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辅导案例-IGNMENT 2

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School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics 300735 Automated Manufacturing TUTORIAL ASSIGNMENT 2 Due on Sunday 1st Sept 2019 (23.59 pm) Instructions: These questions require the use of the SolidWorks modelling system. Online help manual, tutorial and ‘Tutorial Lessons’ are available on each machine in the computer lab and you are encouraged to work through as many of these as you can in preparation for these exercises. The learning process is best carried out in a hands-on, self-help mode by going through the SolidWorks tutorial process, which provides a step-by-step procedure. The assessment for this Assignment 2 requires having your finished SW models for Questions 1 to 3 submitted electronically to vUWS on or before the due date. The Tutor is available to assist during Prac A sessions Please note that for Questions 1 & 2 some dimensions are dependent on your student ID such that A = last digit of your ID number; B = second last digit of your ID number Questions: 1. Observe the drawing shown below and construct a three-dimensional model of this object. Assume symmetry where there are no specific dimensions. Note: 4 dimensions depend on your ID number. The small elliptic dimensions are vary according to the student number parameters A: R= 40 mm + (A/2) r = 30 mm + (A/2) The Large elliptic is offset by 4 mm 2. Construct the 3-D model of the object shown in the dimensioned drawing below. Note that in Section A-A two of the 4 lugs, as well as one of the five 20mm hole, one of the five 40 mm hole and the middle 60 mm hole, are shown as if they were in the vertical plane. That is, one lug and one 20mm hole and one of the 40 mm hole is effectively “rotated” into the vertical plane so that dimensions in the sectional view can be shown properly. Note: 3 dimensions depend on your ID number. 3. Create a 3-D model in SolidWorks of the object shown in three orthogonal projection views (same as the drawing for Task 3 in the Prac Handbook)


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