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2022代写paper怎么写essay?A Problem/Solution Essay

By August 19, 2022essay代写

2022代写paper怎么写essay?A Problem/Solution Essay

2022代写paper怎么写essay?A Problem/Solution Essay

PART 1A: A Summary如何写essay?怎么写essay?

Directions: This week, you will be working on producing a problem/solution essay on a current problem you have learned about through the print media: local, national or international. Find a brief article which introduces or discusses a problem of interest to you. Now write a SEES paragraph summarizing the issue you will discuss in your essay. Count the words in this paragraph, and submit it along with the rest of the work for this assignment.

PART 1B: A Problem/Solution Essay

Directions: Your essay will include an introduction, body paragraphs which propose a solution or solutions to the problem you have identified, and a concluding paragraph which presents either implications or recommendations. The length of your essay should be between 300-600 words.

Be sure your introduction establishes the setting for the problem, introduces the people involved, and gives a context for the thesis statement. In the margin, indicate the function of each one of your sentences (G = general statement; E = examples/evidence; T = Thesis). Add other explanations where appropriate.

Conclude your essay with a restated thesis sentence, followed by your predictions, probably written in the conditional. Perhaps you will offer alternatives. Your last sentence may well begin with "Unless . . .."

When you complete your good draft, go back over each body paragraph to indicate the function of each sentence SEES. Do so also for the conclusion with these abbreviations: G for general statement, T for thesis sentence, and I for implications.

Paragraph 1 and Essay:Write your paragraph and essay in the space provided between the lines (do not delete the lines):

PART 2A: Sentence Exercises – Verb Idioms

Directions: Write sentences using each of the given main verbs along with the idiomatic form of the verb which follows in parentheses.

e.g. wish (let)I wish that my parents would let me stay up late tonight.1. [hope (eat)] –

2. [suggest (answer)] –

3. [tell (make)] –

4. [find (save)] –

5. [spend (write)] –

6. [prefer (play)] –

7. [recommend (bring)] –

8. [expect (need)] –

9. [require (pay)] –

10. [ask (get)] –

PART 2B: Idioms

Directions: Each of the following sentences contains idiomatic problems. Edit or rewrite the sentences to avoid the problems.1. After deciding to switch from Math to Arts, Paul had a hard time to tell his parents about his plans.

2. The little girl was very upset about her brother’s teasing, so she asked her mother to make him to stop doing that.

3. When all the guests had finished eating dessert, the host suggested them to have coffee in the living room.

4. After she graduated from university, Harriet looked forward to travel to Japan and teach English there.

5. How was your roommate able to avoid to get a speeding ticket when the police officer pulled her over?#p#分页标题#e#如何写essay?怎么写essay?

6. Mary’s brother warned her not to locking the door when she left for work because he had lost his key and could not get into the house.

7. Most people appreciate to be treated with respect especially when they are being interviewed for a new job.

8. The janitor didn’t mind to help the principal change her flat tire, even if it meant putting off vacuuming the cafeteria.

9. Our cleaning lady wasted time on watching TV this morning instead of doing the dishes.

10. The hotel provided its guests with satin pillowcases and sheets to make them feeling like staying longer.

11. The plane was scheduled to arrive at Regina at noon, but by 11:45 a.m. airline personnel had already told passengers forget to expecting it to arrive on time.

12. John’s teacher recommended him to spend time on studying before his low marks caused him to failing his year.

PART 2C: Conditional Sentences

Directions: Complete the following sentences appropriately. Use the verb in parentheses (in the idiomatic form).

e.g. If we were not used to writing sentences, . . . (take)(Answer) If we were not used to writing sentences, we would take a long time to finish this exercise.1. [Unless you apologize immediately, (forgive)] –

2. [Our team must win tonight’s game if (want)] –

3. [If Helen were here, (insist)] –

4. [The teacher would have returned our assignments on Monday if (mark)] –

5. [Were the budget more flexible, (spend)] –

6. [If he has not finished his essay yet, (suggest)] –

7. [Isn’t it about time that (write)] –

8. [I would have a party, if only (be)] –

9. [Had the equipment been well maintained, (avoid)] –

10. [If the bus drivers went on strike, (walk)] – PART 2D: Conditional Sentences

Directions: Only two of the following sentences have no mistakes. Mark them as correct. Find and correct the sentences with errors.1. If your sister had known how to cook, she wouldn’t buy a cook book once she had her own apartment.

2. If the line-ups are as long as usual, you better start trying to register at least two days before the cut-off date.

3. The scholarship winner would have given a speech if she had been asked.

4. Had the movie Titanic not won eleven academy awards, Oscar night might be very embarrassing for James Cameron.

5. It’s about time we all get equal pay for equal work, even if the government objects to this policy.

6. The hockey team is hoping that it would win the championship.

7. I wish that I would stop making spelling mistakes on my assignments.

8. If no one will ask the instructor, we will never know whether or not we can have an extension.

9. If you play practical jokes on people, you have to be prepared to apologize if they became annoyed.

10. If the computing centre were shut at 9 p.m. every night, the university might save a lot of money, but many, many students would object.#p#分页标题#e#如何写essay?怎么写essay?

11. If there would have been more students taking English 129, the classes would have been much livelier.

12. If Elvis Stojko was not injured, he would represent Canada at the World Figure Skating Championships.

13. After seeing the horror movie Friday the Thirteenth, my sister looked as though she has seen a ghost.

14. painter asked his model if she will pose for him again.

15. If Denise did not have to have her wisdom teeth out, she would have been in class today.

You have now completed all your assignments. When you submit this assignment, you will receive the exam preparation module (module 24).


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