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Economics 118 Assignment 6

By May 16, 2021留学论文资讯

Review the Morningstar Equity Analyst Report on Chipotle included with this assignment. The last four pages cover methodology/ disclosures. Please note that the analyst reports are very current through about page 5, and then include archived coverage until they get to some additional competitor and quantitative analysis. As you will see, the report is arranged by topics. Please answer directly on GS. 1. What is the overall date of the report? 2. Does Morningstar believe Chipotle is undervalued or overvalued? 3. A. What was Chipotle’s last stock price at the time of the report? B. What is Morningstar’s fair value estimate as of the report date? 4. What does Morningstar think of Chipotle CEO’s performance? 5. Does Morningstar believe that Chipotle can survive the coronavirus issues? Why? 6. A. What are the “Bulls” main points in favor of Chipotle (summarized)? B. What are the “Bears” main points against Chipotle (summarized)? 7. What competitors does the report include charts for on price to fair value? 8. What does Morningstar rate Chipotle concerning “uncertainty”? 9. A. How does Morningstar define companies with a narrow economic moat? B. What is Chipotle’s economic moat? C. What is Chipotle’s “moat trend”? D. What seems to be the largest factor the analyst used in determining Chipotle’s moat? 10. What do you think of this report? Useful? Briefly explain.


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