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2022北美作业君靠谱吗Critical Reflection

By August 21, 2022essay代写

2022北美作业君靠谱吗Critical Reflection

2022北美作业君靠谱吗Critical Reflection

Critical Reflection

IntroductionIn this assignment I will examine the importance of critical reflection in my personal development. There will be three parts separated. It will be to give about the importance of reflection with somebody’s views; examine the results and analysis what the implications for my career and personal development; take the DARE model to structure my reflection.

Main bodyReflection is an everyday process. We reflect on a range of everyday problems and situations all the time. We don’t usually follow a formula for this; it just happens as feelings, thoughts and emotions about something gradually ‘surface’. (Dimaggio, 2007) We might choose to do something differently, or not, as a result of reflecting. As Cottrell supports that reflection is essentially a kind of loose processing of thoughts and feelings about an incident, a meeting, a day – any event or experience at all. (Cottrell, S. 2003).

Reflecting on my learning, and as part of my learning, can help I take an objective view of my progress and see what is going well and what needs working on. (Granville, 2005) Whatever form my reflection takes, it should involve my examining my feelings, then identifying areas to develop and starting to think about ways to do this.(Alsop, 2000)

The aim reflection is to look carefully at what happened, sort out what is really going on and explore in depth, in order to improve, or change something for next time. There is a brief guide will look at what is meant by reflection. It suggests forms to improve the way I learn. (Gillen, 1995). That is why reflection is important in our life.

1. Making sense of experience We always learn from experiences. Reflection is an active to “make sense” where we analyse the good or bad experience.2. Standing back It gives a better view or perspective on an experience, issue or action. 3. Repetition Reflection helps us to get a broad view and check nothing is missed4. Deeper honesty Through reflection, we can acknowledge that we find difficult to admit in the normal course of events.5. Weighing up reflection takes everything into account, not just the obvious.6. Clarity Reflection likes a mirror which can bring greater clarity. This can help us carrying out and reviewing activities.7. Understanding Reflection is not only just being taught but also about learning and understanding on a deeper level. 8. Making judgements Reflection involves an element of drawing conclusions in order to move on, change or develop an approach, strategy or activity.

After I finished the MBTI model, the results for me is ESFP. It said I am the dominant quality in my lives is my enthusiastic attention to the outer world of hands-on and real-life experiences. Exactly, I don’t know I have these qualities in my life. I wake up to know that after this model. I really don’t think I can attention to the outer world. Maybe sometime I like to look backward to find what I was done. I love to feel everything what happen on me. Looking back, have my views on this changed. It may help me to have more experiences to improve something bad. There would some questions about how did they affect my actions and thoughts at that time? What was positive? Negative? What made I think this? Stand back from the experience to gain a sense of how it went. What made I think something was good or bad? Examine my own judgements and what contributed to them. (Silvia, Phillips, 2005)#p#分页标题#e#

It also said I have a deep concern for people, and show the caring in warm and pragmatic gestures of helping. I totally agree about this sentence, because I love to communicate with others. It makes me feel happy and sadistic. It also can help me to get lots of information about something I never know before. The feeling that I be needed by others is so good.

Then I was described that my kind of people are excited by continuous involvement in new activities and new relationships. That is exactly who I am. I love to join in new groups to know new friends. Taking part in some parties and new activities always makes me exciting. It is easier to know new people who you think are kindly.

The last sentence said about me is “ESFPs are typically energetic and adaptable realists, who prefer to experience and accept life rather than to judge or organize it.” I think it can be summarised in on word is “rational”. I think I am that kind of people who are optimistic. It is very important for me to control my emotion, especially when I am suffering something bad.

However, I have two examples which be used in DARE model. It may help me to reflective my writing. Something happened when I graduated for my BA degree. My course is Media Management. I got a part-time job to be an assistant journalist. I did my best to prepare as much as possible I can, because I wanted to get my boss’s trust. After all I was a freshman; I can not do everything perfectly. I always forgot to take some papers or documents. My boss didn’t commend my job. Expect that, some of my colleagues liked working while chatting. It made me despair. One month later, I hated to work. My mother tried to persuade me to take it easy, but I didn’t have the confidence to work it well. Then I gave it up.

A person’s biggest enemy is their own inner fears and self-limiting. When they are suffering a setback, most people will be scare, which led to flinch, stress, anxiety and other negative attitudes. (Schon, 1991)

It was happened three months ago. Three month later, I learn personal management, management development and something like this. I realize that I was wrong. I should have a deep concern with my colleagues. Build a good relationship with them and show the caring in warm and pragmatic gestures of helping. I shouldn’t give up the job at least, because I have many friends work with me together. I can make it well if I know I am attention to the outer world of hands-on and real-life experiences.

If I can get back that job, I won’t just throw it out. I think the most important thing is I am not professional enough. I should let myself have enough energy. If you would like to quickly improve your ability to work, the only one way is learning (Mumford, 1997). From the books, the training courses and all I can learn from the study. Other important thing is have more sports positively. (Whitney,2002)Good health is the reason and basis for my health. Then, I should listen to my mother’s. That because I am typically energetic and adaptable realists, who prefer to experience and accept life rather than to judge or organize it. Rational is really important to use.#p#分页标题#e#

Another example is about my study in UK. The first year in UK is the hardest time for me. I didn’t know anything about here. It was so blankly. I didn’t accommodate the life, culture and language. Expect that, I had lots of essays to do, but my English was so limited. I can not do it very well. I was trying to listen to the BBC radio and English music. Read lots of books about my courses. Take a part in English classes in the university.

Because of the different education system between the UK and China, the students’ studying style is also different. I never write a 2000 words essay in English. I always have exams in China. So it was a big challenge for me.

Two years later, I realize that, just listening and reading is not enough. I should communicate with the local people. It can improve my speaking quickly. The MBTI model described that my kind of people are excited by continuous involvement in new activities and new relationships. These characters can help me to talk to others without shying.

SummaryIn this assignment I tried to do a critical reflection about myself. From it, I can acknowledge immediate feelings. Then stand back from the reflection helps I to see what went well and focus on the positive side of some events as well as the more negative. It also helps me develop a problem-solving approach, rather than avoiding thinking about difficulties. It is very helpful to reflect as a way of using the feedback to change or develop my approach.

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