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澳大利亚指导essay澳大利亚著名大学essay指导排名(一)新南威尔士州(首府悉尼)共计有以下10所大学(01)University of Sydney 悉尼大学

(02)University of New South Wales 新南威尔士大学

(03)Macquarie University 麦考瑞大学

(04)University of Technology Sydney 悉尼科技大学

(05)University of Wollonglong 卧龙岗大学

(06)University of Newcastle 纽卡斯尔大学

(07)University of New England 新英格兰大学

(08)Charles Sturt University 查尔斯特大学

(09)University of Western Sydney 西悉尼大学

(10)Southern Cross University 南十字星大学


(01)University of Melbourne 墨尔本大学

(02)Monash University 莫纳许大学

(03)Deakin University 迪肯大学

(04)La Trobe University 拉筹伯大学

(05)RMIT University 皇家墨尔本理工大学

(06)Swinburne University of Technology 斯威本科技大学

(07)Victoria University 维多利亚大学

(08)University of Ballarat 巴拉瑞特大学


(01)University of Queensland 昆士兰大学

(02)Queensland University of Technology 昆士兰科技大学

(03)Bond University 邦德大学

(04)Griffith University 格里菲斯大学

(05)James Cook University 詹姆斯库克大学

(06)Australian Catholic University 澳大利亚天主教大学

(07)University of Southern Queensland 南昆士兰大学

(08)Central Queensland University 中央昆士兰大学

(09)University of the Sunshine Coast 阳光海岸大学


(01)University of Western Australia 西澳大学

(02)Curtin University of Technology 科廷科技大学

(03)Murdoch University 莫多克大学

(04)Edith Cowan University 埃迪斯科文大学

(05)University of Notre Dame 圣母大学


(01)University of Adelaide 阿得雷德大学

(02)University of South Australia 南澳大学

(03)Flinders University 弗林德斯大学


(01)University of Tasmania 塔斯马尼亚大学


(01)The Australian National University 澳大利亚国立大学

(02)University of Canberra 堪培拉大学


(01)Charles Darwin University 查尔斯达尔文大学




The Australian tourism product

Australia specialties include Macao treasure (Opal, Australia specialty gem), sheepskin, cowhide, sheep oil, wine (red wine and white wine), animal toys, indigenous art works, art paintings, etc.

Australia sheep oil

Macao plush line and sweater species, different color, price moderate. Especially the leather jacket PiAo or skins, soft and comfortable, relaxed warm. Wool blanket, wool is also very be come from a cold country love of tourists.

Australian wool skin

With the unique Australian animals kangaroo, crocodile skin makes into handbags, bags, leather shoes, gloves, belts, and so on characteristics can be in any of the articles city shopping center bought. Mostly neededmaterials excellent, fine workmanship, but with a more traditional style, the price does not poor.

Western Australia, Australia, o produced treasure, colour is various, have yellow, brown, green, blue, red, purple. O, the pink stones, well-known world, into price. In Australia’s any jewelry shop in the gem the sale, price from dozens of yuan to hundreds of thousands of ranging from $. Half of all don’t sell gems set, the customer can the be fond of according to oneself put it set in k gold ring or necklaces, design can choose their own choice.

Macao treasure

Australia’s handicraft is very flourishing, handicraft mainly artistic ceramics, weaving products, glass art, leather products, jewelry, etc. In some art store with wooden or metal in the Sydney opera house, the kangaroo, koalas and emu model, it was memorable.

In addition the Australian native art performance also focused on the natives in Australia the history and culture of tens of thousands of years. These handicraft including the boomerang, bark painting, the painting, wood carvings, wood blow Musical Instruments etc, these goods is very easy to get, but the price is more expensive.

The Australian aboriginal art


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