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Enable students to learn autonomy, exploration, research study, students explore their own ability to cooperate internationally curriculum reform is a new trend, it is the first year of the new high school curriculum Guangxi trend. Basis in accordance with the Ministry of Education Curriculum Reform, added new curriculum plan a required course – research study, which is the students from the "spoon-fed" the examination-oriented education to quality education autonomous cooperative inquiry into an important initiative, not only to help students find the joy of learning fun, but also conducive to the process of cooperation to promote the development of mental health. Currently conducting research study in the practice of facing some problems. This article will discuss a few points about understanding the problem.让学生学会自主性、探索性、研究性学习,培养学生自主合作探究能力是目前国际课程改革的一种新趋势,更是广西第一年高中新课改的趋势。按照教育部基础课程改革的设想,新课程计划中增加了一门必修课——研究性学习,这是把学生从“填鸭式”的应试教育向自主合作探究的素质教育转化的一个重要举措,不仅利于学生在快乐中找到学习的乐趣,而且还利于在合作过程中促进心理健康的发展。目前在进行研究性学习的实践中面临着一些难题。本文仅就有关问题谈几点认识。

One facing problems一 面临的难题

1 concepts and knowledge1.观念及认识

The core research study is to change the way students learn, from the traditional passive acceptance inherent teachers to impart knowledge to active cooperation, explore active learning, emphasizing an active exploratory study is to develop students' innovative spirit and practical ability , the implementation of quality education in a new attempt and practice. But in China, because the long-term by the "examination-oriented education" effect, the most important learning from books, exam study is the first prerequisite, from the utilitarian point of view, research study on college entrance not receive an immediate effect, research study value has not been generally accepted community. Thus, despite vigorous publicity departments at all levels of education, some teachers were positive role of research study also have a certain understanding, but in actual operation, it is not too bold to implement, more people are still afraid to do research learning will affect the entrance. an independent courses, research study refers to problems in the teaching process as a carrier, the creation of a similar scientific contexts and ways for students through their collecting, analyzing and processing information to actually feel and experience the knowledge of the production process in order to understand society, social learning, training analyze problems, problem-solving skills and creativity. But many school leaders and teachers on the research study and the understanding there is a deviation, the main manifestations are: (1) that engage in research study esoteric – studies experts, academics thing, big subject dare to do it. (2) When the researchers mistook improve teaching – teaching in the inquiry, heuristic, discovery learning as a research study, chief of research, research steadily. (3) to engage in research study that is the focus of secondary school conditional things, the general basis of poor schools, poor hands, poor level of teachers, resource conditions are poor, not engage in research study. 研究性学习的核心是要改变学生的学习方式,由传统的被动式接受教师传授的固有知识转向主动、合作、探究的主动学习,强调一种主动探索式的学习,是培养学生创新精神和实践能力、推行素质教育的一种新的尝试和实践。但在我国,因为长期受“应试教育”的影响,学习书本知识最重要,考学是第一要义,从功利主义角度去看,研究性学习对高考不能收到立竿见影的功效,研究性学习的价值还没有得到社会普遍公认。

(2) teaching equipment and learning resourcesResearch study on the teaching conditions demanding. Research study, you need to experiment operations, access to information, discuss issues, implementation research, writing reports, thesis, etc., need accompanying resource-rich library, campus networks and modern laboratory. Most school construction is lagging behind hardware devices, libraries, campus network conditions are not met, poorly equipped laboratories, lack of information.

(3) Social EnvironmentLack of social understanding and support. Research study need to visit specialists, field trips, doing social surveys, it involves all aspects of society, and may require extensive understanding and support. But now, students engage in social investigation without a favorable social environment for students to market research if the price was refused; Some places to visit, such as access to information should be charged. Students currently only in the school or to the neighboring school, home, or kinship care in some surveys, the range is very limited.Lack of mutual inter-school promotion, encouragement and friendly cooperation. School-based phenomenon is more serious, limited learning resources nor mutually open and not conducive to the conduct of research study.

4 the quality of teachers and working methodsAt present, China's primary and secondary school teachers basically "knowledge transfer type", right to counsel students research study is not suited. Good performance in traditional preparation, lectures and grading, but not good for scientific research, but also good at guiding students to study; accustomed to "conclusions" teaching, not accustomed to "process" teaching; accustomed to the unity of the students requirements without individual instructions used.5 School ManagementMost schools do not have the Sohu incentives; engaged in research study on teacher workload Sohu Sohu confirms that there is no one good quantitative criteria.Students learn how to effectively monitor the activities of the issue is currently the largest research study in question. Many school leaders and teachers to reflect students' awareness is poor, strong dependence, going out surveys, research poor control, and some students even go to Internet cafes by the name of leisure activities and so on. The students go out to the time of investigation, security issues, etc., have not explored a more feasible solution.Two measures to solve problems1 change conceptsShould stand on national needs and sustainable development perspective to understand researchResearch study, daring to get rid of the quick success of the "examination-oriented education" constraints, allowing students to boldly go Chuang, failure is an experience, a harvest, so that students in the research process, the experience of scientific attitude, scientific and standardized, scientific thinking, experience cooperate with others and share the results of fun.(2) to strive for the understanding and support of socialOn the one hand, within the education sector, especially schools should first open learning resources, the full realization of interscholastic resource sharing; On the other hand, schools should take the initiative to peripheral units and related industries, research study on the school's understanding and support. Meanwhile, the implementation of the research study is not only a school thing, something the education sector, but should be school, family and community together to build three-dimensional mode of education. Research study, the whole society is everyone's responsibility. We call on all sectors of society concerned about the next generation, for our children to provide the necessary learning environment.


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