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指导留学生作业,如何制作收支平衡表balance sheet?A balance sheet shows the financial position of a company or individual as of a particular moment in time. This financial statement compares all monetary obligations and all property that is owned to calculate the current financial position of a company or individual. The basic formula for a business balance sheet is: Assets = Liabilities + Equity. For personal finances the formula is: Assets – Liabilities = Net Worth. Because it is a snapshot of your true financial position, an up-to-date balance sheet is often used when you are applying for a loan, but can also be used as a tool to achieve future financial goals. This article will give you a general overview of the personal balance sheet and show you how to make one to evaluate your own finances.资产负债表显示一个公司或个人的财务状况的一个特定的时刻。这种财务报表比较所有货币的义务和财产所有计算当前的公司或个人的财务状况。企业资产负债表的基本公式是:资产=负债+股权。对个人财务的公式是:资产-负债=净资产。因为它是一个真正的财务状况的快照,经常使用一个最新的资产负债表当你申请贷款,但也可以作为一种工具来实现未来的财务目标。这篇文章将给你一个总体的概述个人资产负债表,并向您展示如何做一个评估你自己的财务状况。


First you need to list all of your assets. Assets include the cash you have in the bank and the property you own, whether in the form of land, buildings or equipment. Your assets should be categorized into accounts with titles such as Cash, Temporary Investments, Accounts Receivable (money that is owed to you), Real Estate Owned, Automobiles, Furniture and Other Property. These assets are usually broken down into current and long-term assets. Some examples of current assets are the cash you have in your checking or savings accounts and any money that is owed to you. Long-term assets include assets that will be held for longer periods of time such as the cash value of your life insurance, the market value of real estate that you own and the value of your retirement fund.

Next you need to list all of your liabilities. Liabilities include the everyday bills that you owe, the mortgage balance on your home and taxes that are due at a later date. Your liabilities should be categorized into accounts with titles such as Current Bills, Real Estate Mortgages, Car Notes, Taxes Owed and Other Liabilities. Liabilities are also usually broken down into current and long-term liabilities. Some of current liabilities are your credit card bills, your cell phone bill and your electric bill. Long-term liabilities include obligations that will be paid in the future such as your home mortgage, your car loan and some taxes.

如何制作收支平衡表balance sheet?Once you have listed all of your assets and liabilities you can calculate your net worth by simply subtracting the total of your liabilities from the total of your assets. This is your net worth. Obviously, you want this number to be as high as possible.

Using a personal balance sheet can help you identify ways to raise your net worth. Having your home re-appraised may allow you to increase your assets, thereby increasing your net worth. Cutting back on your current bills, such as credit card charges for entertainment, or paying down your car loan early will also increase your net worth by reducing your liabilities. Taking the time to put together a personal balance sheet is the best way to plan for future prosperity.


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