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2022代写网Case Study Instructions之一加拿大essay指导

By August 20, 2022essay代写

2022代写网Case Study Instructions之一加拿大essay指导

2022代写网Case Study Instructions之一加拿大essay指导

Case Study Instructions


This case deals with AbeBooks, based out of Victoria, B.C., a leading company the online marketplace for books, It addresses their values and company characteristics as they cope with past and potential personnel changes in a very competitive and dynamic, technology and customer driven industry. It highlights some of the organizational behaviour issues brought forward in the first part of the course; in particular, it considers values, motivation, teamwork and decision-making.

Length: 1500 – 2000 words/6-8 pages (approximate), not including title page, table of contents and bibliography. Should be typed, double-spaced, font New Times Roman or Cambria, and size 12. There is no penalty for having less or more 1500 words, however your content must demonstrate sufficient knowledge and understanding (i.e. if it’s too short something is likely missing) and you may have marks deducted if your answers lack focus (if your paper is wandering and repetitive).


1.Access the Case Study. The case study is found online at . On the main page there is a drop-down menu at the top for Case Studies. Choose “BC Case Studies” from the menu and it will take you to a page listing cases. The AbeBooks case is at the bottom right of the list. Click on “Learn more” and you will go to a page that has an abstract on the case and the ability to download a pdf file of the case and access the company website. You are allowed to use this case without fee for our purposes in this course.

2.Read and Review the Case. Read and review the case (it is 18 pages long, but 7 pages are additional exhibits) keeping in mind the concepts and topics that we are discussing in class as you work through it. Some of the topics you’ll need to consider for the questions may be discussed in upcoming classes so you could begin working on it now, knowing that you’ll revisit it over the next few weeks to complete the assignment.

3.Refer to the Case Study Guidelines. Please refer to the instructor’s case study guidelines that are available online at the Moodle course page.

4.Visit the AbeBooks website and use it as a reference. The website is at. Use it to research about the company’s values, strategies, and other aspects of their organization.

5.Answer/complete the following questions/tasks (a – d):a.(Values). From reading the case and what you might find in reviewing the company’s website or other materials, describe five values (either terminal or instrumental) that you believe are most important to the company. Provide a brief supporting statement for each value, including an example from the company that demonstrates why it is important to AbeBooks. You may use the values from the lists in our text or include other values that you believe are present. Some values, but not all five, may come directly from AbeBooks website, but note that you still have to show an example of this value in action.

b.(Motivation). The primary issue in this case identifies challenges with retaining key personnel. What do you believe were the important motivations of each of the two main parties, Antonio and Christine. Ensure that you use at least one of the motivation theories or models provided in the text as the framework for your answer.

c.(Teamwork). This case focuses on the Online Marketing team. Explain what aspects of teaming and teamwork you observe in this group, based upon the information in the case, using at least one of the main concepts or models about teams as a framework for your answer.

d.(Creativity). Describe how you believe AbeBooks could apply the three components of creativity (Ch. 12 in the text) to the challenge of creating an opportunity that would appeal to Christine.

6.Do some research! You are asked to use at least four references (the text, the company website and two other academic sources) that provide you with supporting information for your answers. Please see Quote, Unquote Referencing atfor information on the expectations of the Faculty of Management for referencing. Your last page of your assignment should be a bibliography listing the sources you cited in your paper.

7.The format for the case study report:a.Title page.b.Table of Contents.c.Introduction: present aim or purpose of the overall report.d.Description of the case: provide a brief summary of the case, in one to two paragraphs, that introduces AbeBooks and their key characteristics relevant to this assignment.e.Description of results: Address each of the questions as stated above. You may treat each question as a separate subsection.f.Conclusion: summarize the main points that you feel emerged from your answers.g.Bibliography.

GradingWorth 20% of total grade

Breakdown/Criteria:1.Style, structure and organization – 4%.a.Title page, table of contents and reference page (with at least 4 references – the text, the company website and two others). Correct in-text citations.b.Grammar, punctuation and spelling.c.Visual organization – headings, pages numbering, identification information.d.Clear statements of introduction, case summary and conclusion.e.Logical organization of thought and development of answers.

2.Answers/Content – 16%, divided equally amongst the four assigned I will be looking for answers that address the questions, reflect the case, and use supporting evidence and theory. Do not spend a lot of words restating the question; and I don’t like answers that simply repeat the theories from the text – use them as framework for your answer or as support, not as the answer itself.


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