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2022代写英文作文Discussion of the classical

By August 21, 2022essay代写

2022代写英文作文Discussion of the classical

2022代写英文作文Discussion of the classical

论文题目:classic argumentative essay论文语种:英文您的研究方向:ENGLISH是否有数据处理要求:否您的国家:美国您的学校背景:美国普通大学要求字数:1200,每个自然段需要150字,需要8段论文用途:其它 Others是否需要盲审(博士或硕士生有这个需要):补充要求和说明:此论文需要提纲,需要引用一篇作文从指定网站,请仔细阅读附件,The Argumentative Paper Your fifth paper is a classic argumentative essay. You will need to choose a topic. You may write on any controversial issue you wish. I would, however, stay away from topics that you feel so strongly about that you cannotsee the validity of the arguments for the other side. Once you have thought of a topic, state it in the form of a "should" question to make sure the topic will work for the paper. For example, students have written on topics as follows:Should cities implement teen curfews? Shouldmotorists be allowed to talk on cell phone while driving?Should adoption records be open to adoptees who are oflegal adult age?Should public schools requirestudents to wear uniforms?Shouldhigh school athletes beable to join the professional ranks upon graduating from high school? Please read chapter 10 in your textbook, pages 277-311. Your argumentative essay should have a minimum of 8 paragraphs. In the essay, you will chose a side–argue for a specific position. You may not have a neutral stance nor straddle the fence. To do so will make the paper problematic. Your position will serve as the thesis statement for the paper. The format of the paper is as follows. Introduce the issue by giving any background to establish the context of the debate.Present any recent events in the media or in your life that relate to the issue. Discuss whythe issue is controversial and for whom. Your thesis will come at the end of the introduction and muststate a definitive position/opinion. In the next paragraphs after the introduction, you will be presenting opposing arguments and hopefully refuting them. Please see the section Anticipating Opposing Arguments in your book, page 279. In general, an #p#分页标题#e#opposing argument is an argument presented by those who disagree with your thesis–those who take the opposite opinion to your thesis. In a refutation, you counter the opposing argument–explain why you disagree with the opposing argument. If you cannot refute the opposing argument, you made concede to the validity of the opposing argument. A concession is an admittance that the opposing argument is reasonable. To do this does not weaken your position. You may combine each opposing argument and its accompanying refutation into one paragraph if you choose. You may choose to separate each part into two separate paragraphs–one for the opposing argument and one for the refutation. This will extend your paper from the basic 8 paragraphs. After presenting opposing arguments and refutations, you will need three additional supporting arguments. Supporting arguments are arguments that support your position–your thesis. Each supporting argument will be discussed in a separate paragraph of its own. You may use the same conclusion as in the pro/con paper except that you must revise the thesis. Also, you may want to review just the main points for your side. For this paper, you required to use an outside source from one of our library databases. You may not use a source by doing a general search on the internet. Please scroll down the entire age to see the specific requirements for this assignment. There are various sections in the lesson. Including Secondary Sources As mentioned above, you are required to useone secondary sources in this paper. For an argumentative paper, that means you will be usingapublished articlepresenting arguments for both sides of the issue.Try to usea sourcethat will give you arguments for both sides of the debate. To find sources, go to the MCC library homepage. YOU MUST USE THE MCC LIBRARY FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT. You may access the library homepage by using the EXTERNALLINKS tab on our course homepage. After going to the library homepage, click onQUICK RESEARCH LINKS. This will give you access to thefour databases you will use to find your articles–WilsonWeb, ProQuest, EbscoHost Academic Search Premier,andELibrary.CQ Rearcher isalso helpful in that it includes pro/con articles.Go to ARTICLE DATABASES. Next, click on the "C." Afterwards, click on CQ Researcher. These databases will allow you to email the articles to me. #p#分页标题#e#You will need to email me a copy of the article you will use. Or, if you know how, you may email a persistent link for the articley whereby I can click on the link and read the article. I have included a power point presentation explaining how to create a persistent link in the lesson.

Please do not use a general internet search.If you have problems accessing the databases, go to the library homepage and click on the button labelled ACCESS FROM HOME. You will find this tab on the rightthe homepage.

In terms of documentation, you will use MLA style. Please read chapter 14, p.363 in your textbook. You will need a Works Cited page for the paper. Read page395 for a description of the Works Cited page and its format. You may see an example on page 417.You will find a sample entry for a source from a database on page401 under Documents within a Library or Subscription Database. See the entry for "Lucinda Smith". Read pages392-395 to see how you would cite the source within the paper. Remember that you must cite your source regardless of whether you quote ( include the information word-for-word) or paraphrase ( include the information in your own words). It is also plagiarism if you copy word-for-word and do not use quotation marks even if you have a parenthetical citation. Read pages 388-390 for more information about avoiding plagiarism and incorporating source material. In addition, you must have at least four citations from the article within your paper. Please choose the best source possible.Outline for the Argumentative PaperPreliminary Outline Format for the Argumentative PaperTentative Thesis Statement:Cities should implement teen curfews. ( Choose a side.)First Opposing Argument: Those who do not support teen curfews argue that they are unfair to those minors who are well-behaved and responsible.( Present an argument from those who oppose your thesis.)Refutation and/or Concession: While the curfew may also affect those teens, the law is designed to protect responsible minors from being victims of crimes. ( Counter the opposing argument.)#p#分页标题#e#Second Opposing Argument:Refutation and/or Concession:Third Opposing Argument:Refutation and/ or Concession:Additional Supporting Argument: If cities implement teen curfews, parents may be able to better control the activities of their children.( Present an argument that supports your thesis.You may not repeat a reason used in a refutation.)Additional Supporting Argument:Additional Supporting Argument: ASSIGNMENTS1. Submit a topic written in the form of a "should" question2. Email a copy of the article you will use in the paper.3. Submit the outline for the paper4. Submit the final copy of the essay


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