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1 IFB105 Database Management Project – part A Project overview The IFB105 project gives you an opportunity to apply concepts and skills you acquired in the unit to a realistic database design scenario and reflect on the data requirements of an organisation. The submission is divided into 2 parts due at different times during the semester. These parts will cover: A. Design of a database B. Creation and use of a database The task for part A In this part, you will: 1. Design an ORM conceptual schema for a business domain based on sample reports required for that domain. 2. Map a different ORM schema to a relational database schema. Weighting Part A is worth 15 marks, for 15% of the unit. Groups This assignment can be done individually or in pairs. If you choose to work in a pair, only one student should submit the assignment. Please provide the name and student number of the person you worked with on the front page. No consideration will be given to any student who claims to have done more work than the other student in his/her pair, because this assignment can be done individually. Doing the assignment in undeclared groups, or groups larger than two students, will be treated as plagiarism. Pairs that work together and then split due to difficulties must not submit any of the same work, or it will be treated as plagiarism. Due date Tuesday September 3 at 11:59 pm (start of week 7). Submission For this assessment, you should submit a professionally presented Word document containing your solution to each task. For Task 1, ORM schemas should be created using a computer drawing program, such as Lucid Chart or For Task 2, the relational schema must be entered using either the horizontal notation taught in lectures and tutorials. You should annotate the basic relational schema to ensure all the ORM constraints and subtype definitions are captured. Partial or fully handwritten submissions will not be accepted. Your document needs to be uploaded to the submission link on Blackboard. Late submission Assessment work submitted after the due date will be marked only with an approved extension (MOPP E/6.8.2). Assessment work submitted after the due date without an approved extension or, where an extension has been granted, after the extended due date, will not be marked and a grade of 1 or 0% will be awarded against the assessment item. Please note: extensions will not be granted for group (2 members) submissions, regardless of the reason. IFB105 Database Management – assignment 2A 2 Part A tasks Note the following points to prepare your answers: 1. Population is significant and no further explanation is required from the domain expert. In other words, carry out your CSDP steps 1 to 6 for the given data only. 2. We strongly recommend that you carry out your CSDP steps starting from Step 1 and ending in Step 6 to prepare your final ORM diagram. But you do not require to submit results of these steps. 3. You are required to submit only your final ORM diagram obtained after performing Step 6. Task 1 [10 marks] Following is a report of Marriage Information of some prime ministers. Specify an ORM conceptual schema for this UoD. Prime Minister Spouse Marriage Year PM age at Marriage No of Children McEwen J McLeod A M 1921 21 0 McEwen J Byrne M 1968 68 0 McMahon W Hopkins S R 1965 57 3 Menzies R G Leckie P M 1920 26 3 Page E C G Blunt E 1906 26 4 Hawke R J L Masterson H 1956 26 3 Fraser J M Beggs T 1956 26 4 Watson J C Low A J 1989 22 0 Watson J C Lane A 1925 58 1 IFB105 Database Management – assignment 2A 3 Task 2 [5 marks] Map the following ORM schema to a relational database schema. Note: You can use any software (i.e. Word, PowerPoint, etc.) to write this assessment. Hand drawn maps will receive a 0.


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