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How to apply for a British Study Abroad Papers Deadline

By September 7, 2022essay代写

The partners who wrote the paper according to the plan do not need to apply for the papers DEADLINE extension. This article is mainly for those who cannot complete your procrastination on time, because the application is not easy.

1. The content of the extension of the application

Student details


EC’s details

Final decision


2. Reasons for extension

physical condition: During writing, the physical condition is not good, but there is a hospital medical record;

[ 123]

Network failure: Objective causes as much as possible;

Family cause: Family members have unexpected conditions;

Economic conditions: There are legitimate reasons;

3. Application method

Follow the mailbox, go to the school’s official website to download and postpone the postponement extension The application form, fill in the personal information, submit it to the relevant school departments.

4. The consequences of the delay in the papers of British universities

1. Leeds University


[ 123]

According to the school adopting a scoring standard of 20-90 or 0-100,

20-90 points:







123] 5 points deducted within 24 hours of evening, and the homework of 24 to 48 hours of evening delivery will be deducted by 10 points, and so on. The operation submitted for more than 14 days scored 20 points directly. If the score deducted is greater than the score of the job, the operation will get 20 points.

0-100 points:

5 points within 24 hours at night, 24 to 48 hours of night sexual assignments will be deducted 10 points, so on. The operation submitted for more than 14 days scored 0 points. If the score deducted is greater than the score of the job, the operation will get 0 points.

2. Southampton University

deducted 10%of the score every day for the deadline, exceeding 5 days for more than 5 days Directly zero.

3. UCL

*When the total score of the assignment in the night is 50%-100%:

The delay of 10%of the score is deducted, but it will not be deducted to less than 50%;

late After 2-5 working days, the student score directly to 50%;

Slay more than 5 working days, the score is 1%.

*The total score of the assignment of the assignment that night was 1%-49.99%:

The score of more than 5 working days is 1%.

4. The University of Manchester

Submit within 24 hours before the announcement of the submission period, deduct the scores 10%score.


In this category, 10%of the available scores are deducted every 24 hours until the operation may be submitted or there is no score.

5. Cardiff University

Course operation delay submission

] If the submitted score is submitted at the lowest time after 24 hours;

If it is submitted for more than 24 hours, this assessment will be 0 points.

6. University of Baths

Submitting more than the deadline will only get the score.

Curriculum assignments submitted more than 5 working days after the deadline, usually get zero points and NS (unprepared).

The above is the relevant content of the dissertation application. If you have any questions during the writing of the paper, you can pay attention to Fu Wuyou and professional teachers one -on -one counseling.



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