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Economics 118 Assignment 4

By May 16, 2021留学论文资讯

Writing Assignment.  Please see the following articles for this assignment:

1.  Chipotle expanding Canadian presence

2.  Chipotle Gets Into the Autonomous Delivery Vehicles Business with an Investment in Nuro

3.  Chipotle Is Handing Out $100,000 in Free Bitcoin (Plus Burritos)

Assume that your team asked you to write the “Other Factors” section for your team project.  The “Other Factors” section can be on anything of interest that impacts Chipotle or the industry.  You have Googled these interesting articles and want to summarize and include the information in your paper.  

Please read these articles and choose two of the three articles/topics for your (practice) Other Factors section.  You should write two to three paragraphs for each of the two topics you choose.  By the way, long paragraphs are bad.  Use sub-headers, as you should in your paper, since these articles are on completely different subjects.  Of course, in your paper, you would likely find other articles on these subjects in order to fully flesh out your understanding and support your writing.  Therefore, feel free to look at other articles as well.  This assignment requires synthesizing these articles into a limited discussion.  Therefore, you will not be able to discuss everything in the articles.  Pick and choose areas that you believe are the most interesting or helpful to the ultimate reader.

You should cite all articles used in the footnotes as you would for the project (per the Project Assignment instructions).  Also, you want to make sure that you do not violate the rules on plagiarism.  Please refer to the team project assignment on GS, which includes a discussion of plagiarism and footnoting/citing.  Once again, I would encourage you to look at the good projects posted on GS from last spring for inspiration.  As always, you want to make your writing as interesting as possible, which requires some thought, not simply regurgitation.  

Please limit your writing to 500-600 words (this assignment is just over 400 words; therefore, it would be about 1.5 pages using this font and spacing).  We want to be able to grade these without downloading files, so please write the assignment in Word and then paste it into the submission box on GS.  Or, since the assignment function counts words as well, so you could write it directly in the submission box if you choose. You can manually include the footnote numbers since there will be very few footnotes (or course, Word does it automatically).  Have fun!


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