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2022代写研究计划书英国伦敦大学学院 (University College London):第一太平戴维斯公司的分析与论述

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2022代写研究计划书英国伦敦大学学院 (University College London):第一太平戴维斯公司的分析与论述

2022代写研究计划书英国伦敦大学学院 (University College London):第一太平戴维斯公司的分析与论述

Analysis of Savills Company第一太平戴维斯公司分析


Followed with overall economic analysis and industry analysis, this chapter will focus on Company level analysis, which contain the overview of managers, management strategy analysis, SWOT analysis, financial ratio analysis and cash flow analysis.紧随整体经济分析和行业分析,本章将重点放在公司层面分析,包含管理者的概况,管理策略分析,SWOT分析,财务比率分析和现金流分析。

Overview of Savills’s management strategy第一太平戴维斯管理战略概述

Savills aim to serve clients better than the competition by providing them with a wide range of services across the diverse geographical locations in which they operate. To achieve this, Savills seek to employ only the highest quality staff and to reward them properly by controlling fixed costs and paying a significant proportion of their remuneration in the form of profit related bonus.第一太平戴维斯目标比竞争对手更好的服务于我们的客户,为他们提供范围广泛的服务在不同的地理位置所在。为了达到这个目标,第一太平戴维斯寻求只雇用最优秀的人员和奖励他们正确地通过控制固定成本和支付很大比例的报酬形式的利润相关的奖金

The performance of Savills

However there is some light in the darkness. Although the time is tough for the property firms, but there still have few opportunities in the crisis. Due to Savills is an international enterprise, so the geography will affect the revenue in different status, also Savills provide to the clients with diversification service which include transaction advice, consultancy, property management, financial service and fund management. There are advantages of Savills to confront the crisis and go through it.

Changes in the operate market

The market restrictions on credit availability are ongoing, along with a shortage of quality assets for sale, and particularly reduce the volume of commercial real estate transactions with the resultant adverse impact on capital markets businesses. The strategy of Savills is using diversity of product and geographic spread to reduce the impact on the weak business market. To offset these risks, Savills have implemented appropriate actions to improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs; also they continued to invest selectively in business where new opportunities happenedThe changes of client’s needs

As the property market is highly competitive and how to adapt the new needs of client are becoming very important. For Savills, to remain competitive in all markets, they continue to provide the quality of client care and service and strengthen these services, using their widely geographic capabilities.

Reputational and brand risk声誉和品牌风险

Savills is a brand with an excellent reputation in the principal markets; it is the need to maintain reputation as a quality brand. High reputation is helpful to make Savills enter into the new market. So, Savills have a brand management programme in place to ensure the brand’s positioning, identity and personality is clearly and consistently promoted.

Political risks in the countries国家的政治风险

Savills’s continued geographic expansion means that they must realize the changing of local policy legislative conditions in the many countries around the worldExtensive market research and due diligence is conducted before we enter new markets. Developments in all markets are kept under ongoing review and the requirements of the Group Risk Management Policy, specifically the need to regularly evaluate the key risks in each market, extend to all of businesses globally

Financial risks金融风险

Due to the new mortgage policy and uncertainty prospective in the property market, Savills met the capital shortage and financing trouble in the recession period. The solution of them is tight control the expenditure and the reduction of dividend paid.SWOT analysis


a.Economic scope/geographic diversification经济范围/地理多样化As mentioned before, Savills has an international network of more than 200 offices and associates throughout the Americas, the UK, Continental Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and Middle East.b.Economic scale/business diversification经济规模/业务多样化Savills provide service e.g. Transaction advice, property management, consultancy, financial service and fund management. So Savills can benefit from the geographic spread of business and the stability of service model provide more predictable and secure earnings.c.Brand reputation商标信誉As a long history real estate company, Savills is a brand with an excellent reputation in the principal markets; it is synonymous with a high quality service offering and a premium brand.WeaknessRevenue mostly relies on the economy situation (GDP index).


a.Management support管理支持In March 2010 Savills announced the proposed acquisition of the 40% voting interests in Fund Management business, Cordea Savills LLP.b.Global market rebuilding全球市场重建After recession, global property market will be shuffled; it is a chance to Savills, because the market volume will be divided again by some big international enterprise.c.Low interest rate低利率

The liquidity provided by Governments around the world in response to the banking crisis and global recession together with the consequent low opportunity cost of cash, helped drive investment activity in prime market.Threats

a. Continuing recessionAccording to the main economic country annual report, most of them did not out from quagmire, property market still wander in the bottom.b. The change about consumer attitudePeople changed the consume habit from overdraft consume to saving consume.c.Policy limitationAfter recession, most government issued statute to limit speculation activities and reinforced the surveillance in the property market.


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