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2022奥克兰代写International Marketing Essay指导需求

By August 21, 2022essay代写

2022奥克兰代写International Marketing Essay指导需求

2022奥克兰代写International Marketing Essay指导需求

MSc International Marketing – ConsultancyResubmission Assignment and Assessment Considerations

June 2009 Drawing upon appropriate academic sources and with due appreciation of the practical experience gained throughout your research project, you are required to undertake a comprehensive review of this activity and to recommend a revised and feasible research plan for the original brief to be undertaken within the same timeframe and with the same resources that would more fully meet the needs of your client than your initial submission.

Word count – 3,000 – 3,500 words

REVIEW OF INITIAL SUBMISSIONEssentially – what have you learned from this? Specific consideration should be given to the:•Clarity of the initial research objective and the way this was discussed, interpreted and understood by the project team you were a part of.•Your original team proposal for undertaking the research within the timeframe available, the initial justification/arguments for undertaking the research in the way you proposed and a post delivery evaluation of its actual suitability for achieving the objectives stated.•Nature of any revisions to your research plan throughout the delivery of the project, why they occurred, their impact on project delivery and how they were managed.•The basis of project management, allocation of tasks, efficiency of resource management and any observations, both positive and negative, which can be drawn.•Approach taken towards data gathering and the challenges faced in so doing.•Any reflections that can be made with regard to the planning, execution and interpretation of research data gathered.•The suitability or otherwise of your research findings in relation to the needs of the client (i.e. achieving the objectives outlined in the brief)•Effectiveness or otherwise of your presentation (both written and in presentation form) of the findings and the extent to which the objectives of these delivery medium were actually met.

NEW RECOMMENDATIONSAgainst the review above, the underlying expectation is that this paper will not just critically evaluate the work already done but that it will, drawing upon lessons learned, present a detailed and justified research proposal (as in, your plan for doing the research again) for a subsequent investigation seeking to achieve the same objectives.

Outlining:•Objectives of the research•The specific nature of the information you are seeking•Why you believe this information is relevant•The approaches proposed for gathering the information (How you plan to gather the data – in specific terms not general ones) ..drawing on academic models as appropriate for the structuring of this.•Some demonstration of the type of data that will be gathered (you will need to actually do some internet research to complete this section)#p#分页标题#e#•Timing of individual activities, to achieve final delivery of the research by 3 months from commencement.

NOTE: There is a requirement to demonstrate an understanding of the issues involved in undertaking a piece of research and an appreciation of what might constitute effective research. Submissions would be expected to make reference to appropriate texts. E.G.•Saunders et al (2007); Research Methods for Business Students•Bryman & Bell (2007); Business research Methods•Brassington and Pettitt, Principles of Marketing•Jobber, Principles and Practice of Marketing•Armstrong and Kotler, Marketing, an Introduction


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