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申请入学要求学士:托福577 (写作不低于4.5)/ 机试 233(写作不低于4.5)/ Ibt 90(单项不低于21) 雅思 6.5单项不低于6.0Note: Students with an IELTS overall score of less than 7 or a TOEFL (IBT) score of less than 100 will be required to take a Diagnostic English Language Assessment (DELA) on enrolment at the University and to follow recommendations for language support硕士:托福 577-600/ 机试 233-250/ iBT 90-102

本科课程essay   在墨尔本大学,本科学生可以选择各种课程,包括六种“新生代”学位课程。这六种新学位课程既注重深度(面向至少主修一门学科的学生),又兼顾广度(面向那些在所学课程中至少要选择25%的其他学科课程的学生)。墨尔本大学本科学位为学生的学习打下广泛基础并赋予其工作技能,使其能够很快进入职业状态,同时也为学生们今后的研究生课程学习做好准备。   “新生代”学位:文科、生物医药、商业、环境、音乐、理科。   连修学位:农业、影视、口腔健康、舞蹈、传媒与通讯、理疗、牙科学、医学/外科学、制药、戏剧艺术、音乐表演、兽医学、美术、验光、工程。   研究生课程essay   墨尔本大学提供340多门研究生课程:建筑学、施工管理、工程学、森林生态科学、园林建筑、法学(墨尔本法学硕士)、管理(会计)、音乐疗法、护理学、房地产、社会工作、教学、城市规划等。   从2011年开始,以下课程将只在研究生阶段提供:牙科学、工程学、医学、验光和理疗(通常为3至4年)。   每学年分为3个学期:第一学期于1月下旬开学、第二学期于7月中旬开学、夏季学期于1月上旬开学。学校提供的学位有:   a.学士学位:学制3至4年。   b.优等生学位:三年学士学位延长一年或对完成四年学士学位的优秀学生所授予的学位。   C.研究生证书和研究生文凭,以及授课型硕士学位   d.专业研究生学位   e.研究型硕士学位:学制1至2年,在专业导师的指导下,就自己感兴趣的领域进行初步研究。   F.博士生层次的学历包括哲学博士(PhD)学位:学制3至4年,在专业导师的指导下,就自己感兴趣的领域进行初步或深入的研究。   一般情况下,第一学期入学的申请期限为12月底,第二学期入学的申请期限为5月底。申请表需附英语考试成绩、学习成绩和推荐信等相关材料,非英语文件需附官方认可的翻译件。Undergraduate course in university of Melbourne, undergraduate students can choose all kinds of classes, including six of the "new generation" degree curriculum. The six new degree course it has focused on depth (for at least major in a subject of the students), and both breadth (for those in the courses you choose at least 25% of the other disciplines students). Bachelor degree in university of Melbourne for students’ learning and give it a broad-based job skills, so it can quickly into professional status, but also for the students in the future of the graduate course learning to be ready. "New generation" degree: liberal arts, biological medicine, business, the environment, the music, the science subjects. Connect fix degree: agriculture, film and television, oral health, dance, media and communications, physical therapy, dentistry, medical/surgical, pharmacy, drama, music performance, veterinary medicine, art, it’s, engineering. The university of Melbourne, graduate courses provide 340 kinds graduate course: architecture, construction management, engineering, forest ecological science, landscape architecture, law (Melbourne master of law), management (accounting), music therapy and nursing, real estate, social work, teaching, city planning, etc. Begin from 2011, the following course will only at the graduate school level provide: dentistry, engineering, medicine, it’s and physical therapy (generally 3 to 4 years). Each academic year is divided into three semester: the first semester in late January, the second semester begins around the middle of July, the summer semester begins on January a the school starts. The school offers a degree: a. bachelor’s degree: 5-medical-year 3 to 4 years. B. The top student degree: three years a bachelor’s degree or a year longer to complete a bachelor’s degree in four years of excellent students of degree awarded. C. graduate certificate and diploma of graduate students, and a master’s degree in teaching type d. professional graduate student degree e. Research master’s degree: 5-medical-year 1 to 2 years, under the guidance of tutor in professional, they are interested in a preliminary research field. F. doctoral level of education including philosophy doctor (PhD) degree: system in three to four years, under the guidance of tutor in professional, they are interested in preliminary field or of further research. Usually, the first semester offers of admission deadline for the end of December, and the second semester offers of admission deadline for the end of may. Application form should be attached English exam score, study result and letter and related materials, the English documents attached to the approved of translation.

墨尔本指导essay范文:Melbourne Dance step drag Melbourne Shuffle (Dance), also called drag Dance steps, slide Dance, the slide, drift Dance, ghost Dance steps, is a drag your feet go Dance, action quick powerful, Music tough documentary (more for Hardstyle Music and DJ Dance Music, etc), the Dance dynamic energy, extremely has the rendering force.

The 1980 s arose in Melbourne, Australia some underground dance hall, the individual character of the music and dance with strong individual character of clothing (fluorescence trousers), extremely attractive eye thus gradually popular; In 1992, in other overseas region name chaos dance began to Australia this year the dance call Shuffle. Name were made. In December 2002, the Australian newspaper in the front page on the Melbourne Shuffle, this is the first appeared in the mainstream media Shuffle. Then popular to Malaysia and brunei (in the two countries have Shuffle game) spread after the UK, Germany, Thailand and other countries, by the Internet (Internet), network media uTube etc worldwide popularity. In 2005, the publication has the DVD documentary project introduced Melbourne drag step dancing. In 2006, the rapid increase of the reputation and visibility is video site YouTuBe media. On September 6, 2008, Australian media reported network10 Shuffle the battle-hardened Style Dance (HSD: Hard Style Dance). In November 2008, "So You Think You Can Shuffle" dance show in utube unfolding on. In 2009, "So You Think You Can Shuffle" dance show, around the game fans party countries such as Australia and Germany on. Melbourne Shuffle originated in the 1980 s the Melbourne, Australia underground dance circle. The main action on the dance is switching your feet and toes heel. In subsequent development, and joined the rapid arm movements, 360 degree turn, slide, and so on.

YouTube video website first Melbourne Shuffle with Techno music is the jump, but with the progress of The Times, the Shuffle music form into a Trance from Techno and House. The 90 s last century, a documentary about the dance that makes the dance had received a certain attention. Until 2006, have foreign dancers will jump their Melbourne Shuffle of video to Youtube after, the dance began to fashionable. Because he is the philosophy of Melbourne, therefore Melbourne residents said this dance for "Shuffling", but the foreign DJ, tourists, etc all call this dance called Melbourne Shuffle. > > the 2000 s in the international popular was introduced into China about shuffle is about in the 2004 s, and in the singing for the drum the (uku) and study abroad in the overseas Chinese, MEL love dance steps of drag friends, and called 〆, drag race ﹏ drag the ghost dance step organization, in 2009 in shandong TV aired in China’s first step of drag dance show, this is the first appeared in drag dance the mainstream Chinese media, for the Green ZhuXiaoDi performers henan LiWenGuang Seven of Eight ChaiXiao three CSD (a drag step WuDui name) players. * * * * * advertisement in China in 2010 the first appeared Melbourne drag step dancing equipment monopoly (CSD Melbourne drag step dancing equipment monopoly), and MASK etc more drag step dancing organization.

Do not break individual character dance, plus of powerful music, and super personality of clothing, could easily make viewers also infection to pleasant atmosphere, not free of the Lord with strong music swing body. Melbourne drag step and specify no dance moves, dancers can completely free play, so everyone has their own characteristics. Some dancers will join other dance in the dance of the element to create unique choreography. The first watch Melbourne drag step dance, found dancers are very attention time move, the dancers as music rapid play, ankle, jumping, stamped, show vibrant drag dance step, can let more first saw this dance of people speaking to surprise. Melbourne drag dance step will also include the whole body of control, this dance has developed a set of new dance style, so far, in constant developing. Pay attention to the dance steps of drag action, so on dress trousers particularly exquisite the part (step dancer trousers drag similar flared trousers and pants on next to some light can be reflected in the fluorescent decorations.)

Super detailed than anyone all the text tutorial to detailed

S.J. _ "devil" the 2011-04-01 19:46:03 reply reproduced zhen love life (3) love life seems shanxi hazelnut points you without rudder’s charm of royal plume and the river’s lake cheer "official member group#p#分页标题#e#

Running man this action it should be said that the fundamentals, want to do this action need to pay attention to things or a lot of.

Some say this movement have step 3 or 4 step, I think will be only two step, lift down, then repeat exchange legs.

First you can according to the video tutorial to imitate first, an action a action imitation, carefully observe some details, such as feet carried to what position, whether to play straight leg, bending the bending how many advisable, only the first these made clear, in the heart bottom, right after the practice will be of great help.

Then try to put these actions together, then you can also through the tutorial video some software slow play to observe (such as "the film rubik’s cube"), you will see how leg to put out, how is the back foot slip, but may feel the oneself do and tutorial on different, feel a little bit weird. It doesn’t matter, you think good tutorial slow play to see a few times, believe that every time have new harvest, to try something new.

You can find the practice of not too rough, later you can also in different ground practice to get used to. Shoes can use BanXie, different shoes have different training intensity, music don’t intentionally to find some rhythm couldn’t keep up with song, with the metronome also do. Do not use special pants a fluorescent pants, so that it can’t observation of the specific conditions of the legs, portable athletic pants, shorts, jeans are too close to the body will be some constraint.

Well, now talk about something important.

Some people in the when making this motion look "soft", no strength, slow, feeling how all does not reach the designated position. For many reasons, I try to analyze some!

1. The first starting with the feet, should pay attention to the current hind feet after landing it cannot move, can a little up. Your front foot slipped into line, it’s a little bit more quickly than the back foot front some up and your front foot still, hind lift carried to the two legs is flat. Two feet be born, behind the leg in drag force when, the front foot landing is parallel falling (also have to tiptoe, JiaoGen falling, here don’t discuss), falls immediately to proceed to the next action, don’t stay, it will upset the rhythm, it appears, is not uniform.

2. In fact in RM’s every move to the leg bent, rely on the bounce of the legs to the next action, you can feel the slowly do, keep accurate muscle memory, when you fast do time can slowly omitting (actually bending is still a little, but not deliberately to care about it). Two feet in the back of the sliding, legs should play straight so that they can rely on efforts to be quick, wait till you get skilled, you can need not play straight can also have a good effect.

3. In the upper part of the dance don’t bent down to look at your feet, so that you will ignore the arm action, if want to bend is bend arc, don’t bend over or play back straight, so that is very ugly, so as far as possible when practice the straight, eyes to face up to the front, can not do the movement of your hands, don’t worry yourself jump how, you can come through kinescope found the problem, and can also practicing in front of a mirror.

4. The next step is to hand movement, this in other action is important when you skilled, you can give to follow music do the action of the hand, RM is suitable for doing the big moves, also can put one hand on his hat, the other hand dance, but to follow the music, and do not deliberately to disorderly do some don’t fit movement, outsmart oneself instead, can imitate others first the rhythm found.

Shuffle and kick

Shuffle is the dance should be the most simple also is very important part of it, is also the basic skills.

This action is easy to look at it again as long as the tutorial will do, and difficult in the action has many things, and want to put the figure very quickly make a decision to is like some effort.

Beginners when this movement need to pay attention to the beat and correctly, speed up slowly.

Key points:

1. The action that should pay attention to when leg up when the body of the support that leg is straight, to put out to put out after the leg is straight, supporting the body is bent legs, then this leg dozen straight, another leg is raised with.

2. The sole, feet up, two feet is in line. Leg after to put out, two feet in the straight line is vertical or basic is in a "V" glyph, reach out to feet can foot touchdown, also can tiptoe touch the ground can.

3. Foot out to distance, can be your feet have touch get the maximum distance, this time you can put the support of the body that leg into the direction of the feet to put out, and reaches out to leg up immediately, so that can get the big sliding distance. You can also vertical feet down, and then two feet really vertical, also can be "v-shape" (falling foot tiptoe and then the other foot heel), this can be economical, but slide distance is small, so the need to fast speed.

4. Hand motions, shuffle is more suitable for the amplitude of the small movements, so easy to keep a balance, such as only the rhythm of the shuffle with a forearm as it, you can make your own to design.

Kick the action in the shuffle based on ready to hold out to Kick out of, is impending.

This movement is how to keep balance of difficulty, some people can’t do it for this is why.

墨尔本指导essayKey points:

1. The action of the feet up when the leg is basic in front, kicked out, where the feet and support leg about knee in the same line (can adjust).

2. After kicked out, be aware of the body that is positive for the direction of the feet of where to put out the direction of the contrary, feet can be regard as is actually thrust forward or back extension).

3. This action kicked out a leg is straight, can even play in the action after many, sliding distance * R > 4. Kick not quite fit for more action to affect balance, but can by hand to adjust the balance, such as a hand on in the hat, another hand to adjust. (note the upper body and move)


The difficulty of movement a little bigger, but show the effect is very good, can you answer after many action.

In a rotating began to practice the time may feel dizzy, so we can see first common rotation type:

1. Similar to "place Shuffle", is through the rotation in situ Shffle this action, each do a spins the change direction, Shuffle can change to Kick, but the rotating requirements fast, but can turn a lot of circle.

2. There are through the legs sling out, by rotating inertia, skilled and many laps after can turn and lateral movement.

The more studious, suggest a began to practice the first.

3. Spin around, also called super rotating, and Michael Jackson’s rotation about, double * a fork, to put in front of the foot direction turn, oneself can find the feeling, the same after exercise can increase the RPM, this movement of consumption physical less, and it can be a rotating together with.

The process of rotating attention body leg support to do not have too big displacement, rotational speed is slow in hand to keep balance for stability; Speed is quick to put his hand back to embrace, or a in identifiable.

When your basic action after skilled, can go to learn more action, like joined the movement, create your own style!

Let ‘s go!


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