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First, the cause of early childhood eating problems一、幼儿饮食问题原因

(A) parents' emotional eating habits parental interest in dietary habits, likes and dislikes, and so are the words and deeds should influence the child. With or without sound because the parents always plays a role model role model – parents say most do not like to eat this or in the behavior exhibited refused, the child to the parents evaluated as indirect experience, the formation of "this certainly is not good, or else how Mom and Dad do not like? they do not eat, I do not like to eat this "concept.(一)父母情绪化的饮食习惯父母在饮食方面的习惯兴趣、言行好恶等等都在潜移默化地影响着孩子。因为父母有声或无声的榜样时刻起着示范的作用——父母说最不喜欢吃这个或在行为上表现出拒绝,孩子就以父母的评价为间接经验,形成“这个一定不好吃,要不爸爸妈妈怎么不喜欢?他们都不吃,我也不喜欢吃这个”的概念。(Two) unscientific concept of dietary feeding preferences of the parents is often used instead of the adult child's needs; dogma with books, scripted, copy use. In particular, nutritional supplements and other cooked along with advertising, passive parenting. (二)不科学的膳食喂养观念父母经常用成人的喜好代替孩子的需要;用书本教条照本宣科,照搬使用。尤其熟营养品补品等跟着广告走,被动育儿。(Three) the process of growing their own objective and subjective causes of the partial eclipse picky lead to a wide range of interesting food on the table often hear adults do not eat it eat it blurted out, like to eat sweet, sour, bitter?? Adults say come very naturally, there is no worry about the presence of young children. Said incentive to the listener interested, had no contact with food, in the heart of the formation of a denial implied. Adult is like a box of multicolored brushes, if color preference, the child's interest in food is a single color, there have picky eaters, the partial eclipse of the bad habits, the result would lead to a child's body needs nutritional imbalance, such problems arise. Do not eat it so long today, tomorrow, do not like that, they impede the child's interest to try a variety of food, food becomes narrow single interest.

Second, professional guide, interaction and cooperation

Kindergarten children eating interesting effects found crux of the problem, we must promptly from a professional highly targeted leads parents to solve the interference, to achieve win-win cooperation.(A) the conditions are ripe to lead viable experts believe that early childhood education should be a social education, family education and nursery education combined. Today, more and more attention of the whole society homes cooperation, while 1 +1> 2 the efficiency we are very recognized. Therefore, based on "nursery work order" and the "Guidelines for Kindergarten Education" requirements, nursery to interest on child nutrition diet, take the initiative, initiative to reach out, take the initiative to acknowledge service training for parents to obtain nursery education and family education consistent sexual, physical and mental development in order to ensure early childhood.(Two) to lead effectively guarantee the nursery environment that affect children and families living in the two most important environmental, development of young children play a decisive role. Only the requirements both of harmony, providing early childhood education to better promote early childhood development. The family is the child's first school, parents are a child's first teacher. The family is the key to healthy growth of children. The second is a children's nursery school teacher as a mother, a rational education and love, preaching Tuition FAQ educating people. So kindergartens and family ties to be closely linked to the two environments is a requirement for the training of young children interested in healthy eating to build a good environment.(Three) lead the professional team personnel from kindergarten workforce perspective, professional teachers, health care teams, food production team has the professional theoretical basis and practical experience. From dietary recipes with the amount calculated to formulate, adopt buy from food science production, from education to cultivate food mealtime fun, etc., scientific and standardized order. Therefore, to communicate with parents in guiding work, respect for the principles of cooperation to use the nursery, use of communication to share strategies, using empathy transposition way, leading parents to reach parenting consensus.(Four) leading the theoretical basis of mature 'from the beginning of 1997, the Chinese Nutrition Society has released the "Chinese Dietary Guidelines" "Chinese residents balanced diet pagoda", "Chinese Dietary Reference Intake" three technical standards to guide public How reasonable diet. Unfortunately, at present many people do not know that these people fit our dietary standards. According to these theories nursery standards for lead: to let parents know the four diet misunderstanding – misunderstanding: extra cooking oil, sugar, salt, gourmet speak do not speak nutrition. Myth: Meng increased meat consumption, dietary westernization. Myth: knowing that they covet unhealthy fried food is not wrong to eat delicious shine. Myth four: Breakfast Dinner too much, too little, three meals a day unevenly distributed."Chinese residents of a balanced diet pagoda" is divided into five levels, and contains the main food should be eaten every day kind. Cereals ranked bottom should eat 300-500 grams per person per day; occupy the second layer of vegetables and fruits a day should eat 400 – 500 grams and 100 – 200 g; fish, poultry, meat, eggs and other animal foods located three a day should eat 125-200 grams (5O grams of fish and shrimp, meat, poultry, 5O a 100 grams, 25-50 grams of eggs); milk and legumes together accounted for the fourth floor, every day should be feeding class and dairy products and soy beans 100 g and 50 g; fifth floor spire is fats and oils, not more than 25 grams.Let parents know, "Chinese Dietary Guidelines" for different groups of people have made different dietary requirements. Children and preschoolers to grasp Meals: daily drinking milk to infants and preschoolers, to develop not picky eaters, the partial eclipse eating habits; Child drinking milk or equivalent milk products per day less than 350 milliliters, but also pay attention to eat eggs and egg products, Semi-fat poultry meat, liver class, processed beans and shredded vegetables, weekly and seafood to eat some animal foods; preschoolers to gradually increase the weight of the food, and gradually eat some whole grains foods. Let parents know eating habits cultivate interest in three stages, seven days is to strengthen period; 2l days are fixed period; 98 days is used as natural period. So, when communicating with parents nursery to point out that from a small admission started eating an orderly arrangement would be more effective.


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