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The Best Way to Educate Our Children最好的方式来教育我们的孩子






Nowadays, education essay is extremely important since the world is rapidly changing and people get to acquire new information and new knowledge in order to keep pace with the technological and scientific progress. In such a situation, education of children becomes one of the primary concern of the modern society since children are the future of the modern society and, therefore, they need to be able to adapt to the changing conditions of life. At the same time, traditional approaches to education turn to be ineffective in the modern world and, therefore, it is necessary to apply new methodology to education and reevaluate its ultimate goals at large.#p#分页标题#e#First of all, it is necessary to underline that nowadays it is obvious that traditional orientation of schools on the development of academic knowledge of students is absolutely out of date. To put it more precisely, the modern world is characterized by such a rapid development of technologies and science that it is simply impossible to provide children with academic knowledge which could endure their lifetime needs. In other words, the academic knowledge students receive at school gradually becomes out of date and what is more they need to acquire new knowledge in their adulthood. This is why it is possible to estimate that the latter is the real and the major goal of the modern education.In fact, it is necessary to develop certain skills and abilities of children targeting at the independent acquisition of new knowledge and information by students, instead of the traditional teaching them of basic academic knowledge. At the same time, it is important that students in their adulthood or even in the course of their study are able to produce new knowledge that will make them more competitive in the labor market. This implies that it is necessary to develop the creativity of children.Obviously, such goals of education determine the basic approaches and methods that should be applied to the education of children. In this respect, it should be said that children should not be subjects of teaching anymore, instead, they should become objects of teaching. This means that they should not be passive participants of the educational process but, in contrast, they should take an active part in their own education. In practice, this means that a teacher should not simply provide students with information or academic knowledge but he/she should rather guide them and assist children in their efforts to acquire new knowledge, develop essential skills and abilities. Naturally, such an approach implies a large liberty of children in the learning process but this liberty should not be absolute. In other words, educators should indicate children the direction in which they should move in order to get information, acquire knowledge, and develop skills and abilities they need.In such a way, gradually children will acquire skills which will help them search essential information and acquire new knowledge independently from educators that should be the ultimate goal of education since people should be able to learn throughout their life and educators cannot always assist them. This is why on developing skills of independent learning at school, educators will create a good basis for the further learning of their students.

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