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论文题目:美国essay:一篇300字的文学esay论文语言:英语论文 English论文专业:英语 写作专业学校国家:美国是否有数据处理要求:否您的学校:老要求 老背景论文用于:BA assignment 本科课程作业补充要求和说明:

Cover discriptionGanHaiZi was my favorite Chinese poet whose name was denoting the sea.甘海子是我最喜欢的中国诗人的名字是指海。Haizi, a former Marine, was born on March 24, 1964, and grew up in the countryside. At the age of 15, 1979, he was admitted to Peking University school of law, university period began writing poetry. After graduating from Peking University in 1983, he was allocated to work in philosophy teaching and research section of China university of politics and law in Beijing. On March 26, 1989, he killed himself in Shanhaiguan in the age of just 25 years old. The poet in his short life, kept a holy heart. People don’t understand him for a long time, but he was an effort to impact on the literature and life limit of the poet in the Chinese new literary history in the 90 s.海子,一名前海军,是天生的1964年3月24日,在农村长大的。在1979年,15岁时,他考入北京大学法学院,大学期间开始诗歌创作。1983在北京大学毕业后,他被分配到北京在中国政法大学哲学教研室工作。1989年3月26日,他在山海关杀死了自己只有25岁。在他短暂的一生中,诗人,保持一颗圣洁的心。人们不理解他很长一段时间,但他努力在90美国在中国新文学史上诗人的文学与人生极限的影响In Chinese contemporary poetry, haizi often be judged as "the symbol of an era poetry" and "one of the poets our country dedicated to the world literature with world vision ". As the representative figure of the new poetry in the late 1980 s boom, haizi occupies a unique place in Chinese poetry. His poems not only influenced a generation of writing, also completely changed the concept of poetry of an era, and become an important part of Chinese poetry culture. Its short lyric poem is created after the "misty poetry" and is unique and outstanding works of skill, both lyricism, can be recited and pioneering style, is rare at that time. Haizi's death, his works and his "wheat" image system, quickly get great attention in the parnassus and be given high evaluation, the research on haizi poetry has become a hot topic and got big academia's attention.On March 26, 1989, GanHaiZi lay on the track. That year, he is 25 years old. In spring, a poet died, leaving his most well known and my favorite poem Facing the Sea with Spring Blossoms:From tomorrow onI will be a happy manGrooming, choppingand traveling all over the world…


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