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2022ukessay代写美国essay指导:Business INTERNAL MEMORANDUM

By August 20, 2022essay代写

2022ukessay代写美国essay指导:Business INTERNAL MEMORANDUM

2022ukessay代写美国essay指导:Business INTERNAL MEMORANDUM

论文题目:Business INTERNAL MEMORANDUM 就是business case 分析论文语种:英文您的研究方向:管理是否有数据处理要求:否您的国家:美国您的学校背景:美国前一百要求字数:2篇 每篇400字论文用途:本科考试题目是否需要盲审(博士或硕士生有这个需要):否补充要求和说明:一定要严格按照我给的sample写

Business INTERNAL MEMORANDUM (Case 1)Roger, the owner of a chain of retail stores, is frustrated with his managers. He wants to take on more leadership. It is frustrating being on call all of the time and dealing with problems that are within the realm of each manager’s responsibility. Roger has brought in consultants to improve the training of his managers, but nothing seems to help. Causes that make Roger feels frustrated include: lack of good communication between himself and his managers, unclear responsibility and rights of each manager, and lack of performance evaluate measures.Lack of CommunicationRoger is willing to pay for more training. Unfortunately, his managers are resentful of the push for more training. Every other Sunday, there is a mandatory staff meeting for the managers. But the managers come to the staff meetings late, don’t participate and are eager to leave. As the managers oppose trainings,under this situation ,the training won’t be of any help, and only a waste of time and money.Possible Solution:Roger should have talked with those managers for that he want them to take on more leadership rather than push them for trainings .And check if it is necessary to do some training,such as hold some test to check whom still need to be trained .Unclear responsibility and rightsOn the third afternoon, a tree fell on the building, leaving a hole in the roof.As the accident happened during the daytime ,the managers on ducy shuould have take actons to solve the problem .And it is go beyond their rights to take advantage of creating a new display floor.Possible Solution:It is necessary to make it clear that what managers have to deal with ,and what things they can’t make decisions.And should make it a rule that when one filiale encounter accidents ,others should try their best to help.Lack of performance evaluate measurementsLack of performance evaluate measurements is the mainly cause for the manager’s lack of initiative. Lay some punishment for managers out of responsibility and meanwhile give awards to those who does well ,may of great help.Further Analysis/ Suggestions:The original intention that Roger wants his managers to take on more leadership is very good ,but it is unavailable only by push traning to them.The root cause is that they are not willing to take “ownership” of their responsibilities. It is necessary to let them know clearly that what is his responsibility and right . To be more effective, he can make it a rule if one can’t fuifill his responsibilities to be punished or even be unemployeed ,and on the other hand if one can finish it well ,there would be prize .And unless the managers become initiate with their work ,there is no use for another manager-training. 465Business INTERNAL MEMORANDUM (Case 2)B&M, one of the top fifty firms in the United States for employment of working mothers.Howecver ,resently ,it has been the subject of a series of reports that scrutinize its policy on female executives in certain nations. What’s more ,the National Organisation for Women (NOW) would like B&M to apply to all its operations the standards that it employs in the United States where no restrictions are placed on women.But for B&M,the reality of international business is that if they try to use women, they can't get the job. Some of the reasons of the firestorm include: fail to keep pace with the times , and not so in-time responses towards NOW.Fail to keep pace with the timesNowadays ,it is the current that ladies are going to play a more and more important role in both economy and political areas .B&M should have made much more efforts to let woman attend the negotiation process.Possible Solution:As time passed by , under current circumstances,they may have a try to consult with their clients to amend the contracts that forbidden use of women in the negotiation process.Not so in-time responses towards NOWThe National Organisation for Women (NOW) ,as a worldwide organization ,no matter it is right or wrong ,it requirement reasonable or not ,we have to react actively to avoid correspond troubles ,rather than let it go into a firestorm.Possible Solution:Response to the NOW as soon as possible,though can’t promise that B&M will realise 100% as NOW required ,they will try their best .But as it is not so easy a thing ,it still need time to consult for this .And what’s more ,this is in accord with our opinion that woman should have the right to participate in negotiation process ,but we still have to consider our profit.Further Analysis/ Suggestions:It not an easy thing for B&M to apply to all its operations the standards that it employs in the United States ,or else it not so practically for B&M to do so considering the long time cultures of some coutries ,as B&M don’t want to lose it’s market there. But in order to appease the firestorm ,a press conference is needed ,B&M have to speak out aloud that they will try theit best to actualize what NOW has required ,but they still need some time.And they may have the warrant to talk with correspond persons for a modify of the contracts , as the currrent situation ,if they don’t try to do so ,there maybe an ending of the cooperation. Actually ,there is no pure economy ,in other words, all corporations have to adapt themselves to the politics requirements for a long-term development.


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