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2022simpletense代写怎么样指导英国essay:gotumu gongc shuoshi oneline

By August 19, 2022essay代写

2022simpletense代写怎么样指导英国essay:gotumu gongc shuoshi oneline

2022simpletense代写怎么样指导英国essay:gotumu gongc shuoshi oneline

Research Proposal

Rationale for the studyAt present, sustainable development has become the trend adapts to the historical development. Construction industry as a pillar industry of national economy plays a vital role in its development, but because of a series of problems that exist in their own development process, it had a great impact on the destruction of the environment in production process, thus its development following the concept of sustainable has become an inevitable choice for the industry.As China's construction industry is still so far a "sea of people" model, machinery and equipment are not advanced, the overall industry productivity is not high, the output value and profit is low compared to other industries, which has seriously affected the development of the whole industry, many construction companies embark on a low-cost, low-profit mode of operation. Therefore, construction, as a pillar industry, in order to consolidate its industry position, and create more benefits for the community, needs to change the original extensive mode of production, take the intensive production line, and implement the sustainable development strategies.

AimThe aim of this research proposal is to build the evaluation index system of sustainable development in construction industry focusing on the lack of research on the evaluation of sustainable development.

ObjectivesIn order to achieve this research aim, it will conduct the following research objectives.To identify what factors are hindering or restraining the sound operation in construction industry;To analyze the positive impact (contribution) or negative impact of the various subsystems on the systemic development in the overall construction industry, and identify the key influencing factors;To develop the early warning boundaries of each subsystem for the rapid and comprehensive evaluation of the status quo of sustainable development;To analyze the progress and effectiveness of implementation of the strategy of sustainable development in construction industry, and make reasonable recommendations to achieve the objectives of sustainable development in the construction industry

Research methodsEmpirical research methods include observation method, conversation method, test method, case method, and experimental method. In this study, case method will be used to empirically calculate the status of sustainable development in construction industry in one province in China. For large amounts of data calculation, this study adopts the EXCEL software and MATLAB7.0 software for programming and mathematical calculations.

Literature reviewSince the concept of sustainable development was introduced into the construction industry, many scholars from different angles on a theoretical level studied the sustainable development of the construction industry. Spence and Mulligan (1995) in the value analysis process of construction project introduced the stakeholder analysis method and the value network theory, which changed the traditional concept of value analysis, and established a new model for value network analysis, and provided another new mode of operation for the realization of the sustainable development of the construction industry. Bourdeau (1999) from the perspective of the general entropy theory with the actual situation in the construction industry analyzed the necessity and basic path for construction industry need to implement sustainable development, and on this basis, he made some suggestions and improvements. Sev (2009) based on the scientific definition of sustainable development of the regional construction industry built on the evaluation index system, and used the entropy value method for comprehensive evaluation, so as to solve the not systematic, not comprehensive problems in previous evaluation of the regional construction industry.Raynsford (1999) according to the direction of sustainable development of ecological theory by the use of the theory of industrial ecology, proposed the ecosystem model in construction industry from the perspective of sustainable development in construction industry. He used the Delphi method, AHP method and the mathematical model of quantitative analysis methods, analyzed and evaluated the role of ecosystem model of construction industry on the construction industry to achieve sustainable development.

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