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Conceptual Framework概念框架

In 2004, Jiaozuo became a household name within the Chinese tourism industry. It had received many attentions from the researchers of tourism. Even though Jiaozuo had originally been noted for its capacity to supply a lot of coal for which it derived its name, the administrators of the area by deed of hard work and excellence in thought set about to find an alternative resource around which the development of the area will revolve around bearing in mind that the depletion and eventual exhaustion of the coal mineral however abundant and rich was just a matter of time. To this end the set the task, systems, structures and personnel in place to commence this search for replacement. The results of this were the decision to use the natural resources of Jiaozuo to develop its tourism which finally transformed Jiaozuo from a resource dependent city to tourism city within a period of five years.在2004年,焦作成为中国旅游行业内一个家喻户晓的名字。旅游的研究人员已经收到了许多的关注。即使焦作原本已经注意到其能力提供大量的煤,它获得它的名字,通过契约的辛勤工作和卓越的思想着手寻找替代资源的区域管理员在其周围发展区将围绕铭记多么丰富,丰富的煤炭矿产枯竭和最终枯竭只是一个时间问题。为此,该组的任务,系统,结构和人员到位,开始查找替换。这样的结果是决定使用自然资源焦作发展旅游业终于转化焦作从资源依赖城市,旅游城市五年期间内。

While the Institute for Statistical Social and Economic Research (ISSER) reports in its quarterly bulletin that the tourism industry provides a total of 20 per cent of all the global income, other researchers such as Zhao et al (2009) have asserted that the importance of the tourism sector is evident in the quantum of employment it creates in the Jiaozuo region where it provides employment for thirty five thousand six hundred (35,600) people with an estimated number of fourteen million five hundred and twenty one thousand five hundred (14,521,500) tourists making their visit to the tourism facilities in the region (Zhao, et. al, 2009). A careful look at the above quantitative data gives an indication that in the Jiaozuo region, the issues of tourism is very important to the general well being of the people since the entirety of their lives hinges around its success. It is for this reason that every effort is put in place to ensure that the maximum benefits possible is derived from the venture. It is also noted that it is this same desire to consolidate the gains in the tourism sector that continuous to spare them on to always construct new places of interest as well as rehabilitate old one so that the benefits of the industry will not be a preserve of this generation by for the benefit of succeeding generations as well. This view of tourism is a sharp contradiction to evidence in both academic and non academic researches which support the view that there are a number of communities that have had very little benefit from their tourism potential. In places in Africa, tourism potentials remain unused, abused or misused. It therefore calls for an investigation into the secret issues that are inherent in developing tourism to provide a massive economic backbone.虽然统计社会和经济研究(ISSER)研究所的报告在其季报,旅游业共提供了20%的全球收入,其他如赵某等人(2009)的研究人员已经断言的重要性旅游部门是显而易见的,它创建的量子就业焦作地区提供就业机会35600人(35,600)估计数1400万游客521500(14521500)他们的访问,在该地区的旅游设施(赵等人,2009)。To develop the local tourism, it needs to identify the tourism resources while management of a local tourism includes tourism marketing and the governance in tourism decision making. The most important is how to protect the tourism resources and keep the tourism sustainable in line with the vision of the World Tourism Organisation which defines the term sustainable tourism to mean the management of tourism resources in order to meet the needs of present tourist and host regions while protecting and enhancing opportunity for the future. In this sense it is the vision of the city authorities in Jiaozuo to ensure that the tourism resources are managed in such a way that economic, social and aesthetic needs can be fulfilled while maintaining cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, biological diversity, and life support system across different generations (Gebhard & Roth, 2009).为了发展当地的旅游业,它需要确定的旅游资源,同时管理本地旅游包括旅游营销和旅游决策中的治理。最重要的是如何保护旅游资源,保持旅游业的可持续发展,符合世界旅游组织定义的长期可持续旅游业是指旅游资源的管理,以满足目前游客与东道国地区的需求与愿景同时保护和改善未来的机会。

In order to achieve this vision a number of measures have been put in place while others are yet to be implemented to ensure that the tourism really benefits posterity. Among the measure which have been established include the ban on game and hunting at strategic forest locations, the embargo on the falling of timber in selected forests and the injunction to plant a two tree whenever one is cut. A novelty in ensuring a sustainable tourism potential in Jiaozuo is the incorporation of tourism studies into the academic curriculum of schools up to the pre-tertiary level intended to draw the attention of all to the importance that the area attaches to their tourism potential and how these can be developed and preserve in order to benefit all persons . In summary the importance of the tourism cannot be overemphasised. The focus of this study will be narrowed to the economics of tourism and the extent to which cities and nations can depend upon it to generate a reasonable proportion of their national income. It will seek to address very obvious question such as本文研究的重点将收窄至旅游城市和国家可以依靠它来生成其国家收入的合理比例和程度的经济。它将寻求解决非常明显的问题,如

a.What local resources can be determined as resources of tourism?本地资源可确定为旅游资源,该怎么办?b.What are the positive issues and negative issues of the case study of Jiaozuo City?焦作市的个案研究,积极的问题和负面问题是什么?

Research Method and Organisation of the Study研究方法和研究组织

In order to ensure that the sequence of the ideas in this study is logical and coherent to the users of this study the researcher employed the descriptive research method which permitted the use of surveys to collect the data and to make subsequent analysis thereof. In doing this, survey instruments such as interviews and questionnaires were employed as the main instruments for collecting the data. The decision to employ this method of research was because it was easy to implement in when compared with the experiment and or correlational method. In the same vein this method was found to be cheaper than the other methods which the researcher evaluated as well as more realistic considering the resources available to the researcher. Essential topics are highlighted in this part and numbered sequentially. In order to ensure that the information gathered were valid for the research analysis the researcher used the Pre-test and Re-test method to test the validity and reliability of the data instrument on some person within the population but outside the sample. When the responses were analyzed, it was noted that some level of revision was necessary which was carried out accordingly.为了确保的想法在本研究中,该序列是合乎逻辑的和一致的用户在此研究中,研究者采用描述性研究的方法,该方法允许使用调查来收集数据,并进行后续的分析。在这一过程中,访谈和问卷调查工具,如作为收集数据的主要手段。采用这种研究方法的决定是因为它是容易实现与实验或相关性的方法相比时。同样,这种方法被认为是研究者评估以及更现实考虑的可用资源的研究员比其他方法更便宜。基本主题强调在这部分,按顺序编号。为了确保收集到的信息是有效的研究者使用的预测试和再测试方法测试的有效性和可靠性的数据仪器内的人口,但在一些人以外的样本的研究分析。

The dissertation is divided into five chapters namely introduction, literature review, methodology, analysis and conclusion. In chapter one the research outlines and discusses the aim and objectives underlining the conduct of the research as well as the relevance of this study for both academic and non academic (industrial) purpose. The chapter also outlines the conceptual frame work as well as the way the researcher has organized this study. In the second chapter the researcher discusses the different forms of academic and non academic literature that has been gathered in relation to the topic. In order to facilitate ability make references, appropriate referencing study has been employed in the in-text wit a corresponding out-text format at the end of the study. The researcher was careful to select and discuss the most recent where possible forms of academic and non academic literature. In the third Chapter, the researcher has expounded on the methodology used in this research and has provided justification for the use of each of the methods. The section also highlights the choice of the population and the selection of an appropriate sample and data collection instrument. The chapter ended with a highlight of the test of validity of the instruments to be used in collection data as well as the quality of supporting staff with who the researcher undertook this study. In this study the use of the Statistical Package for Social Scientists (SPSS) will be very much depended as the main analytical device for the collected data. Some of these include frequency distribution tables, and test of significance. This will be discussed extensively in the fourth chapter of this study. The findings and conclusions of this research will be the last part of this study and would be handled in the fifth chapter. As usual references to this study and other information needed for ease of study will be provided in the appendix.


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