. Put your knife and fork down parallel placed on a tray that you have eaten. If you haven't finished, took a knife and fork apart in a "eight" glyph placed on a tray.

British people like to have a meal of the time to chat. But want to notice, eat of time to open his mouth, and even talk, is impolite. The trick is to eat and talk of alternating; Just to put in mouth small amounts of food. If you have to open his mouth, and please keep it with one hand.The British don't eat animal's head, foot and internal organs, so they image to say, they will only eat the flesh of animals, and don't eat animals.

In the British food potatoes substitute rice as the main carbohydrates. If not used when have dinner eat potatoes, don't hesitate to rice.

The bar is the British people like and friends of the social center. Chinese students may be invited out "drink a pint of" (go out to have a pint), as the beginning of British students and social.

"Do It Yourself" (D.I.Y. Yourself) and gardening is many people in Britain hobby, because in British artificial very expensive. If the host in the garden of his own on the work of many, they are likely to for it proud. Therefore, compliment them garden is further talks a good start.In some specific formal occasions, the British still retains a lot of traditional clothing, court official when court, and the judge still wore a wig, dressed in black robes. Church, the priest will put on robes; Each session of congress opening, the queen to when delivering a speech, is wearing the crown of pearly flashing, along with all the hostess dressed in a white dress dress; The palace guards dressed in bright red short coat, yellow buckle HuangShu waist, head wear tall canister black cap; The guard tower of London black hat, black, red and embroider on the crown of the red line, who is black, cavalry near white breeches, black boots, and white gloves, on a head helmet, floating above high red ear.#p#分页标题#e#Religious culture

British culture of history of the rich, is well-established, perhaps you to the famous west London theatres, royal opera house, the national gallery of art and so on have to hear, but do you know British every city all is a cultural center?

All of the major cities are British with world famous, enviable opera house, museums, and the museum of art, for example, Edinburgh royal museum, Belfast, Northern Ireland museum KaDeFu international open-air theatre, and so on.

As for foreign visitors, the UK is a security hospitable nation. Compared with other countries, the British security situation is good, the police on duty don't even need to carry guns, sick tourists can get free medical care; According to the national health care system, the registered for more than six months of course students can enjoy free medical care, and illness is unlikely.

Respected religious belief, religious needs are met. In each size town, you can find yourself and with the same religious culture, and to carry out religious ceremonies of places.

Britain is a multicultural society, welcome different race, faith and color to Britain, foreigners walking in the streets of the town, won't have alienable and strangeness, and in a restaurant can then taste food all over the world.


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