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"Knowledge innovation, dissemination and application of economic development will be the production of the most basic resources and core elements. Innovation is the key talent, the school is to develop innovative spirit and the cradle of talent." Era of innovation requires creative talents, which requires innovation in the classroom education, emphasis on students' innovative spirit and ability. How chemistry classroom students' innovative spirit and ability? I think we can work from three aspects.“知识的创新、传播和应用将成为经济发展的最基本资源和生产的最核心要素。创新的关键是人才,学校是培养创新精神和创新人才的摇篮。”创新时代需要创新人才,这就需要在课堂教学中进行创新教育,重视对学生创新精神和创新能力的培养。如何在化学课堂教学中培养学生的创新精神和创新能力呢?我认为可以从三个方面进行努力。First, efforts to improve teachers' quality


Educator Dr. Bibby (Brbeeny) in his book "The quality of education in developing countries," a book that: "the quality of education is reflected in the quality of teachers; without good teachers, there would be a good education; since education improve the quality of professional education there will be progress. "Our teachers are teaching the specific actors, we must continue to strengthen and improve their own quality, to meet the needs of education and teaching. First, we must strengthen theoretical study, changing concepts of education quality education. The combination of theory and practice, and to establish mutual cooperation, democratic and harmonious new concept {build student teachers are masters of learning, the teacher is the student's instructor, teacher education is not to teach, students learn precisely in order to be school, good to learn new teaching concept; students build a solid foundation, active thinking, personality development of new quality concept. Second, we must adjust the structure of knowledge. Extensive knowledge of the cultivation of creativity wisdom fertile flowers in full bloom. We teachers must adapt to the requirements, it is necessary to have a reasonable knowledge structure, a set of academic knowledge, practical knowledge, educational theory, modern educational technology, such as multiple Knowledge in a generalist teachers.教育家毕比博士(Brbeeny)在其所著的《发展国家的教育品质》一书中指出:“教育的品质是教师品质的反映;没有好的教师,就不会有好的教育;由于教育专业的品质提高,教育才会有进步。”我们教师是教育教学的具体实施者,我们就必须不断的加强和改善自身素质,以适应教育教学的需要。首先,我们要加强理论学习,改变教育观念实施素质教育。

Second, cultivate students' innovative spirit二、培养学生的创新精神

American psychologist Bruner said: "To train with inventions to scientific and technological talents, not only enable students to grasp the basic concepts of discipline, principles, but also to cultivate good thinking skills and to explore attitudes towards learning." We In the implementation of quality education, training students' innovative spirit and ability, we should be educating people as fundamental to the course as a carrier to the teaching center in the classroom for the channel, deepen reform of classroom teaching chemistry, specifically to do three aspects.1, through the teaching of the history of science, encouraging innovation and enthusiasm – the process of innovation is not just a purely intellectual activity in the process, it needs to be more emotionally driven. Such lofty ideals, conviction, perseverance, and a strong passion for innovation and so on. Teaching process in the classroom, through the history of chemistry teaching, encouraging students to be creative and willing spirit of innovation, and the courage to dare to explore and full of doubt and spiritual practice. Such as: periodic law of elements in the study, it can introduce students to the Swedish chemist Nobel deeds. Nobel is an infinitely creative person, his life has made a number of invention patents walk. He put all his energy dedicated to the scientific enterprise. Nobel dynamite achievements are enormous, as the "dynamite king." For the safe use of explosives, Nobel risked his life for repeated experiments, and finally invented the safety explosives. Through a review of the history of chemistry, encourage students to pursue science unflinching dedication and devotion to science.2, the use of modern means of education, to stimulate innovation and interest – we want in the classroom teaching students innovative spirit and ability, but also on innovation in teaching methods, the traditional textbooks, blackboards into television, video, and other physical booth combination of modern media and computer multimedia teaching methods. Such as "electron cloud" concept is abstract and the language we use flip charts are not easy to articulate, while the use of multimedia simulation techniques described in the "electron cloud" that can enable students experienced in the electron cloud is like the ocean, appear intuitively feel Electronics size of the opportunity to understand the image of "electron cloud" concept.3, and actively explore innovative teaching model to improve teaching methods – American educator Otto said: "All of us, have amazing creativity." The student's potential into reality inherent capacity for innovation, the key lies in training.We want to bold innovation, practice everywhere from school to train students 'innovative thinking, develop their creative ability of students' innovative spirit and ability to be an effective way to use in the classroom to explore – find teaching. This model is a teacher in guiding students to learn concepts and principles, only to give them some facts and issues, to enable students to actively thinking, independent exploration, discovery and mastery of their own principles and rules of the respective mode of teaching. Students with a strong sense of curiosity, imitation strong, lively, this teaching model for students to actively explore, independent study space, to provide students with opportunities for hands-on brain, but also to stimulate the students' interest in the new plane. For example: chemistry "Cu and 44 i China juvenile reaction experiment." We can design:Before adding a small amount of copper in Na2C03, through the operation of the unusual, to stimulate students' thinking: What are the benefits this operation? Why NO use C02 to protect? Why CO2 can protect N0 being oxidized? Then it increases the experimental novel , fun and thinking, making a simple experiment becomes simple, and helps the students and the nature of the reaction principle to understand and grasp. In short, the teaching method, teaching is not fixed, to develop students' innovative spirit and ability of the teaching methods and models there are many, we in chemistry classroom teaching and research should continue to explore, to meet the needs of education and teaching.Third, establish a new relationship between teachersCzech educator Comenius, said: "The new teacher-student relationship is with the heart to win souls, to exchange love with love."Full of vigor and vitality of the young students, they dare dare say, is conducive to innovative spirit and ability. This requires us to timely guidance, encouraging them to innovate and practice, equality and cooperation to establish a new type of teacher-student relationship. In the classroom, students equal treatment, respect for students and students should have the right personality. Students take the initiative to adapt to the requirements of the development, promotion of sincere cooperation between teachers, students take the initiative to develop and truly become a facilitator of innovation. Society in transformation, knowledge updates, new era needs innovative talents.In chemistry classroom teaching students' innovative spirit and ability requirements of the times, but also a daunting task, we have to continue to explore, to innovate, so this teaching model perfected.


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