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Outline the political, social and economic changes brought by World War I.Introduction-background-thesis

World War One was a terrible war that involved many countries and caused some 30 million deaths world wide. For Canadians the war brought many changes to the young country. Politically, the country became more independent, socially women moved from the house to the workforce and economically the country began to industrialize, but was left in a state of debt. World War One really helped Canada to come of age.Body -idea-details-explanation-conclusion

To begin, Canada made huge strides towards independence during World War One. At the beginning of the war Canada entered the war automatically as Britain was at war. This shows Canada’s initial connection to Britain. During the war, Canada fought with the British, but by the battle of Vimy Ridge, Canadians were fighting as an autonomous group with Canadian commanders. Internationally, people were starting to see Canada as a country separate from Britain. After the war, during the Paris Peace Conference, Prime Minister Robert Borden insisted on having an independent seat for Canada. He also was able to sign the Treaty of Versailles under the name of Canada instead of being part of the British empire. Canadians fighting independently, and Canada’s growing independence in the international arena, showed Canadian growing political economy during World War One.

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As well, during the Great War, women took major strides to become more independent. This huge social change began because so many men were off fighting for Canada. Meanwhile, the home front needed to show their support for the war, so Canada tried to send food and munitions over to Europe. To do this, Canada called on its female population to help fulfill the positions in factories, on the farms and in other roles. Women were seen for the first time working along side men instead of at home, they were driving trucks and farming. Another social change was that woman gained suffrage. The lack of support for the war encouraged the leaders of the country to create the Military Voters Act and the Wartime Elections Acts which allowed women who were related to some one in the army the right to vote, led later to all women getting the vote. World War One provided women the opportunity to work outside the house and vote, huge social changes

Body -idea-details-explanation-conclusion

Economically, Canada became an industrial country during World War One. During the war, Europe needed munitions and Canada was an obvious and willing supplier of such supplies. Under Sam Hughes, the minister of militia, the government put money into developing factories that used heavy machinery. Factories of all kinds popped up across the country. There was a downside to this though, as the government poured more money into the war, it needed to borrow money from countries like the United Stated. After the war, Canada found itself in debt, had imposed its first income tax and had many bonds to pay back to its citizens. Although the economic changes from the war were not all positive the real economic depression for Canada was yet to come, the Great Depression.

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The Great War, World War One was a horrible war of attrition, but it brought some positive changes to Canada. Politically, Canada became more and more independent. Socially, woman stepped out of the house and gained the right to vote. Economically, Canada industrialized, but ended the war in a state of debt. Beyond the death and destruction, the war brought significant changes to the whole world, and for Canada, it really was a “coming of age”.


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