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2022美国论文Beneficial or Awful

By August 20, 2022essay代写

2022美国论文Beneficial or Awful

2022美国论文Beneficial or Awful

Beneficial or Awful

Humanity, which I think is the most difficult word to explain and find the example to prove it. Is humanity beneficial or awful? No one can give the real answer, but people will have their own opinion about the humanity. In China, someone had already given their viewpoints and reasons about the humanity. Confucius said: “Man’s nature at birth is good.” He thought the humanity is beneficial; everyone had their own point and reason to suppose it. In the book which named is THE KITE RUNNER, the author try to though the book to lead readers into the logical of the humanity question. Is the humanity beneficial or awful? He didn’t give the answer, actually the book doesn’t seen to like writing about the humanity, but we still can see the personal style to explain the humanity, like the Amir who is the hero of the book, he like normal person can’t distinguish about the which one is better, through lots of the characters with different we have our own opinion of the humanity. At beginning of the story, Amir was in confused, because he didn’t know how can he let his father be happy, someone was so violent always beat other children and like the blood thing which is the “man” in the Afghan, it had seen so bad and awful but it always make his father happy when he saw that, another part of people they all are kind people, the humanity of them to show is kind, tolerant, positive and pure, everything seen like so beneficial, when people stay with them they will fell good like under the sunshine, but this one, can’t let Amir’s father happy, that is a bad thing for Amir to know humanity is beneficial much better than awful or not, we are the Amir, we don’t know which one is better, so we like a boat at sea, which one should we become and have. However, in my opinion, we can’t say humanity is beneficial or awful, because all of them decide by the environment.

The Humanity is beneficial. In the book——The Kite Runner, where is easy to find out that the representative of the beneficial is Hassan who is Ali’s son and he is the servant of the Amir’s family. Hassan was the Amir playmate when Amir was in the childhood, actually they didn’t like the normal servant and the host, they are friend and Hassan always show his loyal to Amir, like in the Chart 1 Hassan said: For you, thousands of time. (Page 2) Hassan was only 11 years old. What things can make the child said that word and show his loyal to the contemporary? The environment, which is the point to build personal quality, Hassan’s father Ali like the brother as the Amir’s father, so from the son imitate father we can explain why Hassan will say that sentence to Amir that just a normal thing he think. We can see Hassan’s loyal and he like the big brother to take care of Amir and do everything if Amir want he do. “Hassan never wanted to, but if I asked, he wouldn’t deny me. Hassan never denied me anything.”(Page 4) “If he felt the sting of my tease, his smiling face didn’t show it.”(Page 37) whatever Amir do anything bad or laugh at him he won’t say anything to defense himself, even Amir Slander at him “He knew I had betrayed him and yet he was rescuing me once again.” When Hassan faced to this stupid lie, he still protected Amir and asked his father don’t tell the truth to Amir’s father. From Hassan’s action we can see one side of the humanity, which is kind tolerate and loyal. The Christian think human when they had been building by god, they have their own intelligence which will lead them into good way and follow father’s mind.

The Humanity is awful. The Kite Runner show some scenes to show why Amir sometime try to make himself as bad as he can, which because his father don’t like him and always deny his hobby. “A boy who won’t stand up for himself becomes a man who can’t stand up to anything.”(Page 29) so we can see that Baba hate Amir’s weak and he would rather prefer Hassan that give a bad signal to Amir that make him got a feeling that is if he can’t be bad, father won’t like him and won’t put more focus on him, then the other things make Amir firm this mind “Hi, Assef, do you still play football, I like to see you when you are in the guard” it doesn’t matter, father will never saw the personal if he is really good or just know how to threaten other person, he just follow his own mind, but Amir didn’t, he knew the Assef, all he bad thing it didn’t effect his life, actually, everyone like him, also Amir’s father, this thing make Amir become bad also when he heard the talking between Baba and Rahim, next morning, he snapped at Hassan, and told him to mind his own business, he try to use this thing to prove Rahim was wrong about the man streak thing. Assef is the representative of the humanity is awful. He had raced discriminate, so that he always beat Hassan and try to shame him, “He kept one hand on Hassan’s back and undid his own belt buckle with his free hand. He unzipped his jeans. Dropped his underwear. He positioned himself he hind Hassan.”(Page 98) it’s easy to see what happen next, Kant had said: the evil torture us, first is because of the nature of human is, and second is the human cruel and selfish. So we can see the humanity is awful, because of human nature which decides the action of them, like this time Assef do that dirty thing to the Hassan. Thousand years ago, Syun Tzu who is the thinker in China said humanity is awful which is echo to the Judaism said original sin, maybe a lot of people said humanity are the kind but Hegel's once said, people think when they say the goodness of reality is what a great ideas, but they forget that, when they say human nature this evil, say what a great thoughts. Whatever, if we back to the scene that is easy to find out the Amir was effect by his father and the culture of the Afghan, Amir want his father love him more and try his better to cater his father hobby, there is bad example which is the Assef, in other way to let Amir become a “lovely” man as father seen, even though he didn’t successful, but we can he had already try it. The environment is the key.

Whatever, the humanity is awful or beneficial, like the opera Hamlet; people said “There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes” people will have different opinion of the humanity. I gave two different points about the humanity one is the beneficial and one is awful, the humanity I think it make by the Social attribute and natural attributes, the natural attributes is the Outrageous instinct and desires which is the human’s real face, but the Social attribute is the acquired disposition, which is made by the external factor. So let back to the book, actually I think Amir is us, we don’t know what thing we do is right, in our opinion if someone is good to me then I will think he is a good person though he might be a killer, but if someone always abuse me, I will think he is bad person thus he is a teacher and everything he taught me just want me better, someone said humanity become awful that was decide by the environment that’s real I think, because environment is important, it can explain why our parent want us get into the famous university and make friend with the student who is working hard, which they think it will help us, that right, the environment can build a child into the genius also it can kick it into the dreg. So I think the humanity is decide by the environment but as said before different people have different mind I can’t change anything but I truest “The truth though rare, but always supply exceeds demand” by Josie Lin.

From this book we can the representative of the humanity whether beneficial or awful, the Amir is us representative, we just want to make our dad happy and can give more love to us, so we will follow his hobby and we won’t think too much about the things we do is true or false, we only know that this thing can make our father happy. After all the thing Amir do, he find a truth which is he is cowardice person he can’t change anything, but final he is back to the road where can make him into a good person again, that is a happy ending, Amir become a nice person and his humanity is beneficial, but I think this book want to tell us, everything can be change, if you wish and the environment is adapt, then you will become yourself.


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