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2022北美作业君靠谱吗美国留学生教育essay论文essay范文:公立高校的音乐教学Public colleges and universities t

By August 20, 2022essay代写

2022北美作业君靠谱吗美国留学生教育essay论文essay范文:公立高校的音乐教学Public colleges and universities t

2022北美作业君靠谱吗美国留学生教育essay论文essay范文:公立高校的音乐教学Public colleges and universities t

A , significance

Advancing educational theory has penetrated into various courses teaching field , the discussion about the teaching mode is unprecedented . By the Professor Lu Jiamei proposed and experimentally proved effective emotional teaching mode , teaching in a variety of courses to be applied and effective solution to the "heavy knowledge light love" educational imbalance status quo.与时俱进的教育理论研讨已经深化到达各种课程教学领域,关于教学标准样式的商议更是盛大的状况空前。由卢家楣教授提出并以实证验实的行之管用的情意教学标准样式,已在各种课程教学中加以使用并管用解决了“重知轻情”的教育失衡目前的状况。In recent years, many studies are from the teaching philosophy , curriculum analysis of public music teaching , but research to build little public music teaching mode . Public colleges and universities teaching music with the deepening of reform , such research is imminent. Author combines his public art education courses teaching practice, teaching music emotion Analysis included in classroom activities operating procedures and strategies in classroom activities , and strive to model the structure of the four areas in accordance with the implementation of systematic teaching in order to better carry out public colleges and universities teaching music practice .近年来,不少研讨都是从事教育工作学理念、课程设置剖析了公共音乐课程教学,但研讨构建公共音乐课程教学标准样式甚少。随着高校公共音乐课程教改的不断深化,此类研讨已迫在近在眼前。

Second, the meaning and function of teaching mode

The process of teaching the use of video , audio and other multimedia tools , the use of body language and literary creation vivid real situation , students can get a good emotional experience , so that cognitive activity and emotional activities of mutual integration , thus improving students' self and spirit of cooperation , training students to experience , performance, ability to create beauty , to achieve the goal of music teaching . This teaching process has four aspects : First, through the use of video , audio and other multimedia tools , the use of body language and literary creation of vivid real situation , and fully arouse students' cognitive interest and curiosity , to produce good learning motivation and specific learning goals , consciously exclude internal and external adverse factors and are willing to learn. Second , to enable students to form mental quality of self-motivation , to develop positive character initiative required to learn . Third, as the depth of learning , emotional experience of the rich, better cultivate the students' sentiments, in the experience of the United States, to enjoy their beauty while cultivating the spirit of fun learning . Fourth, in the joy of music to encourage students learning ability to further development and improvement .

Third, the mode of operation procedures and implem

entation strategies( A ) classroom teaching programWe can put students emotional activities , cognitive activities and learning state performance combine to form a music teaching basic implementation procedures , and its structure

( Two ) teaching strategies1 evoke emotion – Target Perception – willing to learnEvoke emotional and cognitive psychological preparation process , aimed at raising awareness and initiate student emotions, feelings arouse students ' attention . " Teachers can use video , audio and other multimedia tools with a certain intensity of the situation rendering atmosphere, such as playing video clips or music tells a fascinating story , students can gain experience from situations which provoke the corresponding emotion, emotional and cognitive goals to achieve consistent , and thus are willing to learn .

(2) emotional motivation – Directional stimulated interest – to learnEmotional motivation and active thinking process , aimed at strengthening the emotional , musical thinking activities to promote students into the excitement of the state , to teachers and students "emotional resonance" and "informed fusion" ideal state , prompting students to develop a serious attitude towards learning motivated to learn .

3 emotional experience – perception to understand – music schoolRepeated experience and knowledge of emotional well-structured process , the students knowledge and skills through constant practice music , summarized, discover and master new musical knowledge and skills, produce a variety of emotional experience. If the rhythm of the music in the show 's creative training , desire , and the joy of success , the students experience the beauty and enjoy the beauty but also cultivate a happy learning.

4 Emotional externalization – to develop innovative – will learnEmotional development and cognitive emotion outside the stage to create beauty is characterized by the intrinsic aesthetic emotional experience objectification , objectification , formal . Our practical application of knowledge through emotions rule, promote student 's intellectual and non- intellectual development .

Fourth, the model application example

The author sophomore " Music Appreciation " in " on the musical means of expression – Rhythm" classroom teaching as an example:

V. Conclusions and evaluation practice

( A ) teacher-led , student willing to learn , to learn. Students with a good emotional atmosphere relaxed and happy to be able to learn , active participation instead of mandatory teaching activities , highlighting the subjectivity of every student .

( Two ) both love to know the students enjoy learning , will learn . Affective and cognitive activities are closely linked , the emotional love to know both teaching practice has proved that enthusiasm for learning and innovation can significantly improve teaching effectiveness .

( Three ) optimization of teaching, teaching quality improvement . Affective teaching practice so that students appreciate the ability of music and basic musical skills have greatly improved. In recent years, students in this public music teaching evaluation is extremely high, school arts elective courses have become popular among students in one of the courses . Visible, emotional music programs in public colleges and universities to improve teaching quality and student teaching quality art of music is positive and effective .


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