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指导essay:电子商务管理与经济学You are asked to produce an essay that addresses the following question:以下文章中需要解决的问题:Consider a problem or opportunity concerning the Management & Economics of E-Business within a particular context. Using an appropriate theory or conceptual framework,produce a research proposal that addresses the problem.关于电子商务管理与经济学的在一个特定的问题或机会。使用一个合适的理论或概念框架,产生一个研究方案,解决了问题。

ComponentsProblem/opportunityThis could refer to business, organisational, social or technical aspects. However, remember that these dimensions are normally linked; in other words, what appears to be a technical problem, with a technical solution, may have considerable social, business or organisational implications. The problem should be both interesting and relevant to the overall syllabus of IS.477.ContextYou must consider a particular (type of) organisation, economic sector, country (or region), etc.Literature reviewYou need to set the problem within the specific literature. From this review a gap or conflict in the literature should emerge that can form the basis for your research question.Theory/Conceptual frameworkWhatever topic you choose, there must be a section that describes the theory/conceptual framework chosen. You should justify your choice (with reference to the problem) and show how you will operationalise the theory/framework.Research designHere you should describe and justify the research methodology and the outline design (e.g. for interviews: Which (type of) organisations? Which people? Which interview themes?)Discussion – Expectations and risksWhat do you expect to emerge from the research? What are the risks (of the research going wrong)? (e.g. problems in gaining access to a specific company) How would you reduce/mitigate those risks? In a sense, these are the strengths and weaknesses of the combination of theory, context, and research design chosen.ConclusionSummary and final message.


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