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2022essay订制Write a essay report

By August 18, 2022essay代写

2022essay订制Write a essay report

2022essay订制Write a essay report

Write a critical essay on the quest for the universal phylogenetic tree (the Tree of Life). Include the following discussion points. (-the report should consist of not less than 1000 words;-use proper citation formats e.g. the formats used in your required reading.)

Although homology is a key theme in the course, it is only one aspect of evolution. Contrast, in some detail, horizontally acquired variations (also known as lateral gene transfer) and vertically generated variations (descent).Briefly describe the episode of rapid complexification in evolution known as the Cambrian Explosion. Which branches of the phylogenetic tree are involved in this episode?Genotypes vs phenotypes: which is a better source of information for estimating phylogeny? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each approach?Does the Tree of Life exist?

You may include any other interesting discussion points which support your conclusion. You may also use any additional references.

Readings for AssignmentRequired reading

-Doolittle W.F (2000), Uprooting the Tree of Life, Scientific American 282(2), 90-95. C. (2000), interpreting the universal phylogenetic tree, PNAS 97(15), 8392-8396.


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