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Database is the core of computer science basic course, this course itself has a very high theory and practice, the students in a short time in order to have a good grasp of this course is not realistic. Therefore Teaching Reform of the database is that teachers have had to face a problem. In the implementation of the reform process, there are some fundamental problems are easy to overlook. Teaching activities in the long term, the author of the curriculum positioning, Transact-SQL language learning, teaching database based on work process three major issues have a more in-depth thinking.数据库是计算机专业的核心专业基础课,这门课程本身具有很高的理论性与实践性,学生要想在短时间内很好地掌握这门课程不太现实。因此对数据库课程教学的改革就是教师们不得不面对的一个难题。在实施改革的过程中,有一些基本问题很容易忽略。在长期的教学活动中,笔者对课程定位、Transact-SQL语言的学习、基于工作过程的数据库教学三大问题有了较为深入的思考。A course positioning 课程定位Probably every one teacher for database programs are not necessarily very clear positioning, or clear but the students expressed. In fact, for never-before-used or less related to the development using a computer now and then need to enter the IT industry, working students, this problem is very important and even directly related to the quality of the final teaching effectiveness.也许每一位教师对于数据库课程的定位不一定都很明晰,或者明晰但未向学生表述。实际上对于以前从未使用或较少使用计算机进行相关开发而今后又需要进入IT行业工作的学生来说,这个问题非常重要甚至直接关系到最后教学效果的好坏。

Course location can not be the same for all students, as teachers can only locate the relevant information easily understood by appropriate vector so that students understand that they understand the process from starting to make their own career planning courses suited to their positioning .课程的定位不能对所有学生都一样,作为教师只能将定位的相关信息通过适当的容易理解的载体让学生了解,他们在了解的过程中从自身的职业规划出发做出适合于自己的课程定位。定位的高低就是在学生在学习课程时自我要求的高低。例如:计算机网络专业的学生对于数据库课程的定位可能就不一样。Positioning is the level of students in the learning courses in self-demanding level. For example: computer network of professional courses students locate the database may not be the same. Some students put their career planning targeted at network engineers, so they feel for the database to understand the level of knowledge is sufficient; while some students to locate their own career planning engineer at the website for the knowledge to understand not only the data but also proficiency. So clear positioning database course will help students be aware of.Then what carrier as a starting point of this course enables students to understand the positioning of it? I think the best carrier is a computer professional jobs. The author of a computer network professional recruitment website when teaching about intentionally intercept network engineers, web engineers and database DBA needs information, so that students carefully read, and from the perspective of career planning, to identify their own position.

In SQL Server courses as an example, the above three occupations with three levels of positioning:(A) the database is a basic course, just to understand the basic knowledge, you can master the basic operations.(2) After completion of this course to become a qualified database developers, specific teaching objectives: Familiar server management, database management, database object manipulation; master Transact-SQL language, SQL Server privilege management, SQL Server data conversion. Able to use the Transact-SQL language, flexible use of views, triggers, stored procedures and cursors. Learn basic techniques of database design.(3) After this course, After mastering the basics, based on commitment to become a database administrator, database disaster recovery technology, security technology, tuning techniques should be studied.The positioning of the three levels correspond to the students career planning computer network the different requirements. In the teaching process requirements are different for three groups of students, the teaching focus is different. The course is positioned as the first class of students, to patience, to capture their interest and improve their learning enthusiasm; second class students to strict requirements, with case as a guide, so that they are familiar with the entire web development process at the same time, a clear in the development process to be used in database knowledge, so that when reading focused; final category student, while strict requirements to guide them out of the textbooks, for larger classroom: self-study and social practice.

2 Transact-SQL language learningTransact-SQL language is the soul of a SQL Server database, especially for developers in terms of the operation can be carried out using the mouse can be used to write the language; On the contrary, the use of language may not be able to use the mouse operation to complete, so the Transact-SQL the importance of language is self-evident. In the teaching process I have many times faced with this problem: a theory about the operation and programming language, when students receive faster; experiment on the computer when the student knows to do knowing where to start. After careful inquiry found that students basic spelling SQL language proficiency is low, does not accept the syntax gulping attention to detail, resulting in the final program does not run out. To solve these problems, I recommend the following method:(1) induction Transact-SQL word library. For important core words that students do repeated memory. I once Transact-SQL language operation will be summarized, so that the memory target clarity, on this basis, the corresponding expansion of language features, ease of students knowledge comb. For forgotten features occasional word library in the core of the core word spelling, basic usage of checks as usual result entry system.(2) Edit cases assembler. A typical procedure to prepare the students themselves more hands-on encounter bugs to train them according to the system prompts to identify the problems accumulated during the years of teaching students a programming error-prone process when compiled and distributed to students in order to make reference, such as Figure 1.

3 Based on the work process database teachingSince Professor Jiang Dayuan proposed curriculum based on work during the development of this vocational education in China has been the influence of education, vocational education reform in various industries to vigorously expand the database teaching is no exception.Indeed, the database program itself is a very strong operational discipline, but also to work in accordance with the process based on a typical teaching methods for teaching and achieved certain effects. We organize various competitions, the students are familiar with the lives of the data, such as student hostel management system into a real database publishing and management, teaching and thus achieve better results.However, the work process-oriented teaching is not a panacea, because the database service-oriented industries, the level of uneven levels of various types of computer users, sometimes the demands made by the user itself is "atypical", and face this case students can not migrate under typical work process knowledge to solve the "atypical" problem. Therefore, the author not only to grasp the teaching of case teaching, but also emphasizes teaching job scenario, insufficient emphasis on student under pressure the ability to analyze and solve problems.In the experiment the classroom can be grouped for students, so that students act as another customer for various requirements, students are required to make under pressure to solve the problem. In this way the benefit is easy for students to enter the real working conditions, to find their own solutions to problems. For example, in experiments on the insert command when some students argued: "Can the existing data in the table B to A bulk insert statement which?" This knowledge books simply do not mention how to complete this atypical task? as teachers should guide students on the Internet in particular, Google Book Search, the literature search, parametric search functions or SQL Server "help" to find answers:INSERT INTO ASELECT * FROM BSearch, organize information process is the background to the issue of knowledge for the process of migration, the migration of knowledge can improve the proficiency of students' knowledge as well as horizontal resolution of other computer courses atypical problems.


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