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Song ji is one of the most distinguished poets, he has both the poet's temperament, but also both military pride, patriotism intense. Bold word is his word for the dominant style, magnificent open realm, vivid exaggerated language, sad rather decadent spirit constitute the word deep Ya Xiong Jian style. In an ordinary thing for the creation of content, giving a deeper meaning for the word, giving a hardness and softness, destroy just as soft beauty.辛弃疾是南宋最杰出的词人之一,他既有词人的气质,又兼具军人的豪情,爱国主义情怀浓厚。豪放词是他词作中的主导风格,雄奇开阔的境界、生动夸张的语言、悲而不颓的精神,构成其词雄深雅健的风格。在以普通事物为创作内容时,给予词作更深入的内涵,给人一种刚柔相济,摧刚为柔的美感。

A male deep Ya Kin一、雄深雅健

Ji unique word for the style known as the "Cassino body." Its word ebullient, generous tragic, pen force is abundant, diverse artistic styles, but mainly in bold. Ji word content is profound, deep elegant style Xiong Jian Su established and pioneered the development of "bold" faction, with Su Shi and called "Suisun." Ji word full of intense passion and imaginative, expressing the poet's great love of life and their own open-minded open-minded, as well as the country's determination to make contributions. "Dongpo words of Kuang, Cassino words of Howard.'s Mind and no two people learn their words, Utah East Shi Peng Xin effect also." Although the same for Unconstrained Ci Ci, but because of the individual's upbringing, personality, education are different, determines their word creative personality and different artistic styles. Ji created the mood is more magnificent word visionary, his vivid imagination and exaggeration more attractive, such as "Po Zhenzi? Fu Fu Chen Zhuang is to send the word" in the poet's pen, soldiers on the battlefield in autumn is handy, pitched battle army and fiery passion is sprayed out. People to ponder and emotion, thought-provoking and inspiring. Whole word structure has its notable features, before and after two semantics through, read very touching, ups and downs. All words epitomizes the word ji wind, can be said Sim word representative. Expressed concern for the fate of the sorrow of love, the body of the door without a word to serve the country at a friend who left after the light pouring worry, filled with loneliness and sorrow, He drew his sword, dial bright lamp, your eyes are hazy, trance back to the year of the battlefield, came from authors, prowess, who led dozens of rides in the enemy camp in grappling traitor. Clarion sound into the sky, vast land, the soldiers are eating fat barbecue. At this point viol resonance, reflecting frontier life martial music resounded through the majestic skyline. The original soldiers are soldiers on the battlefield! Poem powerfully demonstrated aspirations blighted patriotic feelings of grief. "The poem is written 'strong', high-pitched tone heroic, majestic, but also into the sad end of the tone, the ups and downs to make meaning of the word, with a creative spirit in art." Thus constitutes ji uninhibited romantic artistic characteristics. The uninhibited style of Su Shi is itself a manifestation of his character, Tiaodang overspill to show his unrestrained freedom optimistic, cheerful personality, he did sway comfortable writing attitude and unpredictable chapter together, formed his bold and imaginative artistic style. Relative to the Soviet Union's heroic and easy, ji gives the impression that an act of generosity tragic, passionate feeling.辛弃疾独特的词作风格被称为“稼轩体”。其词热情洋溢,慷慨悲壮,笔力雄厚,艺术风格多样,而以豪放为主。辛弃疾词的内容博大精深,风格雄深雅健,确立并发展了苏轼开创的“豪放”一派,而与苏轼并称为“苏辛”。辛弃疾的词中饱含浓烈的奔放的豪情,表达了词人对生活的无比热爱和自身豁达开阔的胸襟,以及为国家建功立业的决心。“东坡之词旷,稼轩之词豪。无二人之胸襟而学其词,犹东施之效捧心也。”Ji civil and military, inspirational childhood enemy on the battlefield to their country, but the reality so that he was not able to achieve the ideal, the ideal life is shattered so long repressed his heart, his words are bold in naturally with the wind tragic, but surging anxiety, but gloomy desolation. Political ideals and the reality of social contradictions, the forces of darkness crowding pressure, determines his words did not like Su Kuangda free and easy. From the passage of time, he felt short life, aspirations blighted, his heart more and more depressed and suffering, this pain no one complained that he was only in his own words for the express true inner feelings.Ji highlight words as in the military style, the kind of dauntless and strong and not ordinary people can show it. Like "My pity Jun Zhongxiao dance, Road man, to give up hope as iron! See test hand, Sky crack." "Congratulation to the Bridegroom," "die on the battlefield when the self temporarily, Emei heavy cutting of Hugh said." "Azolla" etc. etc., are all unique to the military performance of lofty aspiration, in a towering rage, and with those who serve the country and their own courage as warriors, he gave high praise. His heroic feelings of despair and reality intertwined, ups and downs, giving a strong emotional impact. Such as "Yong Yule? Solid Jingkou North Pavilion nostalgia" in the poorly Scenery lyrical, recalling historical figures, sustenance personal emotion. On board the North Gu Ting, an overview of "eternal country", to pay homage historical, natural to think of the establishment where there have been heroic deeds of Sun Quan and Liu Yu. Corner of the face of the reality of the Southern Song Dynasty biased, the author of Sun Quan and Liu Yu showed heartfelt praise. "Armored cavalry, swallowing air miles like a tiger," vividly depicts their momentum across battlefields and heroic image of the heroic, full of the strong desire of the author to make contributions. The other hand, a "Merry always be, rain and wind to go" and "sun Caoshu, unusual lanes" in the words, written here is a hero to go after the former residence desolate scene, hair is Jiangshan loneliness and current affairs depression emotion. Same Jingkou, two contrast, appraise it a distinct exception. Showings, ideological activities is extremely complex. Author borrow "Yuanjia hastily," "win hurried northward," the military missteps lessons of history, the then ruler of advice he alleged "war Yangzhou Road," the history of memories, with the front of "Buddha Temple raccoon under a God Crow Agency drum, "the bleak picture contrast, reveals the compromise and capitulation brought serious consequences. Poem sharp thinking, feeling deep, refined technique, style, bold in with desolation, sustenance of indignation aspirations blighted affection.

Second, the hardness and softness

Ji kind of firmness and flexibility of the word beauty, unconventional. Such as "Mo Yuer? Better eliminate repeated rain" poorly written Xichun, grudges spring, leaving the spring complex emotions. Sentence "better eliminate repeated storm? Hastily Spring Returns" is already is late spring in emphasis, soft flowers no longer stand the baptism of wind and rain, "the fear of long Xichun bloom early" profound expression of love spring, Xichun psychological state, the fear of passing of spring, flowers die, but afraid of spring flowers that open too early, which is deeper expression of the psychological status of Xichun depictions, written is Life thirds. "Spring and live" three, is the author of a deep nostalgia for the spring. "Resentment spring without a word," the authors Guards inability to keep that beautiful spring day, the other hand under the eaves that spiders spinning webs diligently go stuck that fall fly willow. Thus, the author seems to think that the industrious spider helpless lament rather than their more rewarding. Then authors used the Queen out of favor in Emperor Chen's story, his own frustration to metaphor. From the "Nagato thing" to "tenderness of this love who complained" section, in order to recruit people jealous ancient beauty precedent to express their mixed feelings. Chen recruit people jealous queen because so attracted calamity be consigned to limbo. To this end she spared no expense to hire was a famous Han everyone Simaxiangru do for themselves. "Nagato Fu", hoping to make a change of heart Emperor, but her hopes did not materialize. Such complex feelings of pain, who went on about it? Who can understand it? Look at "Jun Mo Dance" two of "Dancing" character, showing the kind of carried away, dancing state. "Jun", refers to those jealous jealous Yin can thus groundless slander into flatter people. Is to show that you do not get too carried away, do not you see, mermaid and Yang Yuhuan are killed, not hospice do? Look at the "all dust", with "mermaid rumored" attached "Ling Xuan Autobiography" in the mood. With "Xianchou most bitter" three knot sentence, "Xianchou" by alluding to their non-spiritual talk depressed. "Dangerous Bar" is the height of the railing. Do not say that after three methods to telephoto with high discharge elimination depressed, because then the sun was going down, this time is dusk enveloped by shining willow, which from afar, a misty. So this Mujing will make see King injury, even more sad.The authors express themselves poorly to write love spring, Xichun based. Showings to ancient metaphor today, discusses the history of the ancient story. Both the surface does not appear to be associated with ancient metaphor of today, to borrow something beautiful ancient palace to metaphor own life circumstances, which express the situation of pregnant just jealous strokes. Also think of the long run iffy Song dynasty, which the central idea of ​​spring flowers to look after each other. Expand Office of the next piece to describe the artistic skills that play a connecting role. Then the authors did not continue to Chanting history, but once again go above and poetry by the King. This word is written on the surface of the plight of a woman out of favor, in fact, to express the concerns of national affairs and the fight against exclusion repeated heavy heart. Word for the faint rotten Song small court, on capitulationists proud rampant expressed strong resentment.


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