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2022unsw代写Critically compare and contrast the major cultural

By August 18, 2022essay代写

2022unsw代写Critically compare and contrast the major cultural

2022unsw代写Critically compare and contrast the major cultural

论文题目:Critically compare and contrast the major cultural and institutional features and predominant HR and ER policies and practices in the following regions/countries: japan and Saudi Arabia论文语言:英语论文 English论文专业:人力資源字数:1000学校国家:英国是否有数据处理要求:否您的学校:论文用于:Master essay 硕士课程作业补充要求和说明:1.這是小組報告,同學已經寫好Saudi Arabia的部分,我只需要寫日本的部分,需要寫的內容已經有分配好categories,依照這些分類來寫即可2. 請不要再寫introduction,conclusion, 依照所有的分類寫就可以3. 請依照Harvard referencing 來編寫

Critically compare and contrast the major cultural and institutional features and predominant HR and ER policies and practices in the following regions/countries: japan and Saudi Arabia

Short history of japan/ Saudi culture and importance

Saudi Arabia is the largest Arab state in western Asia and the second largest in the Arab world. It is an Islamic country in which millions of Muslims come to do pilgrimage once a year. Saudi Arabia is categorised as a high income economy due to its oil production and is considered to be one of the world’s most powerful countries. the oil industry accounts for more than 95% of exports and 70% of government revenue. Saudi Arabia has a population of 27 million citizens, in which 9 million are registered expatriates.Japan are descended from the Sun Goddess according to Japanese myth. Considering their offsprings, its people are a different group, who have some relations with the mainland but live their separate life as an island people.Saudi Arabia is the largest producer and exporter of oil in the world and has one quarter of the world’s oil reserves. They produce 8 million barrels of oil per day and is committed to provide stability of supplies and prices this has been proven several times in the past in such cases as the Gulf Crisis of 1990 to 1991 and the 2003 Iraq war were they covered any drop in oil supplies.In Japan, with the rest of the planet's inhabitants, is tentatively moving into a new global post War era. Japan's unprecedented accomplishment from a traditions, feudal economy's quickly transformed into a modern industrial nations. With it's urban and industrial, Japan not only amazed the world by repeating with a second miracle "economic miracle", transforming itself into the world's second largest economy nation, but also helps to promote the formation of the next engine time across the entire twentieth century.Saudi Arabia has a highly segmented labour market as there is a clear difference between Saudi workers and foreign workers and if there are any similarities then they are between wage relations. Where firms have used this as a trade off for ongoing investments and limited job creation for Saudis in return for the states support and the freedom to use foreigner workers.Approximately 600,000 immigrant workers were needed to make up for declining fertility every year, however, Japanese unwilling to meet migrant workers with great favour. Immigrations from abroad, and even Japanese themselves who are abroad, find it difficult to adapt to the large population.

Why hrm can failNeo liberalistic Culture vs Corporatist culturecultural theory on Japan/saudiSaudi Arabia and JapanHrm in Japan/ SaudiRecruitment, training and development process in japan/SaudiPay and reward in Japan/ Saudi ArabiaTrade unions in Japan/Saudi

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