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英国布莱顿大学酒店管理留学生硕士毕业论文-Service quality in Brighton restaurantResearch purpose and significance

Research purposes

Food and beverage industry has a long history of development of the market economy continues to mature, today's increasingly competitive market , catering enterprises are facing severe challenges. Cultivate and maintain a loyal customer groups catering business has become important to seek survival and development strategies . Development and implementation of customer loyalty management strategy to provide customers with comprehensive, personalized service , high level of customer commitment to fulfill , is catering enterprises and customers to maintain the long-term , two-way interaction between an important safeguard. Therefore, how to establish and maintain customer loyalty is our catering enterprises of great concern .Purpose of this study as follows:A ) through domestic and international relevant theoretical literature Commentary research, systematic review of relevant theories about customer loyalty , food and beverage companies trying to in-depth study of customer loyalty factors ;2 ) to establish a theoretical model of the way through empirical research to explore the impact of customer loyalty catering business factors ;3 ) In the empirical verify customer satisfaction, customer value and service to remedy these three factors impact on customer loyalty ;4 ) for the operation and management of catering enterprises have to provide some specific practical suggestions and inspiration.Research SignificancePractical significance1 ) catering enterprises is a typical service -oriented enterprises , there are also highly competitive ; against the highly competitive food market situation , how to retain customers is the enterprise must be addressed . As we all know , to keep an old customer costs far less than needed to develop a new customer costs , therefore, improve customer loyalty management not only can reduce marketing costs, but also can improve the catering business profits. In order to solve this problem, accurately grasp the factors affecting customer loyalty is a must ; This paper catering enterprises Wuhu four empirical research and analysis of customer loyalty is to clarify the factors that affect customer loyalty , and then to the application of research results catering business customer loyalty management .2 ) For the special case of catering enterprises , combined with some advanced research inside and outside , in terms of customer loyalty factors for more systematic research, made a number of generally applicable method . Proposed on improving customer loyalty management strategies and methods can be used enterprise management practices to help food and beverage companies to optimize resource allocation, improve food and beverage companies heldContinued profitability of the business of catering enterprises have practical help .theoretical significance1 ) Through literature review, systematic review and collate the influencing factors of customer loyalty research , involving the application ofAnd the latest developments , thereby enabling people to research in this field to have a more comprehensive knowledge and understanding ;2 ) Throughout the production and sale of domestic and foreign enterprises tangible products customer loyalty research significantly more than the packageServices , including food and beverage companies , including customer loyalty research . Find out about the catering business customer loyalty research , but alsoThere are many aspects need to be further explored . In this paper, food and beverage companies to study influence factors of customer loyalty , whichTo some extent make up for the catering business customer loyalty theory deficiencies.3 ) In this study, catering business customer loyalty factors summarized as one that contains customer value , customer satisfaction and service , including remedies and consider customer features multi-level, multi-angle models and empirical analysis, which improved the domestic outside of the catering business customer loyalty research . Most previous studies was to investigate the influencing factors of customer loyalty services , food and beverage companies in the impact factors of customer loyalty , little empirical research . In this thesis, through customer value, customer satisfaction and service recovery of these three factors , and hopes to put forward a more comprehensive customer loyalty factors catering business model , to further improve customer loyalty theory in the catering industry in the application of research, but also the quality of the catering business management theory and the theory of perfect service marketing .Research , research methods and research frameworkThis section analyzes the aforementioned research purposes determined on the basis of content and methods, and points out the research framework .ResearchThis paper focuses on combing through Customer Loyalty Factors relevant theoretical knowledge , on the basis of the theoretical analysis presented catering enterprises influencing factors of customer loyalty , improve catering enterprises pointed out the importance of customer loyalty . Based onTheoretical analysis described in practice by Brighton City catering business customer loyalty research and analysis , as Brighton's catering business proposals to strengthen customer loyalty building , food and beverage companies in other regions of the actual work of a guiding role and application value.This paper is divided into six chapters:Chapter 1 is " Introduction ." Define research topics , described the purpose and significance. Elaborating on the basis of relevant literature , this study proposed the framework of ideas and content . Research and innovation is expected to last analytical articles and difficulties .Chapter 2 is " literature review ." This chapter begins on customer loyalty concepts and factors related literatureRecalled that the existing research in the problems ; solve these problems, noted for further research and ideas .Chapter 3 is " theoretical hypothesis and research model ." This chapter in the existing customer loyalty research model based on the combination of features catering business , food and beverage companies to build customer loyalty -driven model , and the corresponding theoretical assumptions .Chapter 4 , " questionnaire design and sample descriptive statistical analysis ." In the theoretical assumptions , based on the reference to the previous studies , the design of the study questionnaire. Valid questionnaires were collected and made a descriptive statistical analysis .Chapter 5 , "Data analysis and model checking ." Elaborate research hypothesis testing methodology will be applied to the problem .According to Brighton's four for catering enterprises survey data , describe the measurement model and structural analysis of the model results, the underlying theoretical assumptions can be tested, in comparison competition model is proposed based on the corresponding correction model, and the corresponding results discussion . This study will use SPSS 13.0 to gather data for analysis , including reliability analysis, validity analysis , correlation analysis, regression analysis.Chapter 6 , " Conclusions and Recommendations ." This chapter summarizes the relevant research findings , proposed in this paper , and then analyzed on the basis of the limitations of this study , pointed out that the future research directions.Research MethodsA ) empirical research . Articles for the catering business customer loyalty survey on Brighton's four food and beverage companies to do the actual investigation , by analyzing the software for data processing , data obtained estimates catering business customer loyalty .2 ) factor analysis . The main use of factor analysis to examine the reliability of the questionnaire and validity. This study selected four clubs in the city catering business representative survey carried out in the analysis of data obtained using SPSS13.0 software for statistical analysis , by means of statistical results to infer conclusions.3 ) theoretical and empirical analysis of the combination . In theoretical research is mainly through extensive and in-depth data collection and in-depth study on the impact of a large number of aspects of the theory of customer loyalty literature , tracking domestic and theoretical and applied research the latest trends in food and beverage companies to adapt to summarize the relevant supporting theories ; and from empirical perspective verified customer satisfaction, customer value and service recovery impact on customer loyalty , and thus for the food and beverage companies to find ways to retain customers ; in the empirical research, to Brighton as a sample for market validation studies .


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