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2022美国essay代写Preparing for an interview / focus group

By August 21, 2022essay代写

2022美国essay代写Preparing for an interview / focus group

2022美国essay代写Preparing for an interview / focus group

指导essayBLB10181-3 Marketing Research & InformationIndependent Learning Activity, week 4

You must respond to the following tasks and be ready to discuss them on Wednesday 3 November 2010 (week 6)The use of Social Media for Primary Data Collection1.Work in pairs.

2.Identify at least 2 ways in which social media is used to collect primary data.

3.State whether the approaches identified are qualitative or quantitative methods of data collection.指导assignment

4.Evaluate the approaches you have used within the context of the research project each contributes to. Use marketing text(s) to provide a critical evaluation of each approach.

Preparing for an interview / focus groupAn interview is a purposeful discussion – perhaps really a ‘guided’ discussion?Not an easy optionWhat type of interview?Structured (see notes on Qre design)Semi-structured (most common)Unstructured (difficult – requires detailed interviewer knowledge)

Similar to Qre’s; good for simple descriptive informationPredetermined schedule – follow precisely. Q’s may be repeated but not altered指导essay E.g. telephone interviewing

Most common approach to producing qualitative dataAllows meaning to be probedQuestions to be clarified and supplementedA guided discussion (individual) OR a group discussion (i.e. a focus group)Specific agendaChosen by researcher, but respondents answer in their own words with their own emphasis at their own lengthLoosely structuredEnough to allow comparability

Semi-structured interviews2 disadvantages compared to QsResource constraintsLarge sample usually not possibleUsually dependent on volunteersSelf-selection biasvolunteers to be interviewed not representative

Sample guidelines:How many? 6-8 might be sufficientInclude all relevant perspectivesIncrease sample size until you are not hearing any new pointsProvide a detailed write-up for readers: of context; findings; and limitationsReaders can draw conclusions about the representativeness of your research can it be applied to their situation?Cannot make inferences to populationscan provide insights for similar groups

Do your results show what you claim they show?Never perfectly sureInterviews record what people say; not what they actually do or think!But flawed information is better than no information!

To increase validity:Be clear about how sample selectedCareful planning and piloting of interview schedule#p#分页标题#e#Eliminate irrelevant questionsTry to anticipate prompts and probesRespondent must feel able to talkMost interesting material sometimes comes after formal end of the interviewBuild trust, rapport and opennessInterviewing demands social skills

Qualitative interview techniquesShould score high on validityBut low on reliabilityDifficult to replicate the results of qual. interviewsTo increase representativeness: Sampling adequacyTransparency and consistency“thick description” of your researchgive the reader an “audit trail”Triangulation

To increase representativeness (contd):Conscientious transcription and analysisMost common: Tape + Transcription (whole or part)Analyse the written version  “know your data”extensive quotation in your write-upFollow-up work with intervieweesAre your interpretations reasonable?Minimise interviewer biasAnything you do to bias responsesAppearance (dress similar to interviewees)Way you ask questionsEmpathy (you did what!)Minimise response biasAssurances of confidentiality

Prepare yourself by researching into the area yourself to show you are familiar and that you have credibilityDevise interview themes you wish to explore/gain explanation for during the interviewAsk permission to use a tape recorderConsider your appearance at the interview

指导essay Be competent in:Opening the interview (and explaining its purpose)Using appropriate languageQuestioning (including prompting and probing)ListeningTesting and summarising understandingBehavioural cues (NVC)Recording data


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