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To build a harmonious society is a comprehensive well-off society in an important goal not, is one of the basic characteristics of a well-off society. Building a socialist harmonious society is our party's fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly determined. It reflects the recent masses aims and interests, but also reflects the broad masses of the people "future" interests. Business as a cell of society and build a harmonious enterprise is building a moderately prosperous society in an indispensable part, where there is business, where there is trade union organizations. Trade unions, as workers under the leadership of the party and the voluntary mass organizations of the working class, as the party as a bridge between the masses of workers, as the representative of the interests of the masses of workers and defenders face of the new situation will be more initiative to assume the responsibility of trade unions , fuller play to the role of trade union organizations to more effectively express and safeguard the legitimate rights of workers. Unite and lead the masses to the general membership, to build a harmonious enterprise unions play a positive role.和谐社会是全面建没小康社会的重要目标之一,也是小康社会的基本特征。构建社会主义和谐社会是我党全心全意为人民服务的根本宗旨所决定的。它既体现了广大人民群众的最近目的和利益,也体现了广大人民群众的“未来”利益。企业作为社会的细胞,构建和谐企业也是全面建设小康社会的一个不可缺少的组成部分,哪里有企业,哪里就有工会组织。 In social transformation, trade unions in building a socialist harmonious society, the role will become increasingly large, especially in building a harmonious labor relations should make a difference. Thus I believe that the union must lay emphasis on the following five aspects:在社会转型期,工会在构建社会主义和谐社会中发挥的作用将越来越大,特别是在构建和谐劳动关系中更应有所作为。由此我认为,工会需从以下五个方面下工夫:

First, to build a harmonious enterprise unions should give full play the role of education and guidance一、为构建和谐企业工会要充分发挥教育引导作用

Trade unions should give full play to educate and guide functions, through the "civilized unit, to become civilized worker", "create a learning Zhigongzhijia, to become knowledge workers" and other activities to improve the quality of workers, through the "Cultural Square", " fitness "and other forms, workers meet their own characteristics loved cultural and sports activities, the rich cultural life of workers, cultivate sentiments of workers, pool workforce, enhance the team concept, accelerate integration, strengthen the building of enterprise culture, shaping the minds of workers, enhance the cohesion and solidarity; to study how to fully exploit the use of union resources, strengthen staff training, improving their ability to learn, innovation, competitiveness and entrepreneurship. Unions in the education process to achieve four guide: the guide workers and consciously safeguard the stability of the overall situation awareness, establish the overall concept; guide workers the right to protect their interests. According to the policy work; guide workers according to the procedures reflect and express their opinions and demands to solve the problem through normal channels; guide workers to solve the conflict of interest law, avoiding excesses; vigorously strengthen the ACFTU, give full play to the role of ACFTU, as workers to provide comfort, peace and heart health study, work, activities, environment.工会要充分发挥教育引导职能,通过开展“创建文明单位、争做文明职工”、“创建学习型职工之家、争做知识型职工”等活动提高职工的素质,通过开展“文化广场”、“全民健身”等形式多样,职工喜闻乐见符合自身特点的文化体育活动,富职工文化生活,陶冶职工情操,凝聚职工队伍,增强团队观念,加快融合,加强企业文化建设,塑造职工心灵,增强企业的凝聚力和向心力;要研究如何充分挖掘利用工会的各种资源,加强职工培训工作,提高职工的学习能力、创新能力、竞争能力和创业能力。

Second, in order to build a harmonious enterprise union organizations should give full play the guiding role

First, efforts to create a business atmosphere. Trade union organizations at all levels through the masses of workers interviewed in depth knowledge questionnaire, organizing seminars and other forms of the situation and tasks to carry out extensive education and carry out the task of education should be to the situation "turn the concept, but unfortunately the job, due diligence, to contribute" as the theme, the implementation of the situation education into the team, policy advocacy into the family, propaganda among the masses, educate the masses, strengthen policy guidance of public opinion. Guide workers to establish the correct values, honor concept, career outlook and labor concept, to create a "labor-oriented, entrepreneurial conduct" good atmosphere. Second is to organize activities to carry out technological innovation, in-depth implementation of management innovation and technological innovation as the focus of mass economic and technological innovation activities. Improve the economic efficiency of enterprises. Innovative ways to labor competition, eclectic and flexible, not just a form. Pragmatic, we should labor competition with the "three bases" work together, the integration into the labor competition to all aspects of production and operation. Third is to actively seek business platform. Unions to organize workers through skills training. Active entrepreneurs providing services for workers. Training should take internal training, external training delivery of effective measures to further enhance the learning ability of trade union cadres, practical ability and innovative ability.

Third, to build a harmonious enterprise unions to give full play to the role of democratic supervision

First, play a good congress, will head the delegation and the specialized role of the Commission, to fully carry out their duties, the better off consideration of all aspects, through customs, and the council decided to shut off; congress to be held regularly to improve congress of activities, major issues must be decided through the democratic process. The second is to play the role of democratic appraisal of cadres, promoting cadres. Through democratic appraisal close party-masses relations, improve team at the Ministry of style, so that leading cadres to establish a better concept of service for employees, for employees as a good home, a good executive governance, good fiscal management. Three is to play the role of factory affairs, promote enterprise standardized operation. Enterprise management and reform a major decision and honest government, the focal point is related to the vital interests of workers should be carried out on major issues openly; enterprise production development planning, business entertainment use, financial revenue and expenditure, etc., to report regularly to the staff generation of reports; assessed first mode, the allocation of housing, competition for employment, job classification, employee relations infirmary interests of the employees and other matters should be disclosed as required. Fourth, to build a harmonious enterprise unions to give full play to safeguard their rights and interests and to solve problems of the functional role for workers Trade unions as a mass organization of workers themselves, of course, assumed for workers helping the poor of the "first responsibility" role, but also the interests of the masses of workers unions safeguard the specific performance. Dedication to serving the masses of workers are union all the starting and ending points. Trade unions to establish "interests of the masses is no small matter," the concept of the masses of workers to make close friends. Maximize the protection of the workers to mobilize and bring into play the enthusiasm and creativity. To the "employee satisfaction satisfied,'s support staff, staff 答应不答应" as the standard, an effort to "interests of the masses is no small matter" thought the letter. One should give full play to union employment assistance, vocational training, employment and career guidance role in the implementation of trade unions to help laid-off workers re-employment goals. Second, we must further implement sending projects, strengthen the work of helping workers in difficulty, helping workers in difficulty establishing rapid reaction system, and sincerely for the workers to solve problems. Third, we must assist the Chief Executive as soon as possible all qualified workers in difficulty families into the "low" to promote the social security system for continuous improvement, and effectively protect their basic livelihood. Fourth, we need to organize employee welfare, enhance the union's ability to do practical things for the workers. The spirit of "good thing to do according to the law" principle, the most hope in difficult employees, the most urgent, most need to help, in-depth implementation Warmth Project.#p#分页标题#e# Fifth, to build a harmonious enterprise unions to give full play to the role of the ideological and political advantage Maintain stability is to achieve sustainable and effective development. Business to survive, develop, we must improve their competitiveness, they must improve their competitiveness through deepening reform. Only by maintaining internal stability, can be successfully carried out for reform; remain stable is the current corporate priority. We must fully understand the deep meaning of stability, we must realize that only in the reform and development to achieve stability is a positive, dynamic stability, deviated from the general direction of reform and development, the general principle, stability is negative lack of vitality; remain stable we need to work together. We must stand on the political plane, fully understand the importance of maintaining a stable business. Union cadres should earnestly fulfill political responsibility, give full play to the advantages of ideological and political work, and more in-depth in the masses of workers, on issues raised by the masses of workers, can be resolved as soon as possible to solve, can not be resolved in a timely manner, patience, good interpretation. Six, to build a harmonious enterprise unions should give full play "four must" effect Currently, the build harmonious labor relationship, and a national trade union organizations at all levels of the important work. As an enterprise unions, labor relations in the building, has irreplaceable advantages. Construction of enterprise unions currently in labor relations, it should be "four to be." First, they must insist on an equal footing, the signing of the collective contract system, to build a harmonious labor relations provide a legal basis. Collective contract as a legal system, not only has the coordination of labor relations and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and workers an important role, but also to carry out an important basis for the mediation of labor disputes; Second, we must strengthen the democratic management awareness, focusing on information flow, in order to build a harmonious labor Relationship to participate platform. Only through a variety of ways to continuously improve staff knowledge of enterprise management, participation, satisfaction, in order to reduce workers unnecessary misunderstandings and resolve all uncertainties. In strengthening democratic governance must also adhere to the factory management system; Third, we must highlight the maintenance functions, improve labor protection awareness, to build a harmonious labor relations provide a favorable protection. Improve the organizational system, improve production safety labor protection network, and strengthen publicity and education, creating a safe atmosphere of productive labor protection, improve the effect, labor protection and production safety work planned; four workers must love life, especially attention to vulnerable groups, to build a harmonious worries about labor relations. Enterprise unions should care about their employees, to take care of retired comrades, helping poor families, focusing on the role of trade unions to play the advantages of mass organizations, understand complex workers, listen to the voice of workers, reflecting the demands of workers, to solve practical difficulties for workers to solve problems, and strive to instability Factors nipped in the bud. Harmony and cohesion of the people, harmony achievement Albert. In the important task of building a harmonious enterprise front, as long as we unswervingly adhere to the reform, unremitting efforts to promote development, and effectively maintain business stability, reform and promote harmony in order to consolidate the development of harmony, in order to ensure harmony and stability, we will be able to build a harmonious great process of the enterprise for more brilliant achievements.


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