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2022essay代写价格指导essay:the capacity for technological enhan的需求

By August 21, 2022essay代写

2022essay代写价格指导essay:the capacity for technological enhan的需求

2022essay代写价格指导essay:the capacity for technological enhan的需求

Does the capacity for technological enhancement explain significant variations in the performance of major national economies?


根据以下问题所涉及的方面来回答主题,写论文。R&D and technology is often viewed as the engine of economic growth and the creator of new industries.

•How important is its role, or are there other organizational and institutional factors, such as management and finance, which have a greater effect on the utilization of technology?•Are there national R&D systems, or are large companies the focus of R&D systems? Review the trend in the literature from entrepreneurship to corporations to national innovation systems.•You need detailed industry level evidence, a notion of how technology becomes commercial innovation, and a sense of comparative differences, including practices and outcomes.•How important, in global or national terms, and in terms of economic impact, is technology transfer rather than genuine innovation.•Are the differences between industries greater than differences between types of industry? What is the link between national R&D spend and corporate spend?•Answering the question.根据回答红色字体部分的问题来组织答案写一篇1500字的论文,其中第二和第三个问题需要进行做一些对比,指导essay通过对比不同的industry,公司,或者national的r&d system等等、

•Knowledge of Cases and Evidence.It is impossible to gain high marks unless you demonstrate knowledge of countries, institutions, industries, firms, and organizational functions. Evidence enables you to avoid annoying generalizations and sweeping statements. While some cases may support one interpretation of an issue or question, other cases may not. Use your cases and evidence within an analytical structure designed to answer the question rather than just mentioning cases and authors in turn and without clear purpose.

•Knowledge of Theory and Literature.You need to demonstrate an understanding of major authors and theories whenever relevant. But please avoid repeating the work of others at length. Often a short summary is sufficient, and the questions on the course direct you to critique and not exegesis. You should employ theories and concepts as a means of shaping your use of evidence, and theory and evidence should be synergic and not separate.

•Analysis and Structure.This is the main characteristic that defines a good assignment. You are expected to know the major literature and offer evidential support as a basic part of studying for the course. The point is whether you have thought about the material, and whether you can use it to argue coherently and analytically in response to a set problem. The insights implicit in your analysis should be reflected in the design of your assignment structure, which, in turn, should be apparent to the marker.

•Comparisons.It should be no surprise on this course that you have to offer comparisons. It is better to avoid the sequential outline of cases, by which is meant a discussion of (say) the US, Germany, the UK, Japan and China in turn and separately. The approach causes problems in the design of an analytical structure, and it is not directly comparative because you treat each example separately. Place evidence from each nation within the issues set by an analytical structure: that is, if you were to discuss comparative human resources, place choices of evidence from Germany, UK, US, Japan and China into most of the assignment sections dealing with key issues such as training, management education, employment systems, trade unions, etc.


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