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"Humane care" is a hot topic in the media in recent years. Simple to understand, "humane care" is the concern of people. "Humanity" is an extremely rich and difficult to exact connotation refers to the concept of Chan. "Humanistic" and the human values, human dignity, human independent personality, personality, human survival and life and its significance, the ideal and the fate of so closely related. Humanistic care is to care for the living conditions of human dignity and humane living conditions for the recognition of human liberation and freedom to pursue. "In a word, humanities is concerned about human survival and development is concerned, love, respect for people" [1].“人文关怀”是近些年媒体的热门话题。简单的理解,“人文关怀”就是对人的关怀。“人文”是一个内涵极其丰富而又很难确切指陈的概念。“人文”与人的价值、人的尊严、人的独立人格、人的个性、人的生存和生活及其意义、人的理想和人的命运等等密切相关。人文关怀就是对人的生存状况的关怀、对人的尊严与符合人性的生活条件的肯定,对人类的解放与自由的追求。

"TV documentary highest content of television as a cultural art form, is the public's understanding of a society, nation, history, politics, economy, culture and the best way is the best way" [2]. How to be reflected in the documentary "humane care" is a documentary about a topic creator long way to go, be sure that the "humane care" and the spread of television documentaries and quality values ​​are closely related. June 2012, with nine sets record CCTV channels launch, a large number reflects the "humane care" documentary further into the public eye, which is how to embody the documentary "humane care" provides a successful example. As local stations Documentary, program creation form and concept is in transition, and this transition problems, from the perspective of cultural implication, mainly in the show "humane care" is not enough. As local stations documentary director, due to social factors such as environmental and personal thinking, it is easy to fall into modeling, representation of the lack of depth of excavation theme, flow in the cultural symbols of the past only make a self speculation and superficial interpretation. Local stations documentary creators of history and humanities audiovisual performance, heavy rational debate, light humanistic care. This spread morphology and entertainment, secular audience aesthetic trends distance.“电视纪录片作为文化含量最高的电视艺术形态,是外界了解一个社会、民族、历史、政治、经济、文化的最好途径和最佳方式”[2]。如何在纪录片中体现“人文关怀”是纪录片创作者任重道远的一个话题,可以肯定的是,“人文关怀”与电视纪录片的传播质量以及价值取向密切相关。2012年6月,随着央视九套纪录频道的开播,一大批体现“人文关怀”的纪录片进一步走进公众视野,这为纪录片如何体现“人文关怀”提供了成功范例。作为地方台纪录片创作,节目创作的形式与理念正处于转型时期,而这种转型的困扰,如果从文化意蕴的角度来看,主要表现在节目“人文关怀”不够。

Tianshui TV "humanistic Tianshui" program launched in 2003, is a prefecture-level city in Gansu earliest documentary program run, Tianshui TV news channel is the flagship of a file fine column. For nine years, "human Tianshui" section adhering to the principles of documentary, history and culture around Tianshui, cultural sites, folk customs, etc., Tianshui culture on a comprehensive, multi-angle, multi-way propaganda. Nine cultural commitment to it, so that part of Gansu's most influential cities in Taiwan humanities documentary programs.天水电视台《人文天水》栏目开播于2003年,是甘肃地市级城市最早开办的纪录片栏目,也是天水电视台新闻综合频道主打的一档精品栏目。九年来,《人文天水》栏目秉承纪实的原则,围绕天水的历史文化、人文胜迹、民俗风情等等,对天水文化进行了全方位、多视角、多手法的宣传。

Culture adhere course valuable, but the laws of the market, but not beyond, the beginning of 2012, held out for nine of the "humanistic Tianshui" column out of the Tianshui primetime TV news channel, columns appeared dilemma dilemma. "Humanity Tianshui" seems accustomed to grand narrative logic, it ignores the program narrative, documentary program does not reflect the humanities should "humane care" in the industry is relatively large, but not enough response in the audience, to a certain extent and obviously highbrow, as local stations Documentary, "humane care" should be the creation of documentaries principles must be considered, it should run through the whole process of creating documentaries, ranging from topics, interview manifestations choice. With "humane care" performance ordinary existence, the most appropriate visual language with the performance of the public's voice, which is both the audience's respect, but also the survival and development of local stations only way documentaries.Second, local stations documentary reflects humanistic thinkingCurrently, the local stations documentary programs generally face difficulties to survive, then how can we meet at the same time telling stories, popular cultural and historical knowledge, to boost ratings and other requirements and prerequisites at the same time, so that local stations documentary reflects on the fate of the characters care? This paper will Tianshui TV "humanistic Tianshui" section, for example, make the following thinking.(A) highlight the documentary style, from the positioning of documentary embodies "humane care"It should be said, show morphological changes and creative ideas are complementary, local stations Documentary imperative is to get to the root, so that part really come back to the positioning of documentaries. "As soon as possible from the initial creative documentary" enlightenment and guidance "to" objectivity and reproducibility "up To gradually emerging sense of history too heavy, too deep thoughts of the film, adding some experiential factors, without any modification of the shooting Among some of the scenes recorded "[3]. Take care of the basic ideas of this era, the civilian perspective, plain content and calm language, plain on the broadcast, which allows the program a sense of history and a sense of reality manifested. Creative ideas using the latest version of the documentary "humane care" program throughout the entire process of production, to be a little more comprehensive viewpoint, a little less closed thinking, focus on the performance of local cultural richness, complexity and multiplicity. To fully learn CCTV "Discovery" section of the style and presentation of the program focus on the lens elements highlight the documentary, since 2008, "human Tianshui" column has made a strong exploration, which won first prize in Gansu RFT "Finding Qinzhou kiln", "stone stove sugar", "Fong Ma Beach Story" and other programs is a strong proof of previous programs and columns compared to these award-winning programs to abandon the literary language to describe, let go of the Interpretation of the unity of historical knowledge. But according to the characteristics of just the right use of the topics most receptive audience documentary language, from scenery, characters, artifacts start, efforts to create a cultural mood, subtle disseminate knowledge of history, a long way in the performance of the various elements of the show focus on the organic combination between in a timely manner to set the suspense, to achieve understanding that the picture captions, music, sound effects, including excessive convergence unity, which is "humanistic Tianshui" column into the "humane care" provides a useful reference.(Two) from the subject matter, to choose those that reflect the "humane care" of the events and charactersFrom speaking topics, topics of the component, topics directly determine the influence of the ratings. Therefore, the humanities documentary approach point to pinpoint topics that you want to Tianshui as a fulcrum, the radiation surrounding, local audiences are familiar with from close to the genuineness of the contents of the start side of the cultural phenomenon, village customs and stories, some residual walls, a few old brick, from the familiar to the unfamiliar audience, known to unknown, concrete to abstract a step by step understanding of program content, to stimulate interest in the viewing audience.Topics should pay attention to art. TV media from the body concerned is a media entertainment for audiences unprecedented vivid and visual pleasure. Therefore, "Humanities Tianshui" program topics have stories, interesting; early in the planning of the program, be sure to consider the theme of the story without tension, the ability to hold up the entire period of the program; in post-production, we should pay attention to tell a vivid nature, focusing on manufacturing suspense. In this process, grasp the rhythm, a degree of relaxation and real attention to detailIn fact, if we take a closer look at some searching and those successful media and columns, then we will find that the more the intimacy and placed emphasis on the first one, the media coverage will be more affected by the audience's love and praise. Of course, the cultural part, it must also be from the viewpoint of intimacy, to select those topics of concern for the audience. Only close, close, closer, those important, fresh, interesting reports will be welcomed by the people. To close, you need to select what content will be measured by the audience psychologically, ideologically, fun, and time and space, has attracted the attention geographically, are necessary. The topics of the necessary selection is reflected local stations documentary "humane care" content elements.#p#分页标题#e#Tianshui, is the source of Chinese national culture, the humanities ancestor Fu Xi's hometown, is one of China's four grottoes Maiji Grottoes is located, is Qin, Qin nation, Qin culture birthplace of the Three Kingdoms era of heroes flourish ancient battlefield, but also has eight years of splendid culture of the earth Bay site is located. These unique advantages of local culture and charm, not only for the local people concerned, but also concerned about China and the global Chinese people longing. So we topics, it is very close to the audience seize cultural needs of these themes to build festival months. In the specific filming operation, we not only rely on these five cultures, while also concerned about the visual into Tianshui unique ethnic customs and folk cultural aspects. Ethnic aspects as in Tianshui, you can take the splint Qinzhou dance, Wushan sheepskin drum, Qin'an wax flower dance; Tianshui folk culture, folk can take Qinzhou, Qinan ditty, Zhang Chuan flowers; folk crafts in Tianshui area, Straw can shoot, root carving, paper cutting. In this way, our program not only injected a civilian awareness and scientific knowledge, but also promote the local culture due to the unique charm and has a nationality and worldwide.(Three) people-oriented, full documentary highlighting the human spirit humanitiesHumanities and television programs reflects the trend of television programs in recent years theorists have been emphasizing the TV show of the human spirit and human care; many years of creative practice proved: Humanities documentary form as presented "humanistic Tianshui" column should be the art form combination with the real record. Whether emperors, Romantic, and regardless of cultural relics, folk customs, most of the works of art through appropriate modeling, through refining process, invasion creators thoughts and feelings, to show the true record. From the content point of view, any program either directly or indirectly to express concern for the people, which requires humane care from the perspective of expanded coverage, care for social transformation, reform, changes in the cultural and moral rationality, and bring life to the individual , emotional, psychological changes. Accepts an object from view, any TV show are doing posters, in today's increasingly competitive television viewers become increasingly important. This is from an objective requirement to the audience-oriented, equal dialogue with them to establish relations with the two-way communication. Must see that emphasize cultural programs humanity, does not exclude the historical reason, but rather a useful complement to the historical reason. More simply, the history of social rationality is calling historical necessity to go on the road, dissemination of results from the perspective of the humanities TV programs not only help to resolve due to the vulnerable groups in society brought about by the development of material and spiritual difficulties hardship, there conducive to continuous improvement of people's moral ideal, is conducive to social stability and harmony, but also help us from the traditional cultural heritage in pursuit of deep cultural connotation to the documentary, cultural Rhyme. Conclusion"Humane care" is the current social development is an important feature. It calls attention to the living conditions, the preservation of human dignity, promote the comprehensive development. With the prosperity and development of television documentaries, documentary forms of expression more robust, more profound cultural forms of expression more diverse audience for documentary requirements are more stringent. Only local stations documentaries focus people's living conditions, reflecting the spirit of humane care programs in order to truly win the audience, get out of the predicament faced with embarrassment, which won the audience and win market.


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