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University of Bradford


LeisureAssessment: One 1,500 – 2,000 Essay

Submission Date: Wednesday 29th April 2009, 3pmRoom P0.6 Pemberton Building

 Failure to submit TWO copies of your work on paper and an electronic copy using Blackboard by this deadline will result in a mark of 0%

 You are advised to plan your work carefully and back-up your work. Computing and printing problems will NOT be accepted as reasons for non-submission

 Read pages 36-39 of your Student Handbook before you start your essay 指导assignment

 This assignment will form 100% of your assessment mark for this course.

Answer ONE Question:

1. Consider whether the current system of allocating broadcasting revenues is optimal for clubs in the sport sector. Please use soccer and another sport of your choosing for comparative analysis.

2. ‘The use of compulsory license fees to subsidise the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is effectively killing off the rival duopolist (ITV) in free-to-air television provision’. Discuss with reference to appropriate economic theory.

3. This is not a standard essay; you are required to read the following specific item popularly known as the Carter Report:

Review of National Sport Effort and Resources, Introduction and Executive Summary, Patrick Carter, March 2005.

(You may also want to read the additional document of supporting evidence)Note: Your answer should not be confined to this source and should draw on relevant economic literature.

i. What kind of document is this and why was it written?ii. Identify the economic benefits of sport and sporting excellence that are documented in this report.iii. Critically assess the attempts made in this report to link sporting achievements with the reduction of levels of obesity.iv. Critically assess the comment on p. 19 that “Informal sport accounts for a significant proportion of all sporting activity and is cheap to deliver yet historically has gone relatively unsupported”.v. Discuss the application of a standard supply and demand model to establish whether the issues highlighted of rapid fall off rates (by age) in sport participation and increasingly sedentary leisure pursuits are due to changes in underlying tastes and alternatives or to declining provision of sports facilities and human capital Compile a list of the most important types of information (in terms of policy relevance) that are missing from this document and see if you can obtain some more recent evidence on the items you have identified.

4. It is common for local and national government to attempt to promote arts and culture because these are seen as socially desirable. Explain why there might be market failure preventing optimal choices #p#分页标题#e# of arts and culture in the absence of intervention. Discuss the relative merits of spending taxpayers’ money on giving free tickets to students to attend theatres, operas and art galleries versus lowering the price of these events by directly subsidising performance.


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