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2022report格式Management Accounting BA (Hons) Business Management

By August 21, 2022essay代写

2022report格式Management Accounting BA (Hons) Business Management

2022report格式Management Accounting BA (Hons) Business Management

BA (Hons) Business Management

Level 5 – Management AccountingAssessment 1

Assessment 1 (2,500 – 3,000 word assignment)(Assessing outcome a and b)

Packwell Limited is a local Grimsby company that manufactures and sells a wide range of specialist packaging materials. Its customers are mainly manufacturers of ready-made foods, soft drinks and pharmaceuticals. It is a successful company which has been in operation for ten years. Part of this success has been down to the location of the business which is situated on the Humber bank amidst the busy industrial area. The company was started by Mr Chapman who initially operated as a sole trader but due to the success of the business he has expanded the operations of Packwell Ltd and currently has a workforce of 30 staff working a normal 9 – 5 working week. Please note that staff may have to work overtime if they are behind schedule with any orders and these are classed as indirect labour costs. Due to the continuous success with his business Mr Chapman plans to expand further in the near future.

Mr Chapman has submitted the following data regarding his business:StockPackwell Ltd keeps a stock record card for the plastic components used in production. The stock record provided refers to entries for plastic component ‘A’ for the month of June 2009. This commodity has been increasing in price over the last few weeks. Please note that the stock record has only been partially completed. The costing technique used is AVCO.

Stock Record CardReceiptsIssuesBalanceDateQuantity

kgCostper kgThe Essay is provided by UK Assignment £Totalcost £Quantity

kgCostper kg£TotalCost£Quantity


£Balance as at:1 June6,00012,00010 June12,0002.631,20018,00043,20016 June8,0002.419,20020June10003.5029 June6,000

Timesheets The following information relates to direct labour costs incurred in producing 18,000 type X pharmaceutical bottles during June 2009.

Normal time hours worked350 hoursOvertime at time and a half worked 60 hoursOvertime at double time worked 40 hoursTotal hours worked450 hoursNormal time hourly rate £8 per hour

Overhead dataPackwell Limited has three departments involved in the first stage of its production which are plastics moulding, plastics extrusion and maintenance. Fixed overheads are allocated or apportioned to the departments on the most appropriate basis. The total maintenance overheads are then reapportioned to the two production departments. 60% of the Maintenance department’s time is spent maintaining equipment in the Plastics Moulding department.

The budgeted fixed overheads relating to the departments for the next quarter are:££Insurance of machinery24,400Rent & rates58,800Indirect labour costsPlastics Moulding88,500Plastics Extrusion78,300Maintenance24,800Total191,600

Total fixed overheads274,800

The following information is also available:

DepartmentNet Book value of fixed assets£000Square metres occupiedNumber of employeesPlastics Moulding7201,10014Plastics extrusion36080012Maintenance1201004Total1,2002,0003

Fixed OverheadBasis of allocation or apportionmentTotal cost£Plastics Moulding£Plastics Extrusion£Maintenance

£The Essay is provided by UK Assignment Insurance of machinery24,400Rent and rates58,800Indirect labour costs191,600Maintenance 274,8

Product costs (per batch of microwave containers)

Direct materials per batch£250.40Direct labour per batch£392.20Total variable overheads£91,520Total fixed overheads£136,960Number of batchesproduced640

Assessment Criteria:The Essay is provided by UK Assignment You work in the accounts department for Packwell Ltd and have recently been promoted. As part of your new remit you are expected to supply management with a monthly report that provides a detailed breakdown of production costs. Management require information which is of great interest to them. With the data that Mr Chapman has submitted you are required to produce a 2,500 – 3,000 word report which must include the following:

•An identification of the importance of management accounting and financial accounting in the business (30 marks).•Explain the different types of cost a business would incur and give examples of these to support your explanation (15 marks).•The completion of the stock record card and evaluation of the stock valuing method being used for June 2009 (15 marks).•Calculate and analyse the cost of producing type X pharmaceutical bottles into direct and indirect labour costs (5 marks). 生产类型 直接和间接劳动力成本•Allocate or apportion the overheads between the two production departments using the most appropriate methods (15 marks). •Calculate the cost per batch of microwave containers using marginal costing and discuss and evaluate alternative costing techniques identifying the advantages and disadvantages to each technique. (20 marks) 计算每一批微波容器的成本费用

It is paramount that you include all of the above 6 elements within your report.

Please note: In order to earn higher marks you must offer a proper evaluation when indicated to do so rather than just a numerical calcualtion.

Structure to report:The whole structure of the report should be clear at a glance. This not only means that the content should be structured, but that the structure must be visible to the marker. A contents page is essential and named sections are required for each of the 6 criteria to be covered. All findings must be reported in the main body of the report.

Structure:The following sections are required:•Front sheet identifying the title of the report, student enrolment details, name of unit and tutor information.•Contents sheet•Executive summary sheet, designed to summarise key findings•Introduction section•Main body sectionThe Essay is provided by UK Assignment •Conclusion•Reference List and Bibliography – presented in Harvard format.


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