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Tourism and Economic Development in China and Jiaozuo City Tourism在中国和焦作市旅游的旅游和经济发展

Tourism in China has been considered as one of the major sectors in the world largest market. In a study of Li Shiding (2009) which sought to identify the different sources of tourism in the Asian country, he concluded that of all the countries where he had worked including five of the eight most industrialized nations in the world there are very few that compares with China when it comes to tourism potential.旅游业在中国已经被认为是一个主要的行业在世界上最大的市场。在一项研究中,Li Shiding(2009),试图找出不同来源的旅游业在亚洲国家,他的结论是,在所有的国家,他曾包括五的八个世界上大多数工业化国家很少,相比之下中国当谈到旅游潜力。

From the most luxurious hotels to the most luxurious beaches through to the most luxurious shopping malls and architecture, the Chinese are blessed not only with the gift of nature but have been forthright in consolidating these gifts by employing technology to advance tourism. It is therefore not surprising that it is considered to be a major tourist destination. In terms of the contribution of the sector to economic growth in China, Hall and Michael (2007) carried out a study which sought to investigate the sector from 2006 to 2009 and found out that in 2006 the contribution of the sector to the gross domestic product to the Chinese economy was thirty nine billion and seven hundred million United States dollars while the sector recorded forty billion and eight hundred million United States dollars in 2007 which was a massive improvement on the performance of the sector for the prior year. In the year 2008 the Chinese economy grew by additional thirty seven billion and two hundred million United States dollars (Zhao, Xiaoming, 2009). In 2009 even though the Chinese tourism sector contributed thirty three billion and nine hundred million United State dollars to the economy the figure was a decline of the contribution for the sector to the entire economy (Sharpley, 2002).从最豪华酒店最豪华的海滩到最豪华的购物中心和架构,中国人是祝福不仅与自然的馈赠,但已经直率巩固这些礼物通过技术手段来推进旅游。因此,毫不奇怪,它被认为是一个重要的旅游目的地。

As indicated in earlier sections of this study with particular reference to Jiaozuo and its tourism potentials, the city and its environ gained national and international prominence around the year 2004 emerging out of a desperate desire to find a replacement for the overdependence of the community on coal which was fast diminishing in size and in value( Grenna, 2006). Since the endorsement of a five point stage for the development of the tourism potential of the region, including a decision by central administration of Jiaozuo to set the tourism as its priority, the city and its tourism potential have been the major source of employment and income to countless number of people both of domestic and international orientation. Among The tourism potential of this region are very important recreational and theme parks as well as mountainous features that draws people from different part of the country (Sun et al 2009). The presence of hotels considered to be among the best managed with the best facilities and at affordable prices as well as network of travel and tour organizations makes the place a holiday destination for many people. It is therefore not surprising that an assessment of the annual report of the regional tourism development board gives an indication that the regional income from tourism is largely related to protected area entrance fees which is the fee charged at entry and is always the most important financial source and increasing in time from tourism recreation and recreation service fees, special events and special services which are the user fees for music festivals and recreation programs within the protected area (Sun, Ligun, 2010).在早期的部分显示本研究,特别是关于焦作和其旅游潜力,这个城市和它的环境获得国家和国际声望2004年左右出现的一个绝望的渴望找到一个替代过度依赖煤炭的社区是快速缩小和价值(Grenna,2006)。因为背书的5点阶段发展的旅游潜力的地区,包括由中央政府决定焦作设置旅游作为其优先级,这个城市和它的旅游潜在的就业和收入的主要来源,无数人,国内、国际两个方向.

Other areas that are identified as major sources include accommodation, transportation and guiding fee, parking fee, equipment rental, sale of food(restaurant and store), merchandise sales (equipment, clothing, souvenirs),licenses and permits which are instruments required for private firms to conduct activities on protected area property, such as permits for tour operators and guides (Sun et al, 2009). The rest include targeted taxes on relevant points on the market chain related to the tourism industry earmarked for conservation, licensing of intellectual property including those that are charged for the image rights and it is normally based on the licensing of licensing of companies and private purposes of visitors for using the images of the national park (Tao, 2009). The last sources of income and employment which is identified to result from tourism are sale or rental of image rights (e.g. for taking photographs): it is most common fee of licensing of intellectual property and concession fees which includes charges or shares of revenue paid by businesses operating within protected areas to provide services to tourists (Mitchell, Jonathan, 2009).被认定为主要来源的其他领域,包括住宿,交通和指导费,停车费,设备租赁,销售食品(餐馆和商店),商品销售(设备,服装,纪念品),牌照和许可证都需要私人的工具公司开展活动在保护区的财产,如旅游经营者的许可证和导游(Sun等,2009)。其余包括有针对性的税收专项保护,知识产权许可,包括那些收取肖像权和授权许可的公司和私人用途通常是根据旅游业相关的市场链的相关点游客使用的国家公园(陶,2009)的图像。最后被确定为导致旅游收入和就业来源是出售或出租肖像权(如拍照):它是最常见的收费许可知识产权和特许经营费包括所支付的费用或股份的收入保护区内经营的企业提供服务游客(米切尔,乔纳森,2009)。


In this section the researcher has discussed the different work of other writers with regard to the effectiveness of tourism development in economy growth. The section discussed the tourism economic development, tourism and economic development in different parts of the world, tourism and economic development in China and Jiaozuo city tourism. In subsequent sections of this study the research will attempt to examine the veracity of these claims as well as other sources of economic gains that are generated from tourism in the Jiaozuo region. In the final chapter the researcher will attempt to identify the similarities and dissimilarities of the findings with the exiting findings.在本节中,研究人员已经讨论了旅游业的发展在经济增长方面的有效性与其他作家不同的工作。本节讨论了旅游经济的发展,旅游和经济发展在中国和焦作市旅游业的世界,旅游和经济发展的不同部位。在本研究的研究的后续章节将试图研究这些说法的真实性以及其他在焦作地区的旅游业所产生的经济收益来源。在最后一章中,研究人员将试图识别的结果与现有的研究结果的异同。


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