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2022it作业代写英国圣安德鲁斯大学 (University of St Andrews):essay论文专栏评分及写作指导要求

By August 18, 2022essay代写

2022it作业代写英国圣安德鲁斯大学 (University of St Andrews):essay论文专栏评分及写作指导要求

2022it作业代写英国圣安德鲁斯大学 (University of St Andrews):essay论文专栏评分及写作指导要求

Essay Rubric论文专栏

Use this rubric as a checklist for your final essay. Make sure to have other students read and check your essay with this rubric.


Format = 10%格式= 10%

Proper heading合适的信头

Centered and capitalized title中心和资本化的标题

Left alignment and correct margins左对齐和正确的边界

Staple in upper left-hand corner上左上角装订

Page numbers in top right-hand corner在顶部右上角的页码

Indents before each paragraph每个段落的缩进

Times New Roman size 12 font宋体字体大小12

Essay text is no less than 1.5 pages and no more than 3 pages in length (not counting Works Cited Page)征文文字不低于1.5页和不超过3页的篇幅(不计作品引用页面)

Works Cited Page is formatted correctly参考文献页格式化正确。

Structure and organization = 30%结构和组织= 30%

Each paragraph appropriately uses one step of Monroe’s Motivated Sequence每个段落适当的使用Monroe’s Motivated Sequence的一个阶段

Introduction uses a creative hook and introduces the topic ppropriately介绍使用一个创意挂钩,并引入适当的话题

Thesis statement is clear and includes one topic and main idea论文语句是明确的,并且包括一个主题和主要思想

Introduction includes a preview of essay’s main points简介包括短文的要点预览

Paragraphs in the body of the essay include an appropriate topic sentence, strong supporting sentences, and a transition/concluding sentence作文的主体段中包括适当的主题句,较强的支撑句,过渡/总结性的句子Conclusion includes a review of the thesis and main points结论包括论文和审查要点Conclusion calls the audience to specific actions and uses an appropriate ending结论调用观众的具体行动,并使用适当的结局Essay includes an appropriate works cited list of at least 3 English-language sources征文包括适当的工程至少3个英语语言源代码引用列表

Content, grammar, and spelling = 60%内容,语法和拼写= 60%

Each step in Monroe’s Motivated Sequence is achievedMonroe’s Motivated Sequence 中的每一步都实现

Essay uses descriptive language including specifics, details, and examples征文使用描述性的语言,包括细节,细节和例子

Essay uses appropriate logic and reasoning to persuade征文采用适当的逻辑和推理来说服

Essay is appropriate for the audience and uses emotion to persuade征文适合观众,用情感说服

Essay uses new and creative ideas and does not rely on simple information征文使用新的和创造性的想法和不依赖于简单的信息

Essay correctly uses in-text citations at least 3 times with paraphrases or quotations征文正确使用文本引用释义或报价至少3次

Paper has been carefully edited and is free of spelling mistakes纸张经过精心编辑和远离拼写错误

Paper does not rely on logical fallacies纸张不依赖于逻辑谬误

Essay uses a variety of sentences including simple sentences, compound sentences, complex sentences, compound-complex sentences, compare-contrast sentences,

and figurative language征文采用了多种包括简单句,复合句的句子,复杂的句子,复杂的复合句,比较对比度句子和形象化的语言

Sentences follow all academic English rules we studied this semester including:Capitalization, contractions, abbreviations, punctuation, commas, tenses, adjectives, plurals, transition words and phrases, preposition words and phrases,

subject-verb agreement, subject-object agreement, articles, comparatives and superlatives, and generalizations句子按照我们研究这个学期包括所有学术英语规则:资本化,收缩,缩写,标点符号,逗号,时态,形容词,复数,过渡词和词组,介词的话,短语,主谓一致,主体与客体的协议,文章,比较级和最高级,并概括


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