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2022海外paper英国留学生广告学ESSAYessay论文:平面广告信息如何符号化Print ads convey symbolic informa

By August 18, 2022essay代写

2022海外paper英国留学生广告学ESSAYessay论文:平面广告信息如何符号化Print ads convey symbolic informa

2022海外paper英国留学生广告学ESSAYessay论文:平面广告信息如何符号化Print ads convey symbolic informa

Advertising graphic visual symbols of the body广告主体图形的视物感觉符号化

As the main graphic print ad spread , is actually a form of symbolic communication , esthetician Susan Langer has said that a symbol is always in simplified form, to express its meaning , whether a work of art is what a complex , esoteric and rich, it is much less than real life simpler. Graphical semantics through visual symbols to convey to the audience truly recognize the advertising themes and advertising business owners , for the feel good, the moral of this graphic language and some people feel a certain style spiritual atmosphere .作为最简单的面广告主体图形的广泛散布,其实是以符号的方式来广泛散布的,美学家苏珊·朗格曾说过,一个符号老是以简化的方式来表达它的意义,无论一件艺术品是何等的复杂、高深和浩博,它都远比真实的生存简单。

When the ads will introduce some kind of graphical symbols transmitted space, which is expected to achieve a certain symbolic symbol enlarge and become the driving force of the information carried by the symbol can stimulate people to make sense of the human heart is the meaning of the state or the inner experience , which the results of the objective environment we have a subjective imagination. Of course , if we perceive reactions to advertising disseminators expected, then the effect of advertising will emerge , so that this symbol is a kind of rich social amplification strategy of operation. Below Marlboro cigarette advertising , for example, Marlboro available at the beginning , for the lady to enjoy a cigarette product, its advertising slogan with obvious feminine colors , the initial market reaction to the market is very bleak. Later, while maintaining the original recipe Marlboro case, its original feminine colors , reshape into a new image with a macho , the Marlboro men by women market to the consumer market . To meet this vision , they chose one of the most accepted and loved for youth , the most macho , most American-style advertising Marlboro cowboy image as the protagonist . A year's time , became the nation's ten kinds of Marlboro cigarettes sold one , and later ad survey shows that people choose Marlboro not because it tastes different, largely in order to demonstrate their manhood . Marlboro advertising success is to find people to be accepted symbols – manhood . So advertising symbolic to "remedy " to the needs of the audience , based on psychological symbols to convey meaning to adapt to the recipient , so that symbolic information is successful . Conversely , if the message is not accepted by the people , it will be counterproductive , causing the recipient information on advertising resentment eventually produce goods for advertising boycott emotions.当广告将某种图形符号引入广泛散布的空间,它预先期待达到一种符号放大而变成某种象征的驱动力,符号所带着的信息能够非常刺激许多人产买卖义,意义是人的心里头状况或外在体验认识,其最后结果就有了我们对客观背景的主观假想。当然,假如我们对广告的感知反响在广泛散布者的预料当中,那末广告的效果也就显露出来,于是,这种符号的社会形态性放人屎是一种富裕计谋策略性的操作。

Pictogram of the intention of the ad spread

Intention -shaped character of advertising is the significance of the information symbols action, action internalization , then change people 's tendencies and the original evaluation . In the ads, the intent with which to sign his transfer , is a " compilation of information symbols " process, meaning they came from one party to be aroused in the other , from one input interpreted by the other party . The most convincing as an advertising symbol , which should be reasonable and comfortable , while consistent with the moral , to convey the most effective form of symbols .

Advertising symbolic intent , simply intent is fixed, but each individual 's understanding of the symbol is different, the same symbol may lead to a different understanding , a person from the symbol to get a great degree of understanding of what their background knowledge on the subject the impact , if " there are one thousand readers will have one thousand Hamlet" , the recipient will receive the symbols according to their way of thinking and values ​​to make a unique personal understanding . In the modern advertising design showing a blending fan -shaped symbol on Jane's tendency to make ad 's intention to become concise symbolic expression to life . For example jeep advertising images : a key . This is the key to isomorphism , so simple but leadingoptics supremely . Mountain shape and key teeth marks isomorphism , natural, no artificial feeling. Headline "START UP A MONTAIN". It is suggested to the audience – only need to have this car , and then dangerous mountain road , but also as Yimapingchuan . No product image , no complicated background, no great length of text , no extra stuff , only one key can be isomorphic to put the jeep road crosses the intention of performance , without any objection to convey to the audience out. Ad -shaped symbol of intent , not directly but through the performance of the ad's landing highly summarized and concise, transformed into advertising information symbols . So the intention of the operator must be in the form of life, so that the spread of the symbol in people's minds off the foot of the image of a certain point , to clever use of sophisticated metaphors and vivid examples , realize the symbolic significance.

Symbolic ad text

Advertising in the expression of a certain meaning , rely solely on the "Graphics" is not shouldered , non- use of " words " can not , because the text has a strong ideological expression, as if the sound from the soul , is a special symbol . This symbol most likely touched the hearts of the audience , causing thinking and emotional resonance . Japanese designer Kohei Sugiura great emphasis on the inherent power of the text , that text has a very clever symbolism, every point , every plan contains both symbolic connotations. Symbols in the ad text to show the concept of advertising to audiences theme , when the audience received a text message on when the text seen as a symbol search efforts in the brain consistent information to interpret the form and meaning of this text symbols, thereby obtaining the true intention of the ad . In this shampoo ad , we see the white snow everywhere , only the label below is blank , the figure of the text "Can not stay in this " dandruff same can not be mapped to stay. The text here seems to be a voice telling us Head & Shoulders anti-dandruff function is so good . The concept of the symbol characters awaken our awareness on anti-dandruff function , in this text is to convey information to convey symbolic and emotional support .


Advertising graphics, and text symbolic intent , in the final analysis is to advertising appeals more clarification . Together they symbolic, expressing a certain life circumstances by giving context to convey a sense of fun-filled ; through a simple graphical comparison , the performance of the ad implicitly the object's characteristics and fascinating ; or use of advertising symbolic intent , clever reveal the cultural connotations ; advertising to convey symbolic covered with a strong force , its audience Lenovo trigger force is irresistible , and as such , it makes the advertising to convey to the successful implementation of advertising inherent potential to play to the extreme .


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