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Information is an important strategic resource and wealth of information resources in agriculture and rural economic development an important factor of production. Rural information services and education services in rural areas, rural health services, rural social security services and cultural services in rural areas, is an important part of public services in rural areas. It is in the development of modern agriculture and promote farmers continued to increase, accelerate the development of rural public utilities and improve overall quality of farmers, strengthen rural democratic political construction, etc., has a very important role.信息是重要的战略资源和财富,信息资源是农业和农村经济发展的重要生产要素。农村信息服务与农村教育服务、农村医疗卫生服务、农村社会保障服务以及农村文化服务一样,是农村公共服务的重要内容。它在发展现代农业、促进农民持续增收、加快农村公共事业发展、提高农民整体素质、加强农村民主政治建设等方面,具有十分重要的作用。

A new socialist countryside construction in the strategic significance of information services一、社会主义新农村建设中信息服务的战略意义

Agriculture is the basic industry of the national economy, but also a weak industry, require the support of information services. Agricultural establishments located in every corner of the vast rural areas, far away from the big market, relatively isolated, requires the communication of information. Household as a unit of agricultural production is decentralized, the need to connect the information. The means of agricultural production is still quite backward, requires information systems and diffusion of advanced technologies. Rural information service is an important area of ​​information services, is the construction of an inevitable choice for China's modern agriculture and an important driving force.农业是国民经济的基础产业,又是一个弱质产业,需要信息服务的支持。农业经营场所分布在广大农村的每一个角落,距离大市场遥远,相对闭塞,需要信息的沟通。农业生产是以农户为单元分散进行的,需要信息的连接。农业生产的手段还相当落后,需要信息系统传播先进的技术。农村信息服务是我国信息服务的重要领域,是建设我国现代农业的必然选择和十分重要的推动力量。

(A) agriculture and rural economy of the new changes, urgently requires strengthening of rural information services. Construction of a new socialist countryside, a series of new changes, agricultural development of capital and technology becoming increasingly dependent dependence of agriculture on the domestic market deepening awareness of the risks of farmers engaged in agricultural products gradually strengthened. These changes inspired the field of agriculture and rural information services related to the strong demand in rural areas. As follows: First, expand the scope of information needs, not only the need to reflect the status of agricultural market supply and demand and sales information, but more forward-looking and predictive information. Second, the farmers of personalized information rapidly growing demand for agricultural products in variety, quality, time of harvest, planting techniques and conditions of the differences, and the corresponding price, area, sales channels and other aspects of a wow of information needs more important. Third, farmers demand gradually combined with the advantages of local resources, in line with the regional agricultural development characteristics of agricultural market information and other practical public information, especially with direct operational information and practical guidance of strong demand. (Two) new agricultural and rural economic development, the urgent need for the establishment of rural information service supply system. After 20 years of reform, China's agriculture has been basically transferred into market economy orbit. In the market economy, either agribusiness or decentralized production and operation of farmers must be market-oriented. Market is dynamic, ever-changing, to foothold in the market and remain unbeaten, it must be through modern information transmission channels continue to understand all aspects of the information. Operation of small-scale farmers, geographical dispersion, low literacy levels, their own lack of collecting, sorting, processing of information capabilities by reasonable and effective supply of rural information service system to provide timely and reliable information on agriculture and rural economy, for farmers to make the right decisions particularly important.

(Three) the realization of agricultural efficiency and rural incomes goals will inevitably require a robust information system for the month and service support. Chinese agriculture after 20 years of reform and development, significantly higher levels of productivity, has achieved a long-term shortage of supply of agricultural products to the overall balance of historic change, agricultural market from a seller's to a buyer's market. Meanwhile, with the lives of the majority of urban and rural residents gradually improved varieties of food consumption more attention to improving the quality and pay more attention to food safety, quality, nutritious and convenient. In this situation, farmers urgently need to understand the market, know the various agricultural demand, supply, should be what kind, how kind, breed, how to raise. Therefore, to guide farmers to adjust the agricultural structure according to market changes, training, promotion of improved varieties, improve product quality, agricultural efficiency and rural incomes, are inseparable for farmers in rural areas to provide timely and effective information supply services. Second, the rural information service in the main problems Since the implementation of our long-standing priority to the development of heavy industry, especially the non-equilibrium model of development and other historical reasons, the formation of urban and rural division of the dual economic structure, resulting in China's rural public service supply showing a lack of overall conditions, directly restricts the rural information service supply level. New socialist countryside construction, demand for information services in rural areas has undergone new changes, which necessarily requires information providers to adjust the information content and services way to accommodate changes in service demand. However, due to historical and practical issues, current, rural information service supply and demand there are many problems cAs O'Connor pen murderer "untimely man" were portrayed as an enemy of the civilized world with the use of violence, "Deformed" image, he is a modern Western society was distorted personality deformed children. It is this wearing silver-rimmed glasses, looks gentle, an academic style of the "intruder" breath of life to a weekend full of family comedy becomes a shocking tragedy. "Untimely person" social "spoilers", but he is also everything that interests and rational departure from the "normal" social order "victims." Not a normal social environment in his soul left incurable trauma, he only experienced, "When some time gospel choir songs Tong, had been a soldier, married twice, had been a funeral workers in the railway worked on, plowed land, experienced a tornado, seen a man being buried alive scenes, and even witnessed a woman being flogged scene. "But these experience richer, the more he deeply felt social injustice. He escaped from a federal prison criminals, but he made for himself exactly what crime have been sweating fog, because "they never let him read the file"; while the prison doctor had told him "jail is Because he killed his own father. " "Untimely man" that it is "big lie" because his father "back in 1919 suffering from flu died", he and his father's death "nothing." His father "buried in Hopewell Hill Baptist Church cemetery." People can "see for yourself" and confirmation. In a dialogue with the old grandmother, the "untimely man" talked about his experience of prison life, "I turned to the right, it is a wall; look up, the ceiling; looking down the floor; I have forgotten my what to do. " He still do not understand why the law "For some NPC plus penalties, while other people can go unpunished." "Untimely man" said, "Jesus is the only way for a revival of the dead man, he should not let the dead resurrected because Jesus would do everything very confusing and if he says it will do, then you may well lose everything to go follow him; if he is not said to do, then you have to enjoy to enjoy your last a short time – to murder, arson, or do some other dirty work. "remark shows that, although there had seriously thought about religion meaning, but the community has been making all sorts of absurd "untimely person" can not believe in Christ. Because he believes that "Jesus will engage all very confusing," he does not really believe in the teachings of Christ. Loss of religious faith and the spiritual home of love, in the spirit of the wilderness of the "anachronistic man" confusing and painful. Such contradictions and struggle constantly tormented his soul. In the harsh reality of life in the various absurd that "untimely man" often have an irrational fear, and even "the kids make him nervous." It is this suffering and contradictions of the world for making his revenge. For this reason, "untimely man" would disregard grandmother's pleading and persuasion, brutal brought these a getaway "normal civilized society" were all killed.


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