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英国指导essay-英国市场分析essay,BLB10181-3 Marketing Research & InformationIndependent Learning, week 3Secondary Sources of information1. Provide 3 examples in internal company data which can be classifiedas a secondary source2. Find an example of a research audit, and explain how these are carriedout3. What is the Nielsen Retail index?4. What are consumer purchase panels?a. What kind of data is collected?b. How is this data collected?5. What is RFID?6. Can you find any examples of scanner-based audit services?7. There are a number of different “standardised” sources of informationcollected and made available to the media industry. Can you find anexample of one of these?Tip:Review the research organisations websites discussed in the workshopsduring weeks 2 & 3.Research into other text books available in the library.

JitterbugRead the article above.Prepare notes to enable you to respond to the tasks below during next weeks lesson:Greatcall has decided to assess the feasibility of entering the UK market with a UK adaptedversion of Jitterbug and you have been invited to advise the company on marketing researchissues. You are to assume the role of an experienced Marketing Research consultant andhave been commissioned to undertake a formal marketing research study. This will initiallyinvolve the development of a marketing research proposal.It has been agreed that formal marketing research will be undertaken which will focus on thefollowing key areas:· Current trends in the UK network and mobile phone market including an identificationof future developments within the industry.· Profile of key UK competition including an analysis of their marketing strategy· Identification of the potential market size· Identification of current mobile phone uptake in the grey market.· Identification of mobile phone requirements by the grey market, e.g. features,benefits…You are required to draft a Marketing Research proposal outlining a programme of researchto provide appropriate information on each of these key areas. You are not required toconduct any primary research.The Draft Proposal should include the following:1. A statement of what you understand to be the problem / area you need to investigate2. The research objectives3. A justified research methodologya. For data collectionb. For the sample plani. Populationii. Frameiii. Sizeiv. Method4. Your proposals on how to communicate the findings#p#分页标题#e#Assessment Criteria/Weightings/Marking Scheme:To achieve a ‘Pass’ gradeThe marketing research proposal will contain a statement of the research problem andresearch objectives and a general outline of the methodology for collecting andanalysing data including a critical analysis of the research methods selected, samplemethodology and control document. A suitable method of communication will beproposed and a time plan for the research included.To achieve a ‘Distinction’ gradeThe following are in addition to the requirements for a pass.The proposal will provide evidence of excellent subject knowledge and application andcritical analysis. Each section of the proposal will be clearly linked to the researchobjectives. Students will provide a justified and creative selection of methodologies指导英国essayand a means of analysing the data required. The proposal will be written to anexcellent standard and contain appropriate terminology.


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