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2022assignment代写美国留学生哲学类essayessay论文格式:Ideas of Western Marxism explore

By August 20, 2022essay代写

2022assignment代写美国留学生哲学类essayessay论文格式:Ideas of Western Marxism explore

2022assignment代写美国留学生哲学类essayessay论文格式:Ideas of Western Marxism explore

Western Marxist theoretical ideas can be summarized as " Small is Big , evasive , with actual situation ." " Small is Big " is held philosopher Western Marxist ideas in a personal capacity to arouse the whole society 's attention to their theories and trying in this way affect the whole community , so that individuals with speech genuine dialogue with the social , personal with their sincere , heartfelt concern for the social behavior of society as a whole to evoke the same response , individuals want to be able to own as a fuel , ignite the whole community agreed to increase the fire of enthusiasm to move forward . " Evasive " refers to the point in the West under the influence of Marxist philosophers who give reality to avoid damaging the various actions brought , in theory, verbal , textual , the brain of capitalist society critique . This social critique various factions will inspire social confrontation in the theoretical point of view , but it does not make the theory into action against the destruction. " Actual situation " refers While the West is just a social critique of Marxist theory , but because of intense criticism of Western Marxism reality , so they are mostly social factions consider themselves political movement is in accordance with this critical social theory to action , the student movement , labor movement and other social revolutionary Marxism in the West wants to appeal to achieve their own ends .西方Marx主义的理论思考的线索可以赅括为“以小搏大、避实就虚、虚实接合”。“以小搏大”指的是持西方Marx主义观点的哲学家以个个人生命份来唤起整个儿社会形态对它们理论的关心注视,并打算以资形式影响整个社会形态,使私人真正与社会形态有言语的会话,私人用自个儿诚恳的、发自肺腑的对社会形态的关切来唤起社会形态群体行径完全一样的回答,私人期望能够以自个儿作为燃烧材料,点燃整个儿社会形态完全一样上进升、向向前迈进的殷勤之火。

The development of Western Marxism reflects Western society away from the faith in God do not believe in God, to the process of transformation , this concept refers to the movement of God , that the Western philosophical tradition of thinking movement. Western Marxist scholars believe that the original members of the community will mutually promote each other ideologically linkage, co-led social thought consistent with the concept of unity pointing to destination, destination, they are hoping to correct the movement of the concept of social ideas of all residents , but this the concept to unify the highest practice of social thought godless later replaced by social movements , this movement generates just as the concept name are manufactured, does not make sense or do not have words to construct specific words alleged overall significance. Thus, any specific social concepts for a first name, then the name of the game is seen as a part of the language , they are in the name of the proliferation of social , conceptual flow of the tide , the sediment at the deeper social trends sports stuff just academics traces of their thinking . Thus, the Western Marxist scholars have turned to the need of the society to assume the social thinking of finishing work . Lively , restless , astute social attitudes through Western Marxist scholars thinking finishing, become a boring , simple outline , outline this way of thinking is Western Marxist scholars dedicated to the community the best gift , thinking outline is given of Western Marxist scholars devoted efforts of a thing , with the emotion to organize lively , restless , astute social thinking is bound to make social thinking only thinking outline outline is thinking scholars ( refer to the West Marxist scholars , the same below ) plus the emotional logic of co- operation of scholars results.西方Marx主义的进展路程表现出来了西方社会形态由信神向不信神转化的过程,这个神就是指概念的运动,即西方哲学传统的思惟运动。

Lively social thinking are willing to dedicate to the Western Marxist scholars explain modern social thinking already open attitude , thinking to tackle social nature , to face the world already have channels for dialogue , and the channels of dialogue is not easy to get , because this channel presence indicates social thinking has Zhang eyes to the world , social thinking of the " eye" indicates the existence of social thinking , when the observation angle of more diverse in nature , and the observer's position is more equal , because the social thinking of the " eye" throughout the community each one arbitrary region , which also formed a multi-angle viewing the world . Scholars have to be prepared to accept the social thinking of trust, commitment to social thinking finishing work . The complexity of social thinking , lively to last only a frame of mind , and this frame of mind is most needed at that time society , a society needs to make their own history browse the directory , the historical development of society is a book, author of this book is that society themselves, but the community from which the selection of a specific scholars is the social and historical development of this book catalog writers and summarized person.

Western Marxist scholars have worked tirelessly to track social thinking sorted out thinking , thinking, outline the practice , on the whole is a fixed mode, which is constantly expanded with the historical time back pass, along with concern for society as a whole people increased, Western Marxism has also been studied model of society spread . Social Development has been able to large-scale, high-capacity fixed to a certain kind of society the selected mode of thinking, society toward its selected mode of thinking in perfusion , freezing additives such thinking is the mode of existence of society itself . Existence of society itself rhyme penetrate into the mindset of Western Marxism , after finishing scholars thinking , social development trail begins clear up . Although the society itself continues comprehensive and vast land , all aspects of development go hand in hand with, but which reflect this development overview of social existence has been extracted from critical social theory .

Western Marxist scholar at the expense of his own philosophical thinking way into the field of social criticism , philosophical scholars talent performance is only momentary , once they enter into critical social theory , then completely immersed in the promotion of social thought to move forward , rather than stay in the origin of thinking , wait from starting up their own place to abstract thinking . This approach reflects the scholars do not pay attention to their own basic rights as a human being , and regard themselves as a community with a common fate of existence , this existence is not his own life , only beating together with social pulse characteristics . Modern society requires the use of such beings to overcome social materialized , commercialization tendencies.

Western Marxist critique from the philosophical to the community , which has philosophical differences with critical social theory , but also philosophy and critical social theory consistent . Philosophy embodied spirituality burst Western Marxist scholars as an individual existence value , philosophy and critical theory to the social transformation of Western Marxism reflects the simultaneous development of scholars and society , his dedication to the community of practice , and critical theory of society is reflected in the proposal Western Marxist scholars completely socialized ideas. They say completely socialized , that is materialized everyone, and everyone is eliminated through materialized own personal accomplishments , be treated as part of the social machinery in full compliance in all parts of society as a whole mechanical operation . Western Marxist scholars self-sacrifice penetrate into areas of social life , will lead to civilian members of society , decentralized thinking members of society , the individual , and its result is the formation of an ordered society , simple pace of life .

Western Marxist Philosophy and Social Criticism consistent theory will lead to changes in social attitudes . Originally, the social attitudes that continue to produce , constantly changing the diversity of life comes from our constantly use new ideas to equip their minds constantly new angles to observe society , to understand and change society . But in Western Marxist scholars , where changes in social attitudes to society only to bring a simple , orderly life , although this life is full of changes , and colorful . Because Western Marxist scholars based their mind from pure philosophy to construct critical social theory , therefore, the concept of the social changes brought about by a simple , orderly life , the show is a rich inner world of scholars diversity show is a demonstration of pure pursuit . They should guide the pursuit of a single social reality , not the spirit of this single , unified concept , but let the mind to face the reality of a single environment to maintain calm and orderly, calm , spiritual because each person a different personality and showcase the diversity of society due to personal the simple reality is not seeking to enjoy a quiet yet complex derived rejuvenated life. Western Marxist philosophy to society from the process of critical theory to showcase a beautiful picture of social life , although this doctrine just stay in a beautiful painting , did not come to reality.

Since there is no western Marxism to reality , and practice detachment, theoretical development inevitably be a very large extent , but its theoretical ideas give rise to showcase today's spiritual , self-expression opportunities. This expression is not put yourself above society , on the contrary, it will lead people to sneak into the community as a whole and with the movement of a mechanical part of the individual melt, melt into a part of society , completely penetrate society, like water to penetrate into the sand , the water has gone, we saw just being moist sand , the individual is the water , the sand is being nourished society. This is the Western Marxism as a critical theory of society to bring contemporary society.


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