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2022留学生paper6BU005 Organisational Theory

By August 20, 2022essay代写

2022留学生paper6BU005 Organisational Theory

2022留学生paper6BU005 Organisational Theory

Module Code & Title: 6BU005 Organisational TheoryModule Leader: Martin HolmesAcademic Year: Semester One, 2011/12Date: 12th December 2011

ActivityYou must answer two of the following essay questions:1.The UK Combined Code, along with many other corporate governance codes, recommends that boards should have a majority of non-executive directors and separate the positions of CEO and chairperson. Explain which theoretical framework underpins these policy recommendations and critically discuss what other factors may improve board effectiveness.2.The business environment within which organisations operate may alter fundamentally over a relatively short period. theory would predict that under such circumstances we see a process of selection whereby some organisations will fail and new ones emerge. Critically discuss this evolutionary perspective.3.In the dynamic market context, critically examine the constraints the resource-based view has in explaining the relationship between the resources businesses possess and the competitive advantages they may achieve.

SubmissionYou must submit an electronic copy of your assignment via the module WOLF topic by17.00 today. Late work will not be marked.Assessment CriteriaLevel of understanding and application of theories to organisational issuesLevel of critical evaluation of organisational issuesStructure and presentation of material, including: clarity in the use of English, and use of the Harvard Citation and Referencing systemNote This assessment will be covered by the University of Wolverhampton’s Academic Misconduct Policy (which refers to plagiarism, collusion and cheating).


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